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Cops Investigating BRUTAL Hollywood Club Attack

5/12/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The LAPD has opened an investigation into the horrifying attack in front of a Hollywood nightclub Wednesday morning ... in an effort to identify the man who K.O.'d an unassuming clubgoer.


TMZ captured the incident on tape outside the Roxbury nightclub  -- when an unknown man took a running start and delivered a ferocious punch to the head of a man who had just walked out of the club.051111_knocked_out_v2_still

The victim -- said to be in his 30s -- instantly crumbled to the ground and laid unconscious for ten minutes before an ambulance arrived to the scene.

The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was treated for injuries. No word on his current condition.


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Too bad no one had a camera when the Giants fan was beaten those thugs. I also hope they catch the bitch who was the get away driver and that in the car gets taken away and placed with a family who will teach him to keep his hands to himself.

1239 days ago

The Real JJ    

He got knocked the f*** out! Its all on video. CASE CLOSED

1239 days ago


I hope the assaulter is famous or rich otherwise he might actually go to real jail like normal people!

1239 days ago


Seriously, TMZ! When you are in this good of a position for a shoot...., sit the heck DOWN!! The stops and go's are hitting right during the most important conversations to figure out what the heck was going on! You've see the videos....just keep it still! Thanks.

1239 days ago

The Joker    

Haha, put an APB out for an oily, Catholic spic. Last seen in a late 90s American made ****box. That's what you get for partying in the sewer.

1239 days ago

pink floyd    

big mouth got what he asked for.. next time he won't run his mouth..

1239 days ago


Oh haaay, no waaaay.

1239 days ago


That dude was properly shown what "get back to work" really means!

1239 days ago


TMZ, why don't you guys give your people Cameras with Lights on them? He may have talked crap to the wrong guy...but at the same time you got to Thank Eddie's (I think that's what they said) friends for saying his name on camera. LOL WTF is wrong with people? He ran up on him pretty fast...maybe he should practice going the other way next time.

1239 days ago


when i read this i couldnt help but seeing the guys bobbing their head...what is love dont hurt me.

1239 days ago


I don't see this horrible attack you speak of, TMZ! I see some **** crumb talking smack and then a hero of epic proportions flying onto the scene and doing what we all wanted to do.... Knock the big mouth out and cease his dumb****ery. Ah, justice.

1239 days ago

John M.    

The guy was knocked out when the back of his head hit the pavement. You can hear it. "Eddie" is a coward. My 5 year old can sucker punch a drunk. The victim will most certainly have brain damage and may develop migraine headaches, memory and concentration problems, dizziness, ...for the rest of his life. I would like to see "Eddie" put away for a good 20 years.

1239 days ago


Whaaat? The wimp runs and sucker punches the guy, anyone can do that. This wimp should, and 'will' be charged with battery in the very least, possibly felony assault. They were far enough away and should have kept walking, but no, he returns wanting to look like a bad ass when he actually looks like a sucker puncher. Got what he deserved some say? For talking some non aggressive smack? Some warped minds.

1239 days ago



1239 days ago


The guy shouldn't have hit him, but the dude kept running his mouth and aggravating the situation. If he just shut his big mouth and walked away, he wouldn't have gotten knocked out. Lesson learned: shut your big mouth and leave.

1239 days ago
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