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Evangelist Billy Graham

Hospitalized with Pneumonia

5/11/2011 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christian evangelist Billy Graham was hospitalized with pneumonia in North Carolina this morning -- after the famous preacher had trouble breathing.


92-year-old Graham was admitted to Mission Hospital in Asheville for pulmonary treatment -- and according to a statement from his rep, the evangelist "is already feeling much better."

His rep continues, “We anticipate his pneumonia to clear with treatment and hope he will be able to soon return home.”


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@R34 where is that so called missing link? scientists dont even believe the big bang theory anymore

and is it his fault people are stupid and gave him money? i dont think so!

1210 days ago


People should be allowed to practice their faith without being bashed nor bullied. He was a good man who lived what he believed without forcing onto anyone else. Satan's path is wide and as we can see here on this thread, the path of goodness is narrow and only a few follow it. Living "the truth" isn't easy and there are haters who will always throw their darts, but good will prevail no matter what any human thinks.

1210 days ago


I hope his doctors are not Jewish?

1210 days ago


What a mighty man of GOD he is and if he does pass b/c of this, he will be in the presense of Jesus Christ Himself. This is a mighty man of God. God bless you Mr. Graham!

1210 days ago


yep time to meet your maker and realize how WRONG you are. May god have mercy on your soul for spreading hate and stealing millions of dollars from innocent people who belived in your hype. bye bye

1210 days ago


Alta 9 hours ago

The only thing good about Graham is his cousin, Jerry Lee Lewis.


Jerry Lee Lewis' cousin is Jimmy Swaggart, not Billy Graham.

1210 days ago


I know this is probably a bad time to bring this up, but he kind of looks like Dan Aykroyd's character from "Nothing But Trouble"...

1210 days ago



Billy Graham did not ask for money so God would save his life. That was Oral Roberts in 1988. Get your facts straight before you post!

And those saying he spread hate... show me evidence. A do***ent, a recording... something. From all I have seen, his message has been of love and tolerance, long, long before it was politically correct to say you were tolerant. In fact, Billy Graham took a lot of flack for his tolerance in the early days of his ministry.

Again, please folks, check your facts before you post. I do not care if you like or dislike someone, CHECK YOUR FACTS!!!

1210 days ago


you should do a side-by-side comparison of that photo with one of dan aykroyd's judge character from "nothing but trouble." dead ringer, man!

1210 days ago


I remember reading an article in "Life" magazine back in the late 1960...'s or 70's. In the article, there was a photo of him leaning against a Rolls Royce with his arms folded together, behind him his mansion that actually looked like a Castle.

As far as I am concerned, he is a snake in a ministers clothing. Or should I use the Muslim word for evil, "PIG". They also claim he never asked for donations. THAT IS A LIE!

1209 days ago


You guys are confusing Billy with all the other TV Preachers. Billy doesnt preach for money, and actually allows an independent audit of his Foundation's finances every year, and when he was still touring, after every local appearance. He then sent those statements to the city he was in along with a large part of the proceeds from the offering that was earmarked for local charities.

As far as calling him hateful and racist, you are wrong again. He was the first white Evangelist to open up his crusades to a mixed audience in 1952. During a 1953 crusade in Chatanooga, Tenn., Billy Graham himself tore down ropes diving white and black sections. Billy even marched with MLK.

You have him all wrong. If ANY TV Preacher was honest, it was Billy. Get your facts straight.

1209 days ago


Funny thing to you jerks about hatred and spreading, you're doing the same by iwshing him dead and in hell. Sickos is what you are just plain sickos, I bet you were mad when people celebrated osamas death, but yet it's ok for this man? SICKOS

1209 days ago


I think it's interesting that these jerks on here who cry at other people for judging them are the sickos who say see you in hell or have fun dying. it shows who really are the bigot, hateful, hyocritical people are and it's not Christians it's the people with the comments of have fun in hell. I pity you that you are so hateful and sick. Not caring about a man who is sick and what his family has to go through. Death comes for everyone.

1209 days ago


a faith healer cannot heal himself? you're deceiving a lot of people!!

1208 days ago


Billy has never been a "faith healer". Sheesh, do some research before you insult someone.

1208 days ago
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