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Brock Lesnar Bails On UFC 131 Over Stomach Issues

5/12/2011 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brock Lesnar has officially pulled out of his big fight at UFC 131 after suffering another flare up from his ongoing stomach condition ... and may undergo "life changing surgery" in the near future.

Brock Lesnar Diverticulitis

Brock suffers from a digestive disease called diverticulitis -- which causes extreme stomach pain.

Brock released a statement saying, "I'm not retiring ... I believe there's a solution to every problem, I just gotta find the right solution ... I love this sport."

Brock insists the symptoms aren't as serious as last time, but he couldn't train for his fight against Junior dos Santos at UFC 131 on June 11.

Lesnar was hospitalized back in 2009 due to his medical condition -- and had to reschedule his fight against Shane Carwin. Lesnar whooped Carwin's ass when they fought a few months later.

Lesnar is currently being treated at the famous Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

UFC honcho Dana White announced Junior will now fight Carwin at the big event in June.


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No Avatar

mom of 4    

hellllo.....diverticulitis is not caused by steroids and you don't have to wear a depends...it is an inflamation in the bowels...example..you can't eat anything with a shell on it...corn, nuts or seeds google it and find out about it. oh, and another thing...you want pain? suffer thru it just once...you won't want it again.

1260 days ago


Okay, yet another cop out for someone who never even deserved the title shot.

1260 days ago


Junior dos santos scared brock =))) hard match for jds against shane carwin...

1260 days ago


LOLZ hes too scared to come back to UFC coz Frank Mir gonna give him a good one...gooo Frank Mir

1260 days ago


I hate to correct you TMZ Staff, but Shane Carwin did not get his ass whooped. Did you even watch the fight? It should have been stopped in the first round, because Carwin was smashing Brock's face into the mat. After the first round Shawn was spend and lost to an arm triangle due to fatigue.

1260 days ago

all about the money    

Junior would have kicked his arse anyway :P

Not a fan of this guy anyway from his debut in the UFC when he gloated after his first win like he was still in the WWE. Sure hes a big guy, and apparently has learned how to fight since, but his attitude just stinks. He sucked as a coach on the Ultimate Fighting Challenge. More and more you hear how he treats others like they are not worth to breath the same air as him. Maybe some day he will learn some humility.

1260 days ago


this article is misleading, Carwin actually whooped Brock's ass for 5 full minutes , then got tired, and brock easily choked him out in the 2nd round.

1260 days ago


Brock didnt whoop Carwin's ass!!! Carwin knocked him silly the entire first round and the ref SHOULDVE stopped it. Carwin gassed himself out and Lesnar slapped on a triangle on the ground. TMZ get your **** straight.

1260 days ago


He did not whoop Carwins ass lol

1260 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

You are one ugly mutha f- uc. ker.

1260 days ago


Get your facts straight ... Brock "won" his fight against Carwin but it was Carwin that laid the beatdown on Lesnar. Most people thought the fight should have been stopped in the 1st when Lesnar was in the fetal position taking a royal beating. He submitted a gassed Carwin in the 2nd round with a choke.

1260 days ago

ex wrestler    

I have the same condition and I was hospitalized in Jan. of this year. I really have to feel for Brock it is a very painful condition that will flair up at any time should you not follow a strict diet plan. On the other Brock being a top shelf athlete should already know this. PS he is a big *****.

1260 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

He just doesn't have the guts.

1260 days ago


You are all idiots. Carwins body 'locked up' which is why he couldn't do anything at all against brock lesnar in the second round. This is fact. You can also tell how easy it was for brock to take carwin down in the second round due to that. As for the person who said lesnar kicked carwins ass, well your a complete moron and there really isn't anything else to say about that.

1259 days ago


what the hell are you talking about "lesnar whooped carwins ass"?!

Lesnar was laying on the canvas, covering up like a little girl, and getting his face punched in, and carwin, like a dumb gorilla punched himself out before he could finish. If he had picked his shots better he would have easily beaten lesnar.

1259 days ago
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