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Oksana Probably Won't Use Tapes Against Mel

5/12/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The secret tapes that made Mel Gibson really famous in a bad way are about to become irrelevant.


Oksana Grigorieva's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, told the judge in the custody case this AM that he may not even introduce the racial and other tirades into evidence. 

It's not shocking that Horowitz is backing off the tapes.  A few weeks ago he told the judge Oksana would not be raising the domestic violence issue in the case.

The tapes could surface if Oksana files a civil lawsuit against Mel, but it's starting to look iffy at best that such a case would even be filed.  Oksana's damages would be limited, even if she won, so it may not be financially worth the trouble.


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1224 days ago


"so it may not be financially worth the trouble."

It would not be financially worth it to Oksana, because she would have to pay the attorney costs out of her own pocket.

1224 days ago


Maybe its because they finally realized that she has NONE of the public's support for Mel since its very obvious she was trying to blackmail him! DUH! She is a useless, worthless POS and we will all breathe a sigh of relief when she drops off the radar. She is not famous for anything other than spreading her legs to a MARRIED man and then trying to blackmail him for money. Once a whore, always a whore. Good riddance!

1224 days ago


@Moussmaker Not going to happen, time to eat crow baby! PSST! He's apparently seeing someone else and Ox is having a stroke over it. This one is gorgeous unlike that monkeyarse face Ox!ROFL!!

Ox and Horror are running scared! No way do they want the judges to see her case because she'd be up the creek all over again. The proof of her extortion and the extortion against Mel from her former lawyers would then be laid out for the public to see.

Chances she'll get a penny more? Snowball, meet Hell!

1224 days ago


"and for which case is she going after this lawyer?"

The custody case. The criminal case is closed.

1224 days ago


azlee about a minute ago
I think she is just putting some different stuff in a trap. They didn't like cheese so she will use peanut butter. She did both of these things like she is being kind but the fact that she is trying to get an attorney removed from mel's side means that she is sneaking something in here.


and for which case is she going after this lawyer?
she seems like she's gone WAY past the point of desperation. Well, she'll get hers. I wonder if she's been the connection to the Dani Factor (a trap of sorts)

1224 days ago


Gee... why wouldn't Ox want her illegally recorded, doctored tapes entered as evidence? LOL! What a joke.

1224 days ago


In order to be entered as evidence, Miss Oksana would have to provide the full, undoctored version of the recordings. And as the article states, her award in damages wouldn't amount to much. She would also have to pay her attornies out of whatever damages she was awarded in a civil trial.

1224 days ago


@chris Mel isn't the one who threatens. That is Ox's m.o. Also, whatever she accuses him of is what she has done herself. How's the boss doing?

Ox has finally LOST LOST LOST It took too long because of her enablers. She's a stupid thing, she was just allowed to continue her criminal behavior.
Hey Oxy, check this out!

1224 days ago


Tripe, pure and simple. She has been boxed into a corner and is changing techniques. The only way to increase her bank account now is to somehow increase custody.

Oksana and her numerous attorneys have made a mockery of the judicial system. Oksana has sought to destroy the father of her child, gotten caught, and tires to make nice. The only problem is that Oksana has shown absolutely no predisposition to playing nice. I've not even seen any evidence she knows what the term means.

Only now she remembers having consulted with Mel's family law firm? Sorry, Mr. Horowitz and Miss Grigorieva, this must be a joke. How many years later is this becoming an issue?

Wouldn't you think that just once in a while she would have some - just a little - shame?

1224 days ago


What now Melvin fanatics? Who will you take your vitriol out on now?

Best guess? (well, best info) this little bombshell was preceded by a lovely, candle lit dinner followed by a night of romance...the other broad is a cover. Meetings have commenced.

Baby number the oven!

1224 days ago


How could she use the tapes when they were illegally made and then tampered with ?
She should be in jail for wiretapping, and tampering with the recordings and then submitting them as "evidence".

1224 days ago


LAMO at the last paragraph of the yahoo story.
So Judge Gordon denied them their conflict of interest motion and now they want to appeal his ruling.

My sympathy to the CA taxpayers whose hard earned money is paying for this nonsense.

1224 days ago


Why should Gibson apologize to the American public for a private conversation being sold to a tabloid and used to smear him around the world? Perhaps after she publicly apologizes for wasting the court's time, abusing our legal system, being a leach, and gleefully seeking to destroy another human being.

I find it much harder to forgive or forget her ACTIONS than his WORDS.

Some people could benefit from reciting the old nursery rhyme: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me."

1224 days ago


Oh and how about my prediction...

First one DONE: Movie is a bomb.

Second one: Waiting for that 4th DUI...Malibu Sheriff's station just put another man on for the occasion!.

1224 days ago
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