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Oksana Probably Won't Use Tapes Against Mel

5/12/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The secret tapes that made Mel Gibson really famous in a bad way are about to become irrelevant.


Oksana Grigorieva's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, told the judge in the custody case this AM that he may not even introduce the racial and other tirades into evidence. 

It's not shocking that Horowitz is backing off the tapes.  A few weeks ago he told the judge Oksana would not be raising the domestic violence issue in the case.

The tapes could surface if Oksana files a civil lawsuit against Mel, but it's starting to look iffy at best that such a case would even be filed.  Oksana's damages would be limited, even if she won, so it may not be financially worth the trouble.


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It makes no sense that Dani Karlsson is a cover, Lori. If she were, her blog would not have been modified and Gibson's name removed. Cover for what? If Ox is preggers with a baby and a reconciliation is in the works, it would come out eventually anyway. No need for the far more attractive yet equally loony Dani Karlsson to be covering for anything.

1159 days ago


Seems since her 15 mins are winding down, she is trying to stay relavent in the press. Maybe if TMZ would stop giving her the attention she wants, she will finally just go away. She destroyed a man's career and slandered him for her own selfish gain. And NOW, she's trying to be the "nice girl"... sorry, but you reap what you sow and these two have reaped the whirlwind. I love Mel, but he isn't too bright..dumping an amazing (and smart) woman like Robin for this waste of space idiot. What a shame.

1159 days ago


@Lori the Ox troll - Oh bullppuckie. So where are the PHOTOS that you promised us? Never going to happen!

I wouldn't put it past Ox to stoop so low as to produce a "spit baby" with stolen Mel "goo" she illegally banked but no one will believe her, not when he has this babe on his arm, not to mention there are others he is being friendly with; elegant older woman who have as much mula as he does, or so word on the street has it.

Ox is jealous...

1159 days ago


Mel is reported to be going to Cannes next week, where The Beaver is screening out of competition. It will give him an opportunity for some much-needed image rehab, if the "old" Mel shows up.

1159 days ago


Curious about a minute ago

LAMO at the last paragraph of the yahoo story.
So Judge Gordon denied them their conflict of interest motion and now they want to appeal his ruling.

My sympathy to the CA taxpayers whose hard earned money is paying for this nonsense.

So they want to appeal the decision ?
Why are they so SCARED of Steve Kolodny ? Hmmm Interesting !

1159 days ago


Stacy about a minute ago
How could she use the tapes when they were illegally made and then tampered with ?
She should be in jail for wiretapping, and tampering with the recordings and then submitting them as "evidence".
@ Stacy - I believe this is the point at which Mel brings her to her knees (NOT in THAT WAY) and begins to slowly grind her into a pulp. I dont think he'll play Pontias Pilate but he'll make sure (as he should) that she gets a LEGAL public flogging.

1159 days ago


Not Kolodny.
"she had consulted with A PARTNER of one of the actor-director's family law attorneys."

1159 days ago


She's probably scared of being charged with extorsion.

1159 days ago


Gibson said in his interview that he hoped justice would be done and the truth would come out. Sounds like Ox is having the screws put to her by the other people with dogs in this fight that Gibson mentioned. Couple that with Gibson's hot new piece Dani Karlsson and OUCH.

1159 days ago


Oksana is not NOT charged with extortion or with illegal recording. Criminal cases are OVER.

It's just a custody case, and it can continue for 17 years.

1159 days ago


Is there a law firm in LA the Oxtortionist has NOT consulted over the past few years?

Is there anyone left?

Tee hee

1159 days ago


I saw Gibson's horrible Beaver movie. I should say forced to see it. Could be the WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!! Can I please have my two hours back and nine dollars for this piece of crap!! The most depressing, boring movie I have ever seen. SAVE YOUR MONEY!! Gibson's racist rants on tape were far more interesting!

1159 days ago


Thinking Woman -
Hiya :)

I agree, Mr. Mel didn't force his private conversation on the public, he has no reason to apologize for it.

I can not help but chortle at the feeble spin attempts. "Probably not"? That should read "Legally can not" enter the recordings unless they are the full, untampered versions. And that means letting the court hear exactly what Miss Oksana said during the conversations.

The conflict of interest ploy is another chortle inducer. I took the liberty of looking up CA civil code regarding conflict of interest. Whatever Miss Oksana spoke about to Attorney Anteau back in November of 2008 must be "substantially related" to the matter currently under litigation. Apparently Judge Gordon does not believe there is sufficient substance so now Miss Oksana will waste CA taxpayer money by appealing his ruling.

I catch the scent of desparation on the air. Much like when they tried to disqualify Attorey Berk by issuing a subpeona.

1159 days ago


"like when they tried to disqualify Attorey Berk by issuing a subpeona."
Huh? That would not disqualify her.

1159 days ago


he paid her off..

1159 days ago
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