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Lindsay Lohan -- So Far So Good

5/11/2011 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just a few hours after her sentencing ... Lindsay Lohan promptly showed up for her court-ordered community service at the Downtown Women's Center in L.A.

Linds is chipping away at the 480 hours of community service she has to complete ... not to mention the 3 years of probation.

But at least ... she looks damn good doing it.


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1227 days ago


Just finished reading the Probation Report (from February <?>).

So.... Lohan's AD/H/D has been magically cured, then since Adderall is not listed as one of her *current* medications?

Or... was her treatment (substance abuse) focused on Adderall abuse?

And... she's possibly avoiding it for a short while (so it wouldn't show up on the formal report - a big red flag w/o formal diagnosis I would think), and will be (or is) back on it as we speak since the PO report is 3+ months old.

AD/H/D (including Inattentive Type) is not a frivolous matter, and these medications make a huge difference in those properly diagnosed.

The absence of this medication is suspect. If she didn't need it for the right reasons, she used it for the wrong reasons (and it doesn't work the same way in people who do not have the condition). Hollywood diet drug. Ugh.

Didn't UCLA diagnose her with ADD? Ridiculous. Gives the condition and the medications that truly help a bad name. Ugh again.

1227 days ago


good job lindsay keep up the good work one day at a time! stay positive hollywood will be glad to see you when r ready. you are a wonderful actress!

1227 days ago


I wonder what kind of "overcrowding" is going on at her place? If this is the norm (which I very VERY highly doubt is the case) then the American justice system is one messed up place.

I mean, who makes the rule that the overcrowding rule still applies with house arrest? Somebody should knock some sense into that idiot.

1227 days ago


i thought it was over after the vop. and i figuered that was a hude hit against her. but when she brought up the theft i was shocked in a good way. to be honest we all know she cant finish half of what they gave her. so the story goes on. i wonder how this is going to mess up her chances to rebuild a bad career

1227 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

At least Lindsay has adopted a cheery attitude, that goes a long way!

Disregard, the following as unintelligible twaddle:
John you know better than to believe that. The pillars of earth could shake loose at any minute. I was @ Bavaria (upper) on May 1, 1776. Xxx xxx xx then Patmos. We are finding all hidden truths. Example: this very story, petty as it is- Did you know and I quote R.O. (the father) - “LL made a flowery attempt under advisement Proverbs 21:14.?” On real matters: The watchers themselves were being watched. So run and prove to our beautiful lady of Babylon ‘xxxxxxxx’ that the Redeemer has been captured and her throne prepared! An eternal orxaxx awaits! Cat fight, over. Song received. Over. Perhaps they should arm-wrestle..Over.
The above was merely a fragment of a poorly written, hard to understand comedy sketch.
John you xxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx.

1227 days ago


Community Service: participating in a theater/drama program.


That'll DEFINITELY be a life-changing experience... This woman's enablers/shortcuts/celebrity status are her worst enemies and will end up harming her the most. It's really pretty sad, actually...

1227 days ago


U nay sayers R Fu**** in the head.

1227 days ago

Lendsay Lohan    

There is actually quite a bit of overcrowding going on at my place. There are so many men and women coming through that I've had to resort to asking them to take a number and come back later so the Fire Marshall doesn't fine me.

Now serving #1443!

1227 days ago

the Seeker    

Did you see the stupid avatar name they use "Coven of hate " as their group name on facebook or is it lindsayland ? I call u the ANGRY 11
you have a Lindsay Lohan haters page u should b proud..Duh Loosing.

1227 days ago


Lindsay does look better than I've seen her look in a while. I hope she really is serious about doing this community service and serving her house arrest and then getting on with life. Three more years probation? That I think is going to hurt her if she doesn't get serious about this!

1227 days ago


She needs a bra, her boobs are hitting her knees - I kinda like that. Other than that she has no talent and no future career, except porn

1227 days ago


What are the terms of her probation? Will she be monitored for drug and alcohol use? There is no way on earth that this sick bitch will stay out of trouble for 4 years, she will be back in court long before then, wah wah wah.

1227 days ago


cake yes lindsay will teach them how to escape reality. i dont think that is a good lesson for them

1227 days ago

Khate sucks    

This white trash bitch needs to pick up dog **** for her CS! Dumbass! I'm sure she'll be totally broke soon!

1227 days ago
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