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Oksana Probably Won't Use Tapes Against Mel

5/12/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The secret tapes that made Mel Gibson really famous in a bad way are about to become irrelevant.


Oksana Grigorieva's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, told the judge in the custody case this AM that he may not even introduce the racial and other tirades into evidence. 

It's not shocking that Horowitz is backing off the tapes.  A few weeks ago he told the judge Oksana would not be raising the domestic violence issue in the case.

The tapes could surface if Oksana files a civil lawsuit against Mel, but it's starting to look iffy at best that such a case would even be filed.  Oksana's damages would be limited, even if she won, so it may not be financially worth the trouble.


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Exactly TMZG, Mel didn't turn into a wrinkled up hard as leather looking old prune until Oksana caused him so much stress. :sarcasm:

Nothing to do with 30+ years of hard drinking and chain smoking... that bitch! How dare she ruin his youthful looks with this crap! :snicker:

1197 days ago


Gibson wouldn't go back to Ox under any cir***stances. For all his faults, addictions and complexity I don't believe he would risk his relationship with his 7 children with Robyn. He was trying to dump Ox before all this happened.

2 DUIs.

1197 days ago


lol @ Greeneyes, yeah sure it's completely unheard of for a 55 year old man to be graying fast over the last few years of his life. It's all the bitch Oksana's fault. :smirk:

1197 days ago


Hell folks as many times as she's sued somebody she's about consulted with every big name law firms on the entire west coast.....Don't want this one involved cause they know to much about her previous cases of suits. They could easily put her down the toliet...

Harvey barely excaped with his hide in November from the law with thoses 1,000s of court papers he was publishing came up as stolen....thats when his court source dried up.....

Just when you think the slug is dead it starts to squeaming again ..someone needs to get more salt and finish melting the thing....

1197 days ago


Yes, yes, Mr. Mel has grey hair and wrinkles. So?

Miss Oksana's face is made of plastic and botox. So?

Looks are irrelevant when it comes to child custody.
Miss Oksana uses her children for money.
Mr. Mel doesn't.

1197 days ago


LISA 15 minutes ago

Are you on crack?! Why should Mel apologize to the public? He didn't give an interview, he had a private phone fight where he was illegally taped !!! The publications that released and passed along his private life should be apologizing to him, BIG TIME !!!

Imagine if someone secretly taped you while you were having the biggest phone fight with a nasty ex. Then the ex sends this through YouTube and it goes viral for everyone to hear. Do you owe an apology to the listeners? No fu*cin' way. This argument is private stuff and has nothing to do with his film career.

I can't imagine how you can think he owes an apology. That's some twisted manipulative thinking you have.


Wow, you clearly have very little grasp on reality...

1197 days ago


Ketjo -
Howdy :)

Funny you should mention salt. I got a half dozen 10 pound bags sitting in my basement. Think that'll do her?

1197 days ago


"Get er Done"


at the same time all those do***ents got stolen and Harvey got his hands on them.......

1197 days ago


You know, Puckett, you are an interesting fellow (male or female makes no difference). You make broad-sweeping authoritarian statements and completely back away when provided information contradicting your claims. Then, like a bad penny you pop up again with a new attack.

Now you would have us presume you are an expert in Gibson's professional relationships and responsibilities. Not to mention he is still involved in legal proceedings with the possibility of others on the horizon. In the ONE interview he gave (did you read it yet?) he would not comment on any of the legal issues. Yet, you believe he should engage in a press junket "mea culpa". No way would an attorney sanction such behavior.

I'd be shocked to hear him say much more than he said in the interview.

You imply he doesn't care about his colleagues. Do you know him? Have you worked with him? Have you worked for him? Do you work in the industry? Do you have close friends or relatives who have or do?

1197 days ago


Alcamedes -
Hiya :) Always a pleasure to see you.

What is your take on the conflict of interest attempt to get Attorney Kolodny disqualified?

Hello Curious

Thank You, Nice to see you as well.

As for the disqualification, I would agree with the Judge as a lot of time has passed for Oksana's team to raise the issue.

An appelate court may find it a little suspect that Oksana's Lawyers are just NOW bringing this forward.

An appelate court would want to look at a few things in regards to this issue.

First would be did Mel already have them under retainer for this case.

Second did Oksan actually divulge any information that would be pertinent to the case and would it have harmed her case.

A Lawyer would be prohibited from using information gained in conversation with one client and thus using that information on behalf of another client against the preious client.

That would be a breach of the Lawyer Client Privledge.

There is an exception to that however, If Oksana met with a Lawyer in the firm representing Mel, but did NOT meet with a Lawyer who is in active representation in Mel's case then there would not be a conflict.

If let's say one of Mel's Lawyers has actively represented Oksana and she had divulged confidential information, then yes that Lawyer would be prohibited from respresenting or using information divulged from Oksana in the current case.

If it was a case were Oksana met with a Lawyer in the firm that represts Mel but the Lawyer she met with was not on Mel's Lawyers team and avoided any discussion involving Mel case, then there would be no issue.

If the Lawyer was acting as his own firm and then was a part of Mel's Lawyers team there would eb an issue.

The fact that Lawyers in large law firms have many clients does not mean they discuss all relevant cases with each other.

The firm that represnts Mel would have taken steps to make sure to insulate any Laywer from coming into the case that would have had previous discussion with Oksana.

Mel's Lawyer firm would have to demonstate to the Appelate court that they took reasonable steps and actions, and that effective measures were taken to make sure that any information divulged by Oksana in consultaion with the said Lawyer were not used in any form by the current Lawyers handling Mel's case.

1197 days ago



Let me introduce you to Puckett....He's one of Lindsay Lohan's faithful five....He's a ant stirrer extraordinare !
Loves to stick his stick in and stir the hell out of the board ..but if you get him mad he will turn so nasty on you he makes Oxie's best trolls look like Sweet Mary Sunshines...

"Hello Puckett whats ya doing in my old playground ? aren't ya worried that someone might say something bad about you're gal while you're visiting over here......?

Better warn ya thou these gals are a different kind of fish then the ones you normally swim with , they are more like sharks then minnows and can and will tear you to shreds if you stir to hard......Happy Swimming and stirring......

1197 days ago

Lilian Cristina Pires    

Oksana is RECEDING because he knows that if Mel Gibson for the civil trial she is in trouble. She knows that he speaks the truth. Mel Gibson would prove this. His interest in taking many dollars it would be even more evident. The Viper tried to take revenge because he left the relationship, and she cannot guarantee how wanted his future. Oksana public should apologize for the damage that made Gibson in his professional life. Oksana is bad, sordid.

1197 days ago

Fidel's niece    



O$kanky "happy with Mel"
shops around for a family lawyer
to sue Dalton for more child support
She tells Mel that Dalton "abused her".
Mel PAYS...


O$kanky pregnant with a "love baby"
and still "happy with Mel"sues
Sam Oritti for her songs rights.
Mel supports her and
ICON (probably)PAYS for her lawyers
(she has a contract with the co. for
her "music" "Beautiful Azzache" cd)

Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec 2009
things go south (lol)with her "rear love"
so O$kanky gets the recording equipment
"ready to go"...


Jan 6 "big fight"

O$kanky on the red carpets with Mel
(L.A. Paris, Madrid)for EoD, Golden Globes

Feb 18 - "Recording Night"
"scared for her life"

April - "amicable split"
she says while in Russia
promoting her "music" and "charity"

O$kanky has a law suite "ready to go"

"negotiation"/extortion - FAIL!
result -
Oskanky - "Boy, you will pay"



O$kanky wants to "talk to Mel"

May 4
O$kanky's "olive branch" to Mel,
drops her DV claim against Mel

May 12
O$kanky "probably will not use the tapes"
against Mel

Looks like O$kanky has NO ONE to PAY
for her "lowers", SHE HAS TO PAY...
with the child support money,
since she has no money or JOB!
just her "beautiful azzache music"
that NO ONE GIVES A SH*t ...

when YOU have to PAY...

Crazy bitch!

1197 days ago


Alcamedes -
Thank you for the explanation. From the information available, Miss Oksana met with Attorney Anteau, Attorney Kolodny's partner, in November of 2008. It appears to have been a consultation only.

Since this meeting occured even before Lucia was conceived, I'm thinking whatever was said then has little relevance to the current litigation.

1197 days ago


First of all I have not heard of Mel Gibson have "another" girlfriend or "new" girlfriend, if he does, then all I can say is "Wow!"

As for why Horowitz is dropping things, is because Oksana is trying to focus and center entirely on the custody, and support issues. She is actually trying to wrap this up and put it behind her, if possible. She accomplished what she wanted, which was for Mel to get help, and to put a stop to the abuse. Mission accomplished.

1197 days ago
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