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Charlie and Denise FACE OFF Over Their Kids

5/11/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards went to battle at an L.A. lawyer's office yesterday over a custody agreement regarding their kids ... and TMZ has learned the Warlock did NOT emerge victorious.

Charlie Sheen Custody
Sources connected to the negotiation say Charlie wants his daughters Sam and Lola for weekends ... but Denise has had deep concerns about the welfare of the children and under current circumstances, she does not want Charlie to have the kids.

When the two faced off yesterday -- we're told there were "neutral third parties in the room" who agreed  with Denise that Charlie should not have the kids.

We're told the matter is NOT going to go to court ... and right now, Charlie will not get the visits he wants.


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You married him and had his children and that is their father he has a right to see them if not he shouldn't have to pay. GET A JOB!
she has a job duh she has a great role on blue mountian state the hottest show on cable I cant even say that with a straight face haha. There where even reports that she wanted to have more kids with charlie after they where either divorced or separated not sure how true those comments are even though charlie said it was true when asked once.

1270 days ago


The message is - if you can't maintain a relationship and act responsibly as a parent - THEN DON'T HAVE KIDS. It's a pretty simple concept. If you have kids, get divorced, and you are a cr@ppy parent then you won't have custody and will be hit with child support based on your income. That's a pretty simple concept.

His support payment of $55K (or whatever) a month was based on his earnings ability and is intended maintain his kid's lifestyle. The fact that his ex-wife benefits from this as well - tough sh-i-t! Child support is only intended to maintain the children's lifestyle - it does not guarantee access to the kids. What would guarantee access is being a caring responsible parent which is what Chucky Sleeze seems incapable of doing.

1270 days ago


bbrown less than a minute ago

There where even reports that she wanted to have more kids with charlie after they where either divorced or separated not sure how true those comments are even though charlie said it was true when asked once.


Where? Got a link?? Or some time frame as to when these "reports" were published? Or when Charlie supposedly said this was the case?

If not, it's all speculation on your part and should be phrased as such, don't you think?

1270 days ago


I said the time frame was when they where either separated or divorced im pretty sure it was right after there divorce I'll look for the link there was video on you tube I saw some reporters talking about it. That would be a very crazy speculation on my part with me not knowing her personally and her thought process. Plus I like DR for the most part

1270 days ago



Thanks for checking for the link... I appreciate it.

1270 days ago


Glad charlie was put in his place as he is not a fit parent !!

1270 days ago


She's WINNING! Go Girl!

1270 days ago


I cant tell you right now that one of the reports was The Young Turks show was talking about the reports on denise wanting more kids with charlie. That why I said dont know how true it was because Idk anything about the young turks show haha I kind of stumbled on it two days ago when I was on you tube. I'll look for the link though

1270 days ago


theres the link for the young turks i'll look for the other reports.

1270 days ago


Sammie 5 hours ago

Personally, I don't think Charlie gives a crap about any of his kids.......just the money he pays out. He's falling fast and has to keep his name out there some way. Everyone is so sick of him and his crap. OMG did you hear that awful RAP song with Snoop????

Sammie I have to agree with you I think its more the money he is worried about then wanting to see his kids...and he is just for the publicity as no one cares much anymore.*
anyone that thinks Charlie should have his children around druggies and whores and the like are as bad as Charlie the Tuna(thanks Nancy) if he isnt willing to clean up his act, why should the children have to put in danger just to please him.

1270 days ago


Lori 5 hours ago

Rebecca 9 minutes ago

I think all of yall are messed up who are you to pass judment on this man when he pays out the ass to raise these children and sociaty makes the final say in what this man has to do and who is to say
Yea...see BECKY...that's what family court is PROTECT THE CHILDREN of an over grown narcissistic A-HOLE like CHUCKLES THE CLOWN.

Do you realize how many children would be dead right now if someone OTHER than a CRACK HEAD parent weren't watching out for them?

Pull your head out, the guys a danger to himself AND his children.
thanks Lori couldnt have said it better . Becky if you think those kids will be in good hands with Charlie ,,,my dear you have major probs.

1270 days ago



Thank you for the Young Turks link. They mentioned an interview done by Entertainment Tonight, but that YT video was made back in 2007. Unfortunately, ET only seems to have archives that go back to 2009.

Even IF the claim was true, however, we are talking 4 to 5 years ago? I don't know about you, but I think that A LOT of things change in 4 or 5 years, including people's level of maturity, outlook on life, etc. It would be MY opinion, at this point, that Denise has accepted that Charlie is not the same person that she married way back then, and has moved on with life.

I still believe that she's primarily concerned with what she feels is best for their daughters. And, judging from this article, other person(s) might have felt that the weekend visitation wasn't in the girls' best interests at this point. For WHATEVER reason. Obviously, all we can do is speculate as to why that was the case.

1270 days ago


Spring_in_Michigan 4 hours ago


Right on!

I second that

1270 days ago


Yeah I havent really heard of young turks but I just looked up some quick info on them and they seem somewhat legit. It's going to be hard to find articles from 4 or 5 years ago about charlie since there is some much new stuff on charlie haha its crazy. Yeah alot of things have changed since that long ago with them. The only reason I really brought that up is because denise said all those horible things charlie did while they where married and still maybe wanted more kids from him I just thought that was weird. I agree it prob is in the best interests for those kids to stay with denise right now. My only point was if I was paying $55,000 a month in child sup. and I wasnt working right now I would try and get some more time with them too.

1270 days ago

real deal    

Hmmm. What was that you were saying the last time ksis? Ahh yes, that Charlie was drug free and had all these tests to back him up and that he was doing everything that he needed to do...blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, right. He's obviously terrified of a psych evaluation. I guess no expert will support his claims that he is drug free, mentally stable and not a danger to the well being of those children. And when you have money to afford an expert, but can't find one, that's REALLY saying something!

When will this guy see the light and actually do what he needs to do to actually be a father to his children, rather than just a monthly check?

It's a crack damn shame.

1270 days ago
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