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Charlie and Denise FACE OFF Over Their Kids

5/11/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards went to battle at an L.A. lawyer's office yesterday over a custody agreement regarding their kids ... and TMZ has learned the Warlock did NOT emerge victorious.

Charlie Sheen Custody
Sources connected to the negotiation say Charlie wants his daughters Sam and Lola for weekends ... but Denise has had deep concerns about the welfare of the children and under current circumstances, she does not want Charlie to have the kids.

When the two faced off yesterday -- we're told there were "neutral third parties in the room" who agreed  with Denise that Charlie should not have the kids.

We're told the matter is NOT going to go to court ... and right now, Charlie will not get the visits he wants.


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Really? OK, your call.

First of all, any electronic texts can be altered/edited so there is only your word for it that these texts are in their original form. You could have even created them all yourself.

Secondly, the group where you took posts was PRIVATE BY INVITATION ONLY. What were you doing snooping around there in the first place?

Every facet of the group settings was set to the most secure settings possible. There was ONE over sight which was that the message archive setting for members only didn't save and you were able to access OUR PRIVATE MESSAGES without our knowledge - until someone discovered the problem with the setting and changed it.

Moreover, everything that we have information wise about you was from PUBLIC SITES ONLINE where YOU posted that information about yourself, including your PUBLIC Twitter account. Just like YOU are electing to now post this information about yourself here.

ONE of the several reasons that this private group was formed - and yes it still exists and has more members now and a new address - was to allow those of us who have been feeling stressed over all the fights here involving you to get a break, to regroup, and to AVOID fighting with you.

Members shared information in our PRIVATE group that they had about you from various PUBLIC places online in the hopes that we could understand you better, have more empathy for you - and the sharing had had that effect. You will notice that neither I nor Nancy has had ONE WORD to say TO or ABOUT you all day today.

But, you just couldn't leave things alone. You couldn't respect angeleye's choice, if that is her choice, not to respond to you. And, here you are with PRIVATE messages that you STOLE from our PRIVATE group.

We would not have posted your PUBLIC Tweets that we have - yes we have them - that state why you are here and how YOU LIKE to make us MAD - even mentioning posters here BY NAME/HANDLE on your PUBLIC Twitter account. But, if you persist in this path we may reconsider doing just that - and let TMZ see how you are the "WARLOCKOLICIOUS" Number One Fan/Defender at TMZ and MORE.

1225 days ago



Read my words about our PRIVATE group and how you were UNINTENTIONALLY ON OUR PART able to read our PRIVATE MESSAGES. You obtained a link that was posted here as an INVITATION to specified people who asked for private correspondence with ME. YOU were NOT invited. As soon as someone who is a member now pointed out the problem today with settings we fixed it. THEN we moved the group so that the link here was useless.

And, as I said before, if you want to continue down this path - which evidently you do with your threats of exposure here - let me reiterate that you are also living in a GLASS HOUSE.

ksis 15 minutes ago
If it was private I wouldn't be able to visit, would I? And it makes no difference where it was posted. Here or there. It was posted publically and you had no business doing it. Setting up a discussion group where 90% of conversation is about me? Sick.
Actually...Thank you for proving how right I was about you all;) I don't care of you drop it. Just be prepared to be exposed.

1225 days ago



I'll make it really SIMPLE.

1. Some of us wanted to get away from you so we could discuss SEVERAL subjects in private without being attacked for our views.

2. Because several others requested to have private correspondence with ME, we formed a PRIVATE by INVITATION group.

3. The intention to have a private group was made quite clear in the same place that you found the original link.

3. YOU FOLLOWED US ANYWAY and read our PRIVATE email - right below where the front page message in its entirely was "Private Discussion".

4. So WHO is the STALKER NOW?

1225 days ago

Green Fairy    

@SiM - Re Charlie & his Mother.
Apparently Charlie was a 'blue baby' and nearly died at birth, he has also said himself that at 2 0r 3 months old he have himself a hernia by 'yelling'. My own child was nearly lost at birth & from a personal experience, I know that for a few weeks I kept feelings for him a arms length in case we did actually lose him. Thankfully, that never happened & I did allow my feelings through & he's a happy, well adjusted 36 year old with whom I have a great & loving relationship.
Could Charlie's parents have had the same feelings about him? They also had 2 older small boys to look after, & for a infant of that age to 'yell' so badly it causes injury to itself must raise questions. Was he left to scream & not picked up, what was he so angry about? If he suffered some sort of brain damage during a traumatic birth has he ever been 'right' from the beginning. Charlie seems to have spent his life trying to seek attention for himself with his behaviour. Young children all do this, they are seeking the point where the parent is going to draw the boundary, what if the boundaries are never clearly set? Does the behaviour grow more and more outrageous until attention is gained, as in his case. He's a grown man but his behaviour and demeanor appears similiar to a child asking where the line is drawn and not getting an answer. As he's got older & surrounded himself by enablers, yes men, fame seekers and wannabe's, money grabbers, there's been no-one who's willing to tell him the truth & so the whole sorry circus keeps going. I'm beginning to feel (a little)sorry for this bloke, he doesn't seem to have anyone around him who is concerned about his well being - his own fault as he looks to have pushed away anyone who has shown concern. Had everything (materially) and blew it all by his stupidity, lost his job, his marriages (though the 3rd one looks like a gold digger scenario), his kids, his family, his career, his PR man, & it's probably only a matter of time til the cash runs out & all his so called 'friends' disappear with it. Just looking sadder by the day.
Apologies for the rambling of this post but it's been a long day.

1225 days ago


It was by invitation. Hmmm. That's all you got? Lame.
A friend of mine showed me the link you posted and suggested for me to go and see for myself. I did and I am glad. Sure, many of your worshippers will claim that I wrote it myself, but many intelligent ones will recognize your writing and will see that the link you poisted doesn't work anymore. Another "hmmmm".
Anyway...I only read two sentences of your first post to me. You bore me to death, so let me just give you a piece of advice. The more you try to explain or justify your actions, the more pathetic, guilty and nasty you make yourself look.
I did what I planned this morning and now I'm back to discussing Charlie. Have fun on your other board that I'm sure you already have.

1225 days ago

sara fine    

LOSING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..LMFAO

1225 days ago


Not sure who you see as disgusting, Lagoon, but I wish you the best too. If you think I am the one who crossed the line by bringing it here, I apologize, but I needed to prove something and I did. Even if it's only to one person.

1225 days ago


Sorry, ksis. I was trying to say in as few words as possible, I feel they are being extremely cruel to you. (I have a big tele-conference this afternoon and that's where most of my thoughts are focused on now.) The ones attacking you by saying you're obsessed with CS are obsessed with you. Also, publishing on this website that there's going to be a secret site, obviously created to bash you, and then stating it's "private" when your personal information is not private on this site is preposterous. I understand your pro-active decision to post what you did. I thought only kids did this stuff.

1225 days ago


Right, cuz we all know that the trolls are everywhere and no one troll is better than another.

So, one troll posted what a bunch of other supposed trolls wrote when they believed that they were speaking privately. Big whoop. I've seen and been the target of much worse, so I suggest, again, that we all put on our big girl panties and go on with life.

1225 days ago


"when your personal information is not private on this site"

rephrase: when your personal info is dug up and placed elsewhere on the net for entertainment

1225 days ago


I fail to see what was so entertaining about it... did I not mention how sorry I felt for the poor girl? She carries on imaginary conversations with Charlie Sheen, FGS! And then posts all of this on one of the most public sites in the entire internet. And you think WE were "cruel?" Get a life, find your big girl panties preparatory to putting them on, and join the rest of the real world.

1225 days ago



Ok. Can ask you not to leave the site? It's not worth it.;)
I said what I wanted not because it bothers me (I have seen "private" sites before LOL), but because if there is one thing I learned by being online, is that people need to be exposed for their nastiness and harrassment. So that people stop worshipping them.;)
What they posted there about my private life I shared only when I WANTED AND DECIDED IT WAS APPROPRIATE with people I CHOSE at the time.
Anyway...I hope you stay.

1225 days ago


"Sharing" on PUBLIC sites = "sharing" with the PUBLIC.

No harassment was going on, we never used the information against anyone. If we'd WANTED to harass anyone, it would have been a field day compared to what was said when we were talking in private. Take that into consideration when finding your big girl panties, okay?

1225 days ago


ksis, I can only conclude that you have now reached celebrity status, due to all the interest in your personal life.

1225 days ago


what's with the "panty" fixation?

1225 days ago
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