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Lohan Probation Report -- Lindsay's a Drug Addict

5/11/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Probation Department believes Lindsay Lohan is a drug addict.


According to the probation report, Lindsay's probation officer wrote, "Substance abuse is the root of the defendant's problems." 
Judge Stephanie Sautner begged to differ this AM, saying she did not believe Lindsay's problem was drug related.

The Probation Report lists the drugs Lindsay has been taking:  Trazadone (for depression), Nexium (for heartburn), Yaz (birth control), Zoloft (anti-depressant), Doxycycline (antibiotic), Zyrtec (allergies) and Zythromax (antibiotic).

The Probation Report mentions Lindsay failed an alcohol test on February 8, 2011 -- this is about a month AFTER Lindsay left the Betty Ford Clinic.

As for that alleged attack at Betty Ford, the report also states that cops have interviews with restaurant employees, hotel employees, and nightclub employees saying that Lindsay was drinking that night.

And the Probation Report says Lindsay is a serial shoplifter:  "Defendant has been suspected of similar conduct in other jewelry stores ... As a result [the detective in the necklace case] recommends that the defendant ... be ordered to serve at least six months in county jail."


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In other words, Lindsay BlowHan is the piece of garbage we all thought she was.

1264 days ago


why the hell does she need so many antibiotics? Sucking some bad coq lately?

1264 days ago


Why wasn't her probation violated immediately when she failed the alcohol test?

1264 days ago


I love how if a poor black person would have pulled the stuff she's done, they'd be in the penitentiary for 20 years!

1264 days ago


What bugs me in this story is that prescription drugs are listed and considered public record.

What the h?

Leaving aside that it's Lohan, should a woman's use of BC pills really be public record just because she's picked up for an unrelated crime?

Am I the only civil libertarian left in America?

1264 days ago

the Seeker    

So much for all the Haters claiming she does speed and coke and heroin.
I thought she needed ambien to sleep and xanax for stress.

please get this emotionally sick young woman some counseling WITHOUT her mother involved.

1264 days ago


WOW!!! Worse than I could imagine.
Get ready for the slammer

1264 days ago


Trazodone is used for sleep deprivation also people....

1264 days ago


Why is she on birth control? Oh, right, Sam has a penis.

1264 days ago


Please did you watch the hearing
Get real even if Lindsay does go to jail she will do 12 days MAX
She has 2 days of credit for the February 9th arraignment and booking and the April 22nd booking and then bailing out after 5 hours.

1264 days ago


Keep you're head up Lindsay!

Side note....I'm still kinda lost on the birth control thing...

1264 days ago

Charlie D    

Does anyone really believe that she will win award? She will be lucky to appear in commericals DOUCH!!! She is a joke and has been for a long time. What has this bimbo every done that was real entertainment. Except getting your picture taken when she was under the influence of something and don't forget her mug shots. Why does everyone kiss her ___ she is not all that. Maybe they will make a come back move Herbie does Lilo. She needs to get a life and do something constructive like get a JOB and do something that people will remember instead of being a drunk, drug addict and theft.

1264 days ago


Good luck getting in any parties once this hits the fan.
Stores will lock their doors too

1264 days ago


She IS a drug addict and no doubt a borderline alcoholic. She can't leave either alone. MANY people can vouch for this, MANY people have seen her doing both as recently as last month. Most addicts do have "issues" or mental problems, they're still an addict, regardless. Her problems probably all stem from her f'd up family. It seems no one has ever given her any boundaries and they've always let her feel entitled. You give a kid the power to do whatever they want and make their own decisions and then combine that with never having any serious consequences for what they've done, of course they're going to end up like her. She really should have served at least 6 months, like the detective recommended. It probably would have been one of the only things that could have helped her. People like this "Nicole" broad are sick in the head. They continue to make excuses for her, not realizing that all they're doing is pretty much guaranteeing she'll end up in an early grave.

1264 days ago


Nicole 36 minutes ago


What planet are you are you on. Which part of "CONVICTED" was unclear to you? Convicted=Guilty or in language YOU can understand LILTY

1264 days ago
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