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Lawsuit: Rich, A-List Celeb Allegedly Spreads Herpes

5/11/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A new lawsuit obtained by TMZ alleges "An A-list celebrity of substantial fame internationally" knowingly exposed a sex partner to the herpes virus.  But here's the rub -- the suit doesn't name the celeb.


According to the suit, the plaintiff -- who also is not named -- met the celebrity in Las Vegas April 1.  The suit claims the celeb -- a male who is worth in excess of $100 million  -- "entered into a nefarious plot designed to lure Plaintiff into his luxurious hotel room to serve his prurient desires."

The suit claims the celeb told the plaintiff he had "no venereal diseases."  At that point, they watched porn and engaged in "mutual oral copulation, mutual self-gratification, rubbing and massaging each other, play-wrestling, licking and (unprotected) intercourse."  And, it was all videotaped!

According to the lawsuit, filed by attorney Keith Davidson, it didn't end well, because the plaintiff contracted herpes.  The suit claims the celeb knew all along he had herpes and lied to the plaintiff in order to satisfy his desires.

  The plaintiff -- not identified as either a man or a woman -- is suing for more than $20 million.


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Kobe was trying to make amends to the gay community and this is what he gets!

1268 days ago



I'm not sure how you figure Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds can't be worth $100 million. In fact, I'd wager as much if I had it that they were.

The only one of the four I posted that probably isn't worth that much is Joshua Jackson.

1268 days ago


How is she going to prove that she didn't have Herpes before she slept with this guy? A clean test? How long ago was that taken? And can the court make this guy submit to a STD test to determine that he was the one that may have even gave it to her?
I betcha the "DOES 1-30" were this guy's assistants, friends, etc that were there that night when she met him and she is claiming they all knew he has the Herpes and still let her sleep with him without telling her.

In the section for the Demand for a Jury Trial it states, "Plaintiff here by demands a trial jury for HER claims against the defendants".

1268 days ago


Defendants are "JOHN DOE; and DOES 1 THROUGH 30, INCLUSIVE"?

Damned... How many guys did she f*ck that night? Pull 30 random guys off the street and see what percentage of them have Herpes... lol

I'm shocked she got an STD that night. I would have thought she would have gotten much more then just Herpes after that epic gang bang. It sounds like they were shooting an episode of "C*m oh Her Face" in that penthouse. :)

1268 days ago


Wow NO Lady hangs out in depraved gay bars. why am i not suprised? lol

1268 days ago


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Except herpes, that comes back with you.

1268 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Herpes is no big deal.

But becuase no one will admit they have it (except me) you will never find out the truth about it.

If you feel it coming on - you simply pop Valtrex and it goes away before the outbreak.

After age 45+ you almost never see it again. It just goes away.


And when I tell women that I have it???

I swear to god.

No one cares.

1268 days ago


Not for nothing but NEWSFLASH

ANYONE CAN BE PROMISCUOUS---THere sure are a lot of dumb people on this board

1268 days ago


Harvey Levin picked up herpes from Ryan Seacrest

1268 days ago


LOL at people thinking charlie is worth 100mil. this little tidbit is one of the biggest clues. only a fistful of male celebs worth 100mil+. let's remember folks, just because you are rich or famous, doesn't mean you're in the century club. 10mil is a LOT of dough and there's not too many celebs actually worth this much.

1268 days ago


"N.O.Lady 6 minutes ago
Yep the same ones you hang in Puckett."

Sorry honey but i'm not the one making true confessions about hanging out in depraved gay bars, you are. :snicker:

1268 days ago



1268 days ago


If they are ready to jump into bed so easily, it strikes me that this person could have got herpes elsewhere.

1268 days ago

Where is my get out of jail card?    

TMZ must be loving this, they throw a story out like a piece of meat and we fight over it like a pack of dogs. LOL

1268 days ago


It was a female Jane Doe, the last line asking for a jury trial says her, not him, hence Plaintiff is a female

1268 days ago
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