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Miley Cyrus -- Mommy & Me Bikini Time

5/12/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Miley Cyrus, 18, and her demure back tatted winged mother Tish, 44, both bared their bikini bods on the beach in Rio on Thursday.


Birds of a feather ... sunbathe together.


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Tattoos are for attention whorez. I typically laugh at those people. "The world needs ditch diggers, too!"

1263 days ago

Where is my get out of jail card?    

So I suppose these people are trash too, take a look you will be surprised. :)
P.S. I had a preacher with one ;)

1263 days ago

Mick Kahler    

Miley is not attractive. She has summer teeth. (Some are this way, some are that way) Also, for such a young girl, her body has no muscle tone and her speaking voice reminds me of Professor Frink from "The Simpsons", ewww..
Regarding Tish and any other woman who gets tattoos, remember this adage: Today's blooming rose on a young girl's chest is tomorrow's wilted weed on an old lady's stomach." In a few years, Tish's tat will sink down to her butt. Enjoy!

1262 days ago


That is one ugly tattoo !! waste of space, too bad, mom has a pretty nice body until she shows the back.

1262 days ago


I'll agree that the mom is just plain nasty, but Miley is hot. I'd love her to sit on my face...yummy.

1262 days ago



1262 days ago


Really..what is wrong with you people, are you really that simple & small minded? Makin’ such a big deal out of anything.. Why should people surrouding her with tattoo’s, be a bad thing? What’s wrong with tattoo’s.. would it make someone a different or bad person? Behind every tattoo is a meaningfull story.. it’s a part of someones life.. i really don’t get what's wrong about that? N’d who are you too even judge or comment about her? Every normal human-being should understand that it’s hard to go somewhere just to spend a day off at the beach with your friends.. n’d suddenly paps are takin’ photo’s from you out the bushes, she doesn’t even knew they were hiding there.. just award her a little privacy! If you’re an hater.. spend your energy on something you’ll objectively judge or don’t judge at all. All those negative energy.. when there’s really nothing to comment about, just respect her! RADIATELOVE

From Holland With Love,

1262 days ago


What's up with the back tattoo??? The wings are way too big and they appear to be very off centered,although it could be camera shot,I guess.

1262 days ago


@muppet actually Miley is on tour currently in Rio and her mother is with her. as a mom should be while her daughter is on tour...

1262 days ago


WTF...just nasty, nasty white trash....

1262 days ago


The back tattoo is one of the ugliest tattoos I have ever seen.

1262 days ago


Please may Miley never do something stupid to her body like her mom. That is one of the ugliest tattoos I've seen since "Insert here" with an arrow to somebody's butt crack.

1262 days ago


pyrochick 14 said: "No WONDER Miley turned out like she did".

Oh, you mean working since the age of 4 and is now a world wide singing sensation that packs coliseums and makes millions of dollars every year?? Who paid cash for a huge house of her own? Who wears her stage outfits on stage and not in public and has a close family life??? Not preggers or birthing kids by a variety of men and seems to have LONG term relationships with boyfriends and is not considered slutty?? That Miley ?? She never claims to be perfect but compared to the rest of her life the bong incident is meaningless. Miley gets more achieved in one month that you will do in your entire life. You jealous,catty, JUDGEMENTAL loser.
Her MOM is fully grown and if she wants a tat on her back who are all of you to give your pathetic opinions??

1262 days ago


Miley is 18 - why has she not started covering her own body with tats? This has to be a great let down to white trash the world over!

1262 days ago


small delicate angel wings on the shoulder would have been a much better choice in my opinion- to me this is just plain ugly

and that is sad because I wouldn't be suprised if it had a really important significance to her when she had it done

1262 days ago
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