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Lohan Probation Report -- Lindsay's a Drug Addict

5/11/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Probation Department believes Lindsay Lohan is a drug addict.


According to the probation report, Lindsay's probation officer wrote, "Substance abuse is the root of the defendant's problems." 
Judge Stephanie Sautner begged to differ this AM, saying she did not believe Lindsay's problem was drug related.

The Probation Report lists the drugs Lindsay has been taking:  Trazadone (for depression), Nexium (for heartburn), Yaz (birth control), Zoloft (anti-depressant), Doxycycline (antibiotic), Zyrtec (allergies) and Zythromax (antibiotic).

The Probation Report mentions Lindsay failed an alcohol test on February 8, 2011 -- this is about a month AFTER Lindsay left the Betty Ford Clinic.

As for that alleged attack at Betty Ford, the report also states that cops have interviews with restaurant employees, hotel employees, and nightclub employees saying that Lindsay was drinking that night.

And the Probation Report says Lindsay is a serial shoplifter:  "Defendant has been suspected of similar conduct in other jewelry stores ... As a result [the detective in the necklace case] recommends that the defendant ... be ordered to serve at least six months in county jail."


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Dr Seuss- Pharmacist here- zythromax and doxycycline is the antibiotic coktail used by many OB/GYN's to treat chlamydia, Inflammatory Pelvic disease and STD's. So you make the call but I'd be wearing a raincoat head-to-foot if I was around her

1260 days ago


And she was one of the kids in Mean Girls.

1260 days ago


She's on birth control because this so-called "lesbian" loves ****!! She used to give interviews proudly discussing her sexual conquests (because she's a ho). I was not, however, ready for the TWO antibiotics!!! WTF?!?!?! And you know she's not getting these STDs from scissoring! LOL

I think it's kinda funny that her name is Lindsay Dee.

1260 days ago


I am completely repulsed that the enablers are celebrating over the sentencing. Do any of you know how it feels to be a thief? Do you understand why she steals? Do you understand that this can be a core part of her personality, and unless the central problem she has is addressed, she will relapse again and again and again?

This part of her personality is not going away - it could be hidden for awhile - if she decides not do steal, but it's not going to disappear and it will erupt again.

Wake up, you're losing her. Your celebrating is one of the most unkind things I have ever seen.

1260 days ago


Doxycycline and zithromax are used to treat chlamydia and gonorrhea just saying when used in combination

1260 days ago



Dont bother with Nicoke. She will make excuses for Lindsay until the day Lindsay drops dead from a drug overdose and even then she will find a way to blame someone else.

I dont see how anyone with a brain can still defend Lindsay after reading this report. Lindsays "fans" such as Nicoke have claimed she has been sober since September and that she was not drinking while in BF. Once the 911 tape came out which clearly showed Lindsay attacking the BF worker still Nicoke and others refused to state Lindsay was at fault. Even now that Lindsay pleaded out they still claim she is innocent. Even in the face of this report Lindsay is still a dogooder.

Nicoke and the others are trolls nothing more nothing less. They are here to aggervate and stir up trouble. NO ONE IS THIS STUPID.

1260 days ago

the Seeker    

My uncle use to say " I don't care what you say about me as long as you spell my name right"

So it's a sweet smelling "napalm" Victory , because all their HATE filled comments will not be viewable on and will not inspire more hate filled rants by loitering trolls that attack and gang up on Lindsay just to be a "kewl kid" and part of the coven of hate.

1260 days ago


This confirms the Skank Theory.
Not only is her NAME mired in filth, she herself is filth.

1260 days ago


Trazadone (for depression), Nexium (for heartburn), Yaz (birth control), Zoloft (anti-depressant), Doxycycline (antibiotic), Zyrtec (allergies) and Zythromax (antibiotic).

It will be a wonder if she makes it to 50yrs!!!
oh well. who cares.

1260 days ago

Dr. Suess    

@ Ron,

Wow....Enough said. I bet some dudes are gonna be scared after reading TMZ today....

Thanks for the info!

1260 days ago


TO: Nicole who wrote:
“There is no admissible evidence that Lindsay was drinking at Betty Ford. I don't mean statements from publicity seeking cops or anyone else i mean an actual positive test.”


Well, because you told her to refuse to take any sobriety test, and, for your information “Nicole,” eyewitness testimony and even written declarations under oath ARE and always have been ADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE.

Likewise, Lindsay’s refusal to take a sobriety test can also be used as evidence that Lindsay probably refused to take a sobriety test because she knew she couldn’t pass.

Come on now, you know that !

1260 days ago


whats wrong with you people? Yaz is taken by a lot of females to reduce the pain of their menstrual cycle.

I'm pleased Lindsay didn't fail a drug test. As for the alcohol failed test, come on people, with the pressure Lindsays been under, I'm not surprised. All the medication listed by TMZ are LEGAL. It was Lindsay who gave this information to the probation officer.

As for the other accusation, where is the evidence? Its scandalous this is said without supporting evidence.

1260 days ago

Caring Kate    

What really is amazing is that Lyndsay is probably one of the people who would be terribly offended by the history of African Americans who were enslaved. Yet, she freely gives herself over to an equally oppressive slavery. Break free Lindsay. Drugs/alcohol have taken over your brain and your free will. Only the pushers and manufacturers (or keepers of slaves) are benefiting. Wake up. Remember that misery loves company. Break free and get away from everyone who is enslaved (because they want you to remain that way yourself) or part of keeping others enslaved. It can be done. Wake up.

1260 days ago


Why is the birth date field crossed out? Is she lying about her age?

1260 days ago



Well the listing of both Zyrhromax and Doxycycline solves the rumors that have floated for years about Lindsey and STD's. Both are used for chlamydia, PID's and STD's. She is really an infectious medical and emotional wreck acoording to her pharamacology

And add the birth control which would be nulified to 0% affective by the antibiaditics...

Meaning shes playing in both play grounds with nasty playground equipment...UGH !!!!!!! I think if I have had any phyical contact with that woman I would run not walk to my nearest docters office and get checked out....

Nasty Nasty Nasty ...excuse me while I go wash my hands just typing about this makes my hands feel dirty..UGH !!!!

1260 days ago
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