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'Teen Mom'

Amber Portwood

Loses Primary Custody

5/11/2011 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood just lost primary custody of her baby daughter ... TMZ has learned.

Amer Portwood Custody

Custody was awarded to baby daddy Gary Shirley instead -- after an Indiana judge decided he was a more suitable parent ... at least for the time being.

But it wasn't because Amber's an unfit mother -- according to court testimony today, Child Protective Services recommended that Gary have primary custody because of recent vandalism to Amber's  house and car.

CPS was nervous about Amber's living conditions -- so both parties agreed it would be best for baby Leah to stay with Gary until further notice.

Amber will have visitation rights -- but we're told, CPS hasn't come up with a schedule yet. So far, no word from Amber's camp.


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This will mean more to her in a few years when she grows up. It takes a lot for a mother to lose custody. MTV is not doing these kids any favors. Lives are being destroyed in an effort to be a celebrity. So sad.

1228 days ago


Amber is 100% a firecracker and quite possibly totally crazy, but it doesn't sit well with me that a woman 9or a man for that matter)can lose their kid because someone vandalizes their property!

1228 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Seriously, i thought this site was celebrity news. Mtv must be paying through the nose to keep this trash in the news.

1228 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Although i guess they will soon be celebrities since they both got a 2 movie deal recently. They will star in Fat and Fatter, as well as the follow up Ugly and Uglier.

1228 days ago


I too had a baby at 18. She is a grown women now. Her brother yes... from the same father is also a grown man. Both children have children and not at a young age. Daddy gone... actually died never being a father. He left when the youngest was 4 months the oldest was 2. He recently passed away ... I only know because the new wife called after 30 years so they could say good-bye. By the way that did not happen. I protect my children.The father caused drama.... Not needed...

I watch the show and wonder about the parents.. The mothers are young but ...the babies are there responsibility... If they can not take care of them... How many women out there would love them. I know I would. The show should be more focused on the love of there children.. Not the drama.

1228 days ago


Nice 1/2 eyebrows. Idiot

1228 days ago


that dumb bitch should of had that baby girl taken while mtv camera crews were there!! Her attitude mood swings god only knows what happend when that baby pissed her off!!! Ughh she a dumb thristy bitch!!

1228 days ago



1228 days ago


Is that Hurley from Lost?

1228 days ago


Only in America, do teenage mom's get paid to be pregnant and on TV. We should they work, getting knocked up pays better than Wendy's

1224 days ago


meant to say "Why work" sorry

1224 days ago


Really Marilyn? (quote: "This is why teen girls need to put their babies up for adoption. They are not equipped to handle it at such a young age.......") I was a teenage mother (at 16) and I did very well. My daughter will be graduating with her Masters next year. You really might want to think before you type.

1209 days ago

Michelle Roche    

I had my baby on my 20th birthday so I just escaped being a teen mom by a day but I did a damn better job then that selfish childi******tle girl did. She needs to grow up and she will but right now she's more interested in lazing about .. She really doesn't have it that hard. Get up early and clean your house, be frickin organised and don't be so hot tempered.. IT'S ALL ABOUT HER!!! COP ON!!!!!!!!!!

1193 days ago


It's a shame these days when I hear about all these teen parents getting into trouble. None of these teen parents so far have showed they are fit to be parents. Kids shouldn't have kids and looking at the shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom is the reason why. Having a baby is supposed to be a happy moment for everyone in the family. Not just the parents to be and who can possibly be happy about 16 year old girls getting pregnant? How can the pregnant teen be happy herself? That's not something I would want to be proud of. The best thing is to not have sex at all, but seeing how that's not possible, I strongly advise to practice safe sex. I say if you think you're ready to be parents, then go ahead and have sex and see what the consequences are.

1188 days ago


I would like frist off youe comments are rude!!! The father Gary is a wonderful dad, he loves his little gril alot and take very good care of her. The mother Amber does have issues but still not give u reason to judge her, she going through alot!!Yall should not call her names becausse its not right. Leave her be she has enough to deal with.Yall people are all crazy abd yall prob treat ur kids worse since all yall care bout is hurting other people feelings. Yall stop saying the rude god says do judge, especially people u dont even know all yall see is whats on tv and if u dont like show then don*****ch it!! Amber is good mom she just has prob and Gary is a wonderful dad in my opion how many fathers do u know that will dress up as as easter bunny for the kid prob none so shut ur mouth and rude comments cause its people like that me sick. God is the only one that can judge us

1138 days ago
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