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The Situation's Dad UNLOADS -- 'F*ck the Little F*ck'

5/10/2011 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation's dad just released an EXPLOSIVE video -- accusing the "Jersey Shore" star of abandoning his family after getting famous ... and the bitterness is palpable.

Frank Sorrentino Video

Frank Sorrentino posted the tirade online today -- targeting his son, saying, "I ask you one f**king favor and you tell me to go f**king be like a regular f**king Joe Blow and go on welfare? No, my friend, I don't do that."

And that's just the beginning.


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What a charming individual.

1231 days ago


This family's got REAL problems!!!!

1231 days ago


still hoping for someone to tell me exactly what he says!! I can't watch the video, please help:)

1231 days ago


What a loser. No dad should be asking their son for money and when they don't get it, the last thing they should do is complain like a big baby to the whole world.

1231 days ago


What a selfish no-talent little prick. You don't forget family.

1231 days ago


UMMMM.... Mike has 3 siblings... wouldn't that be 4 kids he has? not 3- 1st one missing out of that family picture is Frank Jr! drr.... don't you know how many kids you have!

1231 days ago


Fred Farkel, your an idiot to. Given Situation is a douchebag but for his own father to think that his son owes him? Are you kidding me. Father Sitch needs to be a man and get a job. We don't care about your pathetic childhood story. We all had hard childhoods, yours is no different and if you think your so 'hard' or 'street' you need to grow up. Be happy for your sons success and stop trying to be like Lindsey Lohan parents! Your son is not your personal bank account and he doesn't owe you a cent. And the same for you Frank, get a life!

1231 days ago


Weed, you are such a racist POS. Why does every comment of yours have to be a racist remark about black people. Did a black guy steal your white girlfriend.?

Keep drinking the poison, you're only hurting yourself.

1231 days ago


What kind of father makes this crap video targeting his son???? We know for a fact the Sitch takes care of family cause he did buy his bro a ****ing BENTLEY and has had his sister on the show and looks like he cares about her so we have to ask what hind of a farther has this douche bag been???

Hey guy, just because your son has money doesn't mean he has to support your ass you spiteful ****. We know he takes care of family so why doesn't he hook you up??? Ask yourself that *******.

1231 days ago


So this is supose to make me not watch His spin off or JS.....
That kind of stuff happens all the time. You should apeal to him in a different way than to F Bomb him. You get (more) (*money) with Honey than ****ttt.....

1231 days ago


the situation is a deusch bag this parent probably took care of him for 18 years! Plus that the situation can afford this next season the Jeresey shor people will be making 100,000 PER EPISODE! You Money sucking piece of ****!

1231 days ago


What a loser! Ha, I'm not a 'situation' fan, but I have to say that your not a father looking out for his kid, your just a douchebag looking out for yourself trying to get yours. Then you try to guilt us all to your side with your childhood sob story. Dude that is everyones story. Man up, stop being a bitc'h and get a life. Your son is a clown but at least he is doing something. He doesn't need to support your ass! Like I said, what a loser!

1231 days ago


this isnt news

1231 days ago


Wow! I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of Jersey Shore but I have seen a few.. I think that is a very harsh thing to say to your own blood just because maybe you're jealous!

1231 days ago


Maybe you should have taught him not to be a duschbag

1231 days ago
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