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Miley Cyrus -- Mommy & Me Bikini Time

5/12/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Miley Cyrus, 18, and her demure back tatted winged mother Tish, 44, both bared their bikini bods on the beach in Rio on Thursday.


Birds of a feather ... sunbathe together.


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who dat    

Always knew her mother was a crazy ass bitch. The tat proves it. Both hos. One old, one young.

1262 days ago


that is so horrible, why do people do that to their bodies? that poor girl on the reality show adreana, has so many tats she tried on all those beautiful dresses and all you noticed where the tats covering her body up to her neck. tats are fine but why so big and so many? i know i will catch hell for my opinion, but when they are fifty and the skin gets loose, it will be disgusting.

1262 days ago


They SUCK!!!!

1262 days ago


Oh wow I can't believe how judgmental people can get

1262 days ago


Whiskey Tango.

1262 days ago

PRO US    


Miley's legs are fine. They're legs. They're long enough. They touch the ground. They look nice to me. Have a look at her legs here:

Yes, she's maybe not the most beautiful young woman in the world and she doesn't have a perfect body. So what? She's human. She's darn attractive and I'm sure most men and women would agree with that if they're being honest with themselves and others.

As for her chest, I never heard the term of a torpedo chest. Her chest looks more than fine to me.

As for her stomach, ya, she's sucking in her stomach. So what? When she sucks it in, it's concave which is better than flat or convex.

If you don't think she has a good body, I'm very confident that you're in the minority with that opinion, but it's a free country and we're all entitled to our opinions.

1262 days ago


Why in the world did the tattoo artist place the wings that low on her back? They should start higher. It's like he/she just placed it right in the middle of her back. It looks odd on her!

1262 days ago


Tat's are JUST PLAIN STUPID on anyone, BUT more so on WOMEN who think they just gotta be like everyone else and DEFACE what once WAS as a GREAT BODY.
I TOTALLY have NO RESPECT for a woman who has to be a FOLLOWER and deface herself. Wait and see in a couple of years what they will look like then.
In a couple of years the tat's will degrade and you can look in a mirror and say WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? Minute I see a woman with a tat I laugh at em and think what a joke. LOSERS one and all. If you like em, great I think it makes a woman oh so much a disgrace. She JUST has to COPYCAT and look "COOL".....NOT!!! DEFINITELY ain't getting any of my respect or admiration. Trashy and a TrailerTramp...Enjoy

1262 days ago


just think... bret tapped that.

1262 days ago


why did she have falcon wings tattooed on her back?

1262 days ago


I do believe that is the ugliest tattoo I have ever seen. Really awful! Hard to believe its real.

1262 days ago



I'm so sorry. You're not just retarted but also a freckin idiot!

Your rants don't even make sense! Guess you like to hear/or read yourself talk.

1262 days ago


I personally think it would be difficult to maintain an erection while looking at those wings in the doggy style position...

1262 days ago

PRO US    

showgirl, you give morons a bad name.

Listen up and learn something, showgirl, there are no such words as "retarted" or "freckin". Yours is a classic case of an intellectually disabled person combined with an abnormal, sociopathic personality behavior. The scary thing is that English is your first and probably your only language. What you have here is a failure to communicate. I'm sure you would score an even 100 on the SAT Reasoning Test. Of course (not obvious to you of course because you are an illiterate peon), a perfect score would be 2400, so your score would make you out to be what you are, a total imbecile. Nothing wrong with you being stupid, but you are offensive to boot, and for no reason!

showgirl, why don't you go try to debate someone on your intellectual level, like your friendly neighborhood squirrel? And remember to take your medications and don't harm anyone, not even yourself!

1262 days ago

PRO US    

craven 12 minutes ago

I personally think it would be difficult to maintain an erection while looking at those wings in the doggy style position...

Are you not a fan of tattoos in general or is it that tattoo in particular that would inhibit your "capability"?

1262 days ago
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