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Mike Epps

SERVED at Comedy Show


5/10/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Hangover" star Mike Epps went BALLISTIC on a woman who served him with a lawsuit during a comedy performance in Texas last week -- calling her a "white b*tch" and telling her to "suck my d*ck."051011_mike_epps_v2_still

It all went down at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie ... while Mike was in the middle of his set, a process server approached the stage and served him with a lawsuit stemming from an altercation inside of a Detroit nightclub in December.

Mike looked down and said, "White b*tch just threw some papers up on the mother f*cking stage ... b*tch, f*ck you."

Mike then admitted participating in the nightclub brawl ... saying, "This is from when I whooped that n*gga's ass in Detroit."

Mike continued to berate the process server as she made her way towards the exit ... saying, "B*tch, I don't give a f*ck ... suck my d*ck."

As TMZ first reported, a photographer sued Epps, claiming the actor unleashed a "brutal beating" on him inside the Key Club in Detroit. The photog also claims members of Epps' entourage fired several gunshots at him outside the venue.


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I didn't realize this piece of garbage was a racist. I'll be sure to never watch any movie that he's in going forward. Wonder how he would feel if he was called a black b*tch? Also, isn't there a head of some group that he should have to apologize to now in order to make ammends to the white community? You know, kind of like Don Imus had to?

1264 days ago


Did Al Sharpton get this memo? Where's Rev. Jesse? Today, we are all white bitches.

1264 days ago

Gsharon 710    

That was such an ugly thing to say. Here we go with the "what if's"

What if you all would base your opinions on the problem at hand and not make it seem like Blacks get froggy everytime we are called out of our names. I hate when people want to put us in the good group or bad group. That is not your job.


Here is another what if from me......What if blacks included everyone on this board when a few had the nerve to call our President and his wife monkeys?

We are a little bit smarter than we get credit for, and stupid people come in all colors and do not represent people as a whole.

An attempt to associate one event with the whole race is quite stupid in my books, and that includes all races.

1264 days ago


Gsharon 710, Agreed! And Don Imus and Michael Richards should have told Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to F off and not have apologized for anything as their comments were also in a comedic setting.

1264 days ago

J F K    

He is NOT racist guys....He said he beat dat N____a's arse right after that!! I am pretty sure if it was a Black woman he would have made a similar type of comment like you dumb black b____...its just his style of comedy....If it was a black man he would have probably said something like you stupid guys are totally blowing this out of proportion....this is how black people joke around.....I could see if he had said Cracker or something...but I am pretty sure if he was really racist he would have said something really worse....

1264 days ago


Michael Richards used the N word & Mike Epps called her a white b&tch. Calling someone white is not racist, calling someone the n word is.

1264 days ago


I had to google this idiot as well. Never heard of him...but you can be guaranteed that anything this POS is in will NOT be watched by me...or any of us "white bitches" for that matter.

1264 days ago


Is he going to get the same treatment other comedians and entertainers have received in the past for making comments just like his in reverse?? Had any white comedian called someone a black b***h or even worse, the N word, all HELL would have broken loose. Such a crock.. I don't think it's right when the white comedians do it, and I feel the same when a black one does.. If it looks like a recist, talks like a racist and curses out the process server like a racist-HE'S JUST AS BAD AS ANYONE ELSE WHO DOES IT! Sick of the double standard.

1264 days ago


ha ha If a white guy called a black lady a black B***H she wouldnt of walked away like the process server did she would of return word for word. The white lady was on the job and did exaclty what she was suppose to do. You white people dont have a al sharpton but you do have KKK call them lol.

1264 days ago


So if I called someone a black bitch then I would be considered racist.I love double standards.If I started a white college fund I would be racist.If I had a white television channnel.I would be racist,not to mention NAACP.Do you want equality or superiority?

1264 days ago

How Does It Feel?    

Imust admit that he was a little too "extra" in how he handled this situation but all of you commenting on how racist he is and how racial he made the process serving need to sit down and shut up - now you know how it feels. If you'd like - protest, call Sarah Palin - but sit down, shut up and reflect on how we've been feeling for decades. We've had to put up with that ish for years - don't buy his tickets, don't attend his shows, don't watch his movies - that's what we do!! That is all...

1264 days ago


From this article, and video...sounds like the idiot just admitted to it too - in addition to verbally assaulting the process server.

1264 days ago


Mike Epps has no class. What a big jerk.

1264 days ago


People keep comparing him to the richards guys the richards guy actually called him the N word which has a very negative definition he called this lady a white b""" First of all she is white so he wasnt wrong second he called her a B**Ch how many men get mad at women and call them that so when you put the two together how do you say he is a racist. I'm a Black B**Ch and Proud to be one!

1264 days ago


If it wasn't for Ice Cube, this guy would be nowhere in a hurry. All that bravado and mysoginistic attitude shows you the real person. He's an ass. "White B**** she may be, but she served you stupid....

1264 days ago
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