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Celebrity Herpes Lawsuit Triggers Sex Tape Frenzy

5/12/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the person who is suing an internationally famous celebrity for intentionally transmitting herpes has multiple videos of the sex acts that allegedly transmitted the disease -- and now there's a bidding war for the tapes.

TMZ broke the story ... an unnamed plaintiff has sued "an A-list celebrity of substantial fame internationally," claiming the celeb came on to the plaintiff in Las Vegas and swore he was STD free.

The suit claims the celeb actually had herpes, and the pair engaged in "mutual oral copulation, mutual self-gratification, rubbing and massaging each other, play-wrestling, licking and (unprotected) intercourse."

The plaintiff -- who is unnamed and unidentified as either a man or woman -- claims the celeb transmitted the herpes virus and wants more than $20 mil in damages.

Now we've learned ... since we broke the story ... several porn companies have already offered the plaintiff -- through the lawyer, Keith Davidson, a fortune. has offered a cool $1 million, sight unseen, while another company is offering even more.

And get this ... a prominent  niche website is also willing to ante up beaucoup bucks -- specifically to entice "bug chasers" to watch.  For the uninformed, "bug chasing" is the act of knowingly engaging in sex with someone who has an STD.

Finally ... as for why these alleged Las Vegas sex acts were videotaped, the lawsuit claims, "as the [celebrity] expressed, so they could relive the magic over -- and over -- again."


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J Ryan    

1. Rick Morranis was the STAR of ghoastbusters, one of the most succesful films of all time.

2. He had several huge films in the 1990s including Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

He's worth 100 mil easy, and you can' get much more international the Ghoastbusters.

It's Rick Morranis folks. Mystery solved.

1229 days ago


Now that Snooki is in Italy it makes her International!

1229 days ago


Brad Pitt LOL.

1229 days ago


O.K., Well I'm officially GROSSED OUT.

Bug Chasers? really? BUG Chasers? Holy Sh*t...I thought I'd heard everything, apparently NOT.

What kind of SICK F*CK get's off on something so disgusting?. Whoever it is? Should be IN JAIL.

Isn't this considered assault? aren't there laws against purposely transmitting diseases?

God I hope so.

1229 days ago


The only way to prove this one person gave YOU the herpes is if you could prove you were a virgin and had never had sex before OR if there is a way to use DNA to match the strain he has to the herpes you acquired.
Other than that she will probably get some money from whomever it is just for her silence.

1229 days ago


OMFG! I just heard from a very trustworthy source that it's Tom Cruise and the "she" in the lawsuit isn't no she... if you know what I mean (*wink wink nudge nudge*)

1229 days ago


Weird fat man breaking into homes identified. Stay tuned for the juicy details. You'll hear it first on TMZ. You think Max would tell a lie? Our well connected source has assured us (for an undisclosed amount of course) the suspected gay man has finally been identified. And guess what? Lindsay Lohan once plucked his eyebrows!!! Stay tuned!

1229 days ago

Gloria Unread    

@J Ryan - Good point... I forgot he was huge for a while! I can also imagine Moranis recording the sex and saying "So we can relive the magic again and again!"

@Ace - "OR if there is a way to use DNA to match the strain he has to the herpes you acquired. "

There are different strains of the virus, so it is possible to test and match the strains between people. IIRC, Dennis Rodman was sued for giving herpes to a woman, and the way they proved it was through a Herpes DNA test.

1229 days ago


Yuck their feet are dirtyyyyyyy

1229 days ago


Is it Niconuts Cage?

1229 days ago


Betty White

1229 days ago


It's a badly-kept secret that Derek Jeter has been spreading herpes all over the damn place and has given it to several well-known actresses.

1229 days ago


SET UP! How sad that gay men can be just as evil as little hookers, it's obviously a man from ur picture Harvey, why do u guys always try to out each other?

1229 days ago


Jackie Chan

1229 days ago


Or maybe David Beckham

1229 days ago
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