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The Sitch's Dad: He Wouldn't Help Pay My Medical Bills

5/11/2011 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the MAIN reason The Situation's father decided to launch his expletive-filled campaign against his son on the Internet yesterday ... and it all comes down to medical insurance.

One of Frank Sorrentino's business associates tells TMZ, Frank had asked Sitch for some help making his monthly medical insurance payments recently -- and the "Jersey Shore" star flat out refused.

According to sources, The Situation not only said no -- but told his dad to "move to Florida and go on welfare."

We're told Frank was pretty adamant about repaying his son anyway -- using money from a business deal they allegedly made to develop real estate in NYC ... but the Sitch never gave him a chance.

0511_sitch_dad_mini2Frank was outraged by his son's rejection -- and responded by RIPPING the Sitch into pieces online yesterday in multiple angry videos.

Sitch released a statement earlier today, saying he is "extremely saddened" by his father's actions.


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If true, that was pretty effed-up of Mike not to help his father, but I have to believe that at some level "The Situation" was just acting out the "family rules"... of being an azzholes. Jersey Shore is just a flash in the pan-eventually the money will dwindle away. The kids have not talent, they're "famous" for being idiots, ghetto and shamelessly dragging their ethnicity through the mud like a lot of the black comedians.

I agree with some of the other folks here, once you start "loaning" money out, it will NEVER end... and the first time you say "NO", your father goes national and tells THE WORLD about when his son got a blow-job by an old broad who was hungry for ugly, buff guy...

Well, Frank, that quality move may have cost you your son. Hope it was worth it to you... plus not only did it not get you the money you needed, pretty good bet you'll NEVER see a cent from him... what a bloody idiot!!

1261 days ago


the "Situation" is a HUGE piece of ****. Freakin loser of a "man".

1261 days ago


The SITUATION is a no talent loser that should be banking every dime he makes and praying he wont be bankrupt in 10 yrs with the way he spends money

his dad going on welfare? he is looking at his own future
the SITUATION is going to be begging for quarters within 10 yrs
that maybe somewhat true but it's not his fault that mtv and other companys are paying him that much money you cant blame him for taking it haha. Who knows if mike told his dad to go on welfare his dad could be making it up to sound more sympathetic and not look like a complete ass whole.

1261 days ago


Sounds like the Situation SHOULD be scared. His father has ALOT of friends!

1261 days ago


Tell him to stay the hell out of Florida. We've got enough unemployed guidos down here sucking off the system as it is. Besides, Jersey has better bennies then here.

1261 days ago


Maybe he has a good reason to say no. We all don't know what happened between them, not all dads are good fathers.

1261 days ago


"Medical Bills" is the nickname of his bookie.

Go mooch off someone else.

1261 days ago

Tammy LM    

I think people are jumping to conclusions here on why The Situation wont help his dad. Now, I'll be the first to say I can't stand the Jersey Shore show or it's cast, and I'm not a fan of the Situation by any means. Having said that, I think there is definately a reason why he doesn't want anything to do with his father. My father was an abusive son of a b1tch and I wouldn't piss on him to put him out if he was on fire. I wouldn't give my father a damn dime I don't care what he needed. My life would have been better off not having a father. There is such a thing as kids who feel that way, because of things that went down in their own families. You don't know what went on between him and his father.

For his father to do what he just did over money shows to me exactly what kind of a father he is and exactly why the 'Sitch" didn't want to have anything to do with him in the first place. His actions right here reveal plenty. Look what he's willing to say publically about his kid. Most parents, (my mother as an example) would have said, "if that's the way they feel that's fine.." and just wouldn't have ever said anything. It takes a real immature parent or an abusive one to do that because their kid wont "give um some money".

The Situation isn't responsible for his father's medical bills. He's not responsible for anything his father incurs as a cost.

Drew Barrymore's father was a homeless drifter and she barely even knew if he was alive or dead most of the time. It wasn't her responsibility to raise him or support him. No one here seems to be remembering Drew or her ...situation (pardon the pun). She's still America's sweetheart.

For that man to even expect money or demand it from his kids who (stupid as the show is...) earned their money by legitly working. He wasn't doing anything illegal. He got a gig on a reality show. Ok, it's a job first and foremost. It's a financial future if you invest wisely and play your cards right. It's a good thing. He earned a living. A lot of kids his age still live with their parents and mooch off them. The Sitch isn't. This father has not right to demand to be carried like one of the damn Jackson family members. That's exactly what he is acting like. One of the damn Jacksons. Those lowlife greedy backstabbers with their paws out and open expecting a handout because they had a famous brother who once was rolling in it. They demanded a lavish lifestyle at Michael's expense too just as a birth right.

That's what this guy's dad is doing. And I say don't give the SOB a dime. It's the Situation's money and he doesn't have to give his father anything. Many his father is an abusiove a-hole. From the way he acted, I'd say that's a damn good possibility.

1261 days ago


sitch actually alluded to his father being abusive in an epi of jersey shore so thats probably why he isnt paying up. cant blame him if thts the case.

1261 days ago


A douche never falls far from da baig!

1261 days ago


what a loser, he'll probably have a book written next...The Real Situation, as told by a loving father. Lets see, how else can I cash in on my son's fame? I want his OWN reality show, the Douche Bag Dads of Jersey Shore

1261 days ago


Pay your fathers medical you complete piece of garbage! Are you insane. I't not like you are highly educated or worked hard for your fortune!Oh my god! Help your piece of **** family!

1261 days ago


I can see a new reality show - The Real Douchebag Dads and Wannabees

This guy Frank whoever, Lindesy Lohans dad, The balloon boys dad, Lamar Odams and others....

They would do what ever necessary to ruin there kids, to make to to the top. The winner would receive bail money and maybe payment for a months health insurance premium.

1261 days ago


They're both classless idiots.

1261 days ago


I don't agree with his fathers antics. It's ridiculous and makes it seem as though he is seeking attention. HOWEVER, what an ungrateful little **** Frank is! It's not as though his father is asking him to splurge on his materialistic needs. It's medication.

1261 days ago
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