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Miley Cyrus -- Mommy & Me Bikini Time

5/12/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Miley Cyrus, 18, and her demure back tatted winged mother Tish, 44, both bared their bikini bods on the beach in Rio on Thursday.


Birds of a feather ... sunbathe together.


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PRO US    

Me 5 minutes ago

There are women in their 40's that have a better body then Miley. She's not fat but she looks awkward and out of shape.

Over two thirds (over 66.7%) of American adults are overweight and over one third (over 33.3%) are obese.

What percentage of American women in their 40's have a better body than Miley? Maybe 10%?

Miley looks fit, healthy and just fine. Her body is not 'ripped' but she's not overweight or anorexic either.

If you think she looks "awkward and out of shape", maybe you should go back to watching 'Glee' or maybe your standards form women's bodies are so high because you have a Super Model wife or girlfriend.

Most straight guys would be perfectly content with a girlfriend or wife who looks as "awkward and out of shape" as Miley Cyrus.

1196 days ago


Woah, that's pretty hot actually.

1196 days ago

PRO US    

chefadam about a minute ago

Holy Crap, what a role model! Now I know why Billy Ray thinks she is satin.

Billy Ray thinks she is satin? Satin is a luxurious, smooth, shiny fabric usually made of silk, nylon or rayon. Billy Ray must have a few screws loose. LOL

1196 days ago

sick of it    

Idiots flock together..When she's a grandmother I wonder how she tells the grandkids that Grandma was one STUPID FEMALE DOG

1196 days ago


now thats trashy!

1196 days ago


OMFG! Nice wings hahahahahahaha Suck in dat tummy Miley.....yuk to both!

1196 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Boy that is white trash.

1196 days ago


UGH!!! Her mom is no angel and that's for sure! It just shows her low-class and low self-esteem. Tattoos on a woman is like bumper stickers on sports car. But, of course, her mom was a groupie skank (probably still is with that Brett Michaels rumor), so you can't expect her to be classy. Like mother, like daughter; it would seem.

1196 days ago


@ PRO US 23 minutes ago

You must not get out much because as far as looks go Miley is well down in the bottom half of her age group. I can go into any restaurant or bar around and virtually every female looks better than Miley. You must be really old or are used to some really skank looking young women. Take another look at the photo. Her mother has a better looking body.

1196 days ago

Where is my get out of jail card?    

Wow, what is wrong with getting ink? I love tattoos, not as much as Kat Von D though. That's taking it a little far. But I have seen a lot of beautiful work. I have a tattoo on my back so what. A lot of people have ink. That doesn't make a person trashy, ohh that hot actress has ink, now I think she's a tramp... whatever. I admit people do put some stupid crap on their body's, and that wing tattoo is pretty bad. But that's their choice and they have to live with it, and seem to be doing just fine. :)
Live Laugh Love

1196 days ago

dube blu    

i'd give my left nut to bang miley.mmm mmm good!

1196 days ago


Her wings are not placed properly. They should be closer to the shoulders. What a dummy!

1196 days ago


She knew she was being photographed. The way she pushes her lips out, and sucks in her gut... LOL

1196 days ago

dube blu    

i wouldt trade herpes for 20 million, but i would for 20 million and to bang miley, wouldn't even think twice about it.

1196 days ago


You can take the trash out of the trailer but you can't make the trailer trash classy. I weep for the future.

1196 days ago
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