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'Bad Girls' Star Spews RACIST HATE In Drunken Rant

5/13/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the most disgusting hate-filled diatribe we've seen in a long time ... former "Bad Girls Club" star Christina Hopkins dropping the N-word 12 times in a rant aimed at an African-American woman.051211_christina_hopkins_v2_still

Hopkins was at a diner in Staten Island last month -- when she spouted off about an unnamed person ... saying, "If you're a black girl ... you should shut up because you're black ... you're a n**ger ... nobody likes you."

Hopkins continued to nonchalantly drop slur after vulgar slur while stuffing her face with Mexican food ... saying, "I've never met somebody who's so n**gerish."

Christina's female friend eggs her on as the reality star laughs ... and the two women then begin to chant the N-word in unison.

TMZ called Hopkins for comment ... who explained, "Some girls came up to me and said some racial remarks towards me [moments before] and this is what I said in retaliation."

She added, "I apologize if anyone was offended, it wasn't meant in a derogatory way."


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Trash comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. The miserable idiot in this video just prove it.

1223 days ago


sounds like a rap song to me

1223 days ago


What a disgusting pig! And her friends are no better for laughing and egging her on. Her parents must be so proud of her. And I hope someone tells her to chew with her mouth shut!

1223 days ago

A Rhyming Ape    

Bill you're wrong.When people say the n-word in movies it's basically okay.No one I know had a problem with America History X.The Jeffersons was a comedy and people took it as such.Just like Lisa Lampanelli when she talks about black people no one cares because it's all in comedy.Don't forget South Park N***** Guy episode. How can black people say whatever when Floyd Mayweather was frowned upon on his Pacquioa racist comments.Don't forget Kanye's George Bush comment.

1223 days ago


This is the kind of Staten Island trash that moved to Jackson, NJ. Little do they know that before these pigs moved there, Jackson was inhabited by the country black folk. The very people this girl is bashing! The big joke is on them. Native NJ people make fun of these Staten Islanders that live in Jackson.
And no, I don't live in NJ

1223 days ago

undacover brutha    

I'm a black man in his 40's, and I haven't heard a black person call a white person a "honky" since the 80's..there's no equivalency here..just a stupid, racist hoe. I agree with what someone else posted, though, this is how most white people are when we aren't in the room. they might not use the n-word, they might use prettier language, or use that "hand over the face" motion to describe us, or any of the other euphemisms..but this video displays what they mean in raw form. If that's the way it's going to be, I see no reason why black folks should continue to be gracious the face of ignorance. if someone comes at you in a racist manner, whup their ass, because most whites don't give a ****. at all. and neither should we.

1223 days ago


Who cares.Good for her!

1223 days ago


That 1st i thought it was a couple of Texas girls having a dinner conversations

1222 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

to undacover brutha - It truly sucks and I always consider the source. And as we all have noticed that the fresh crop of reality idiots feel free to say anything. Great role models huh. My best friend in the world is black and I am pretty damn porcelain and she knows this stuff makes me go ballistic because I am sooo tired of the hate! She is in her 40's, me 50's ?(still can't believe that} but she doesn't read any of the hate mail against black, white, brown etc. people because she says it keeps her head clear for the important things like the people in her life that truly care about her. Wish I could do that, but I do realize I can only spew positivity. Ironically, I have experienced race reversal only twice in my life and my daughter was with me. I explained to the woman that if she felt I was a bitch or whatever, adding white to the beginning of the comment was unecessary, but of that one time she persisted and I told my daughter not to judge her comments based on her color, just on her stupidity because color has nothing to do with the problem that we incurred. My daughter is in her late 20's and took that info to heart. She has & respects friends of all colors and gay/non-gay w/o judgment so I am satisfied because she is a much better person for it. I do have to say that when you said black folks should continue to be gracious, etc. Doesn't it just show how classy they are when dealing with idiots? wish you well!

1222 days ago


Looks like Harvey's weekly "He/She's a Racist Story" again..He's getting sooooooooo perdictiable....He knows he can get a fews idiots out there to make comments and if he's lucky start the old black against white war of words going and make him a few bucks..He doesn't give a horses ass if this is right or wrong he just knows its good for lots of hits and more money for him...Next will be a "He's a homophobic cause he called me Gay !" story ......

Gutter jounealism at it's best.........

1222 days ago


and we're off to the Race races...! My race is better then your race....and so on and so on........

1222 days ago


I don't see the point of being mad, shocked or baffled. Her thoughts are representative of what many people believe but won't dare to say it out loud. I am half ''black'' and half ''latino'' (my father is caucasian) and those kind of situation that TMZ often posts on their website never bother me at all. Well, Latinos believe that I am a Caribbean and blacks believe that I am Pakistani. Ultimately, I have learn to accept myself as someone with ambitions and aspirations rather than someone with a specific color. If only we could see further than our pride and attachment to our country, race, religion and so on, we could all watch these situations objectively and say: ''Ah, good for her...''

1222 days ago

ugly as sin    

what a bunch of trash they all are! I don't and wouldn't watch that show and why E thinks its entertaining is beyond me. I think the ones that watch it says more then the ones that are in it.

1222 days ago


Well thank god she didn't mean it in a derogatory way!

1222 days ago


It's just proving the case that there is a double standard for white men. when it comes to who will be raked over the coals for being a foulable human, as long as you are not a straight, christian,american born, white man,you can say or do anything you want on camera. no matter how offensive.
I can't wait to see the media explode the next time a "wasp" slips.

1222 days ago
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