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Maria Shriver

Creates TV Frenzy

After Arnold Split

5/17/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... a swarm of television syndicators as well as networks are trying to snag Maria Shriver, in the wake of her split with Arnold Schwarzenegger ... and Oprah Winfrey is leading the pack.

Sources tell TMZ ... Oprah met with Maria last week, trying to convince her to become a talk show host on Oprah's OWN Network. We've also learned Maria is going to be a guest on Oprah's final show. 

But that's just the beginning.  Big TV syndicators want Maria to do a daily talk show.  As for news organizations, they're trying to get Maria as well.  We're told NBC was lukewarm on the idea of bringing Maria back a few months ago, but the network's interest has intensified in the last week.


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1255 days ago


JESUS H CHRIST - that has to be the worse photo EVER!!!!

1255 days ago


Wow! She looks scary! What is WRONG with her? Don;t her friends or her "people" tell her her "look" is WAY off?

1255 days ago


Sweet Jesus...that photo just back memories of every zombie picture I have ever seen.

If you play her comments backwards you will here:
"Braaaains! Braaains! Braaiians!"

1255 days ago


Oh god... this women looks plain scary, and its not just this photo, all of them look like this. Run Arnold run... don't look back...

1255 days ago


She looks like a hag witch which you would after what sweet hubby pig put her through!

1255 days ago


Her face scares me.

1255 days ago


Run Maria run! Just watch the pitfalls of judicial selection. See - and judges like Hank Goldberg, (Charlie Sheen) who is allowing attorneys for two strung-out drug addicts to control his rulings, rather than order psychological evaluations for both. How starstruck is Goldberg? Enough so he's not appointing attorneys for the children. Please don't fall into the private judging trap. They're all politics all the time, and the rules are very different than civil courts. Which attorneys sometimes forget to mention. Last, if Arnold hid the support payments to the child, don't you just wonder what else he hid? Check his passport for recent (within the last couple of years) visits to Switzerland. The bum probably has secret accounts. Way to role model Dad. Nothing like being the eternal juvenile...and hurting your own family for your EGO.

1255 days ago


Fire your stylist Maria and hire a new one! OMG

1255 days ago


they say the longer you are married the more you start to look like your spouse and that photo proves it. Who can blame Arnold for cheating? Oh man, that is one ugly woman.

1255 days ago


I realize I'm saying this more bluntly than I should and it's liable to offend someone - and I honestly am not trying to do so (that up front). That being said - what is the deal with Maria's face? For years, from the mid-face down, she has literally looked like a skeleton - sunken in and VERY ill. No illnesses have ever been reported, but the woman looks like an extra from the zombie show The Walking Dead these days - what is wrong (and being married to Arnold for years can't be the whole reason)?

1255 days ago


go with o

1255 days ago


Why does mr. tmz use the most unflattering photos of people he feels envy/hate for?

1255 days ago


You idiots need help finding the door! Maria is perfect to host an investigative/reporting/interview show. Just watch as she roasts Arnold and his breeder gal!

1255 days ago

two cents    

She needs a stylist. STAT!! Look at her hair and makeup. All that money, and no sense. It's hardly a hot mess, just a mess.

As for Oprah, tell that cow to shove it. Thought we would be rid of her now, guess now. They're salivating at the thought of catch Maria. Vultures,all of them.

Does Maria smoke? Look at those wrinkles on her mouth. Horrible. She needs a makeover, time to start fresh.

1255 days ago
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