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The Sitch's Dad: He Wouldn't Help Pay My Medical Bills

5/11/2011 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the MAIN reason The Situation's father decided to launch his expletive-filled campaign against his son on the Internet yesterday ... and it all comes down to medical insurance.

One of Frank Sorrentino's business associates tells TMZ, Frank had asked Sitch for some help making his monthly medical insurance payments recently -- and the "Jersey Shore" star flat out refused.

According to sources, The Situation not only said no -- but told his dad to "move to Florida and go on welfare."

We're told Frank was pretty adamant about repaying his son anyway -- using money from a business deal they allegedly made to develop real estate in NYC ... but the Sitch never gave him a chance.

0511_sitch_dad_mini2Frank was outraged by his son's rejection -- and responded by RIPPING the Sitch into pieces online yesterday in multiple angry videos.

Sitch released a statement earlier today, saying he is "extremely saddened" by his father's actions.


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You are absolutely right, Disturbed! Sitch's dad is a disgrace to dad's and I would be ashamed to have a dad like that! If Sitch's dad loved him, then he would go to Florida and get on welfare for godsake, or sell some of his precious real estate to pay medical bills! Sitch should disown that man... I have a feeling that man already treated Sitch badly which is why Sitch doesn't feel it's worth paying on the principle of the matter alone. Sitch is no angel, for sure, but that dad's a devil without a doubt.

1261 days ago


His father will suck the life out of him.

1261 days ago


Looks like the apple didn't fall far from the loser tree

1261 days ago

Jim in Cali    

This is so lame. Handle your business behind the scenes dad. If your son doesn't want to pay for your medical bills than deal with it and figure out another route. If he didn't become rich on the Jersey Shore I'm sure you would find another way to get your medical help if he wasn't your rich reality son.

1261 days ago


Man, what a leech this guy is. You're a grown adult, stand on your own two feet instead of trying to mooch off your son. What a loser.

1261 days ago


Puckett@"Oh GTFO! The douche runs around buying Bentleys and test driving Lambo's etc. and partying all the time. This talentless motherf*cker is going to be so washed up and broke in 5 years it isn't even funny."

Dude, you need to get over this whole bitter thing. Anytime someone says "It's not about the money", you can rest assured that it is about the money. As a grown-ass man, I don't expect to have my ass wiped by those more fortunate, nor do I expect to have to support anyone (including my father) after he chooses this strategy. I'm guessing that this young man has already been bled enough by his leeches hangers-on family.

for a "talentless motherf*cker", he's making bank. I don't begrudge anyone who can make a living, but then again i'm not the type of person who derives emotion from something as stupid as a television show character -- That said, it is fun to troll hokey, stupid dopes like you.

1261 days ago


who knows if this is true and we def. dont have the all the details all I know is I thought the sich was always kind of alittle bit of an ass whole but his dad takes the cake no matter what you dont go on tmz bashing your son telling gay stories about your son if this was my dad he would go missing about now haha. Mr.Sorrentino dont quit your day job if you even have one you arent going to get famous for doing this your just going to loose your family. I like how hes the only one speaking out not his mother brothers or sisters.

1261 days ago


I doubt his father just randomly turned into an as**** after being rejected money. He probably grew up with him being like this and is probably the reason he denied him of the money.

1261 days ago


Areader 5 minutes ago
Frank Sorrentino is a despicable bitter man. He put up a website to embarrass his entire family. He should be ashamed of himself, hope he will encounter slander suits from the cast of "The Jersey Shore".


Thanks Areader. Great website, very amusing. Hope Frank makes some serious bank off of it. lol


I love it. :)

1261 days ago


What, is his the Sitch's dad broke? NO, he's got plenty of money. He doesn't need help, he just doesn't want to use his own money and feels entitled to the small fortune his son has made.

1261 days ago


Yea....Sorry DAD...sounds like another ploy to take bucks from your KID. Any parent that would trash their child on the net to earn some bucks is frickin pathetic. I am not a big fan of Jersey Shore or the cast, but this is a parental manipulation. Uhhhh....hello Lindsay's DAD...If my parent did that to me...I would ditch 'em and say you are on your own.

1261 days ago


Dad seems to be looking for a hand out and he has been denied; and, probably for good reason.

1261 days ago


The Situation should have been smothered in his crib.

1261 days ago


Yea well Daddy it isn't your son's responsibility to buy your bills. Just because MTV has made him somewhat wealthy doesn't mean he now pays your bills. Besides his 15 minutes is way over and he will find it hard to maintain his lifestyle when American audiences get some since. He has no talent so what will he do when Jersey Shore dries up.

1261 days ago


Pay your own bloody medical bills for craps sake. I'm so sick of baby boomer parents expecting to live off their wealthy offspring.

1261 days ago
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