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Getting Sued ...

for $100 MILLION!!!

5/11/2011 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reality superstar Bethenny Frankel -- creator of the Skinnygirl margarita -- has been sued for more than $100 MILLION for allegedly cutting her former management company out of the biggest deal of her life.

Bethenny Frankel $100 Million
Frankel's former management company, Raw Talent, claims Bethenny signed with them back in 2008 ... with the hopes of maximizing the potential of her Skinnygirl cocktail line. 

According to the lawsuit, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Raw Talent claims, "[Bethenny] expressly represented that any agreement relating to the exploitation of the Skinnygirl Cocktail Brand would be commissionable under their management agreement."

RT claims they hooked up Frankel with some powerful people in the liquor biz .. only for Beth to fire them days before she sold Skinnygirl for a reported $120 million.

RT claims they want their cut of the deal -- $12 mil -- plus $100 mil in punitive damages.


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Frankly Bethenny made this deal happen by tirelessly promoting her product. The demand for it and her products led to the deal. As she said she made the rounds with the beverage companies a few years ago and no one would help her.

Raw Talent clearly didn't make it happen then for her did they??

1261 days ago


I hope she loses every penny! Bethenny is so fake and so put on it's nauseating. I think she has a mental illness and in fact, she has thrown almost anyone who has ever been close to her under the bus!

I don't think she did much with that whole drink line except use the fame from the TV Show to pump it. There was a man working his ass off behind the scenes to get it where it was and Bethenny had very little to do with it! All Bethenny did was bitch about problems when anyone can do that! How about figuring out how to fix one Little Miss I'm BIG BIZ?? The ONLY reason she's got any dough is because other people also stand to make some and they pushed that line. Gawd, she'd still be at a flea market pushing muffins like she was 1 yr ago otherwise.


The next person (persons) she's going to screw over is his husband and his cute parents. They're in a different league and don't realize they're dealing with a bonified snake!

1261 days ago


When there's a pot of money, people try to grab it all and run and run down anyone who also shared in earning that pot.

I don't know if there is ligitimacy to their claim, but I think Bethenny is a real nutjob and so scrambled and self absorbed she wouldn't even realize what anyone contributed because she's too busy patting herself on the back.

Based upon that I expect the absolute worst from her including a future divorce and more crazy until she hits the wall and has a MugShot on TMZ looking like the total hoochie mama skank she is.

1261 days ago


seems like a lot of money for a product that tastes like poop

1261 days ago


She's not that attractive but very personable on television and has stated she did reality shows simply to promote her product, looks like it worked. Who know what really happened, but whenever there's that much money involved, someone's gonna get sued.

1260 days ago


This is sooo bogus she had an oral contract with them in 2008 and fired them in November 2008! Hope this gets tossed out on its rear. Go Bethenny!

According to Radar:
he lawsuit states, "In August 2008, Frankel expressly and unambiguously requested Raw Talent's counsel and advice in order to market and develop Frankel's low calorie Skinnygirl ****tail line. After months of providing career guidance to Frankel, and managing her professional affairs, she was able to execute a deal for the Skinnygirl ****tail Brand."

He claims she fired him in November, 2008, just days before she launched the line. It proved to be a monster success and has made Frankel a multi-millionaire.

1260 days ago


I hope she loses the lawsuit. I'm so sick of her. She's acting like she's something great, when she's really a nobody.

1260 days ago


im not suprised,she used pple and then dumps them when she feels she doesnt need them anymore,she did same 2 jill,she was a nobody and jill helped her get rhony,and what did she do,betray jill,they better get all thier money off her

1260 days ago


Wocka and Sloane evidently are trying to sell Salvador's. hahahahaha

1260 days ago


Ben D,

Punitive damages are recoverable in contract actions. You need to take a remedies course in Law School or at least pick up a book on contract law. You can get punitive damages. Raw talent likely will never recover them because punitive damages serve as a punishment and are rare unless it is intentional and egregious.

1260 days ago


So, IF there was this mysterious oral agreement about the 10% commission from Skinny Girl which was oddly left out of the written agreement...wouldn't her firing this agency exclude them from further deals. I mean, what good does firing/ending a contract do for the parties if one of them can come back years later and claim they still want to enforce it?

1260 days ago


She has worked very hard for her money. Everyone will want a piece of her.. Next thing we will hear is Jill Zarian invented that ****tail... What a bunch of crap, cant people just be happy for others..

1260 days ago


To "Wocka": You're right! The Skinnygirl stuff is n-a-s-t-y! A complete and total waste of my money...not to mention the very first time I've ever actually had to pour something down the kitchen drain -- it was THAT NASTY!! Uck. Don't waste your money on this stuff -- and it was $16 bucks at the liquor store! Worthless crap.

1260 days ago


Money can't buy you class.

1259 days ago


She did NOT EARN $120 MILLION DOLLARS!! The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Demeter Group, the San Francisco-based investment bank for growth consumer and retail companies, acted as exclusive financial advisor to Skinny Girl ****tails. The media hype came up with that figure. Beam Global Spirits has many holding, i.e., Moen, Titleist, Security, etc. For anyone who doubts what I'm writing do a google search under Demeter Group. It will state the above. People, get a grip!!

1259 days ago
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