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Will Smith's Megatrailer -- TOWED ... On Tape!

5/12/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith's 1,150 sq. ft. trailer was unceremoniously dragged off a busy NYC street yesterday after complaints from residents -- and you gotta see the footage ... thing's UNREAL.

Smith's double-decker luxury trailer was plonked down in the middle of a tiny street in Soho while the actor shot "Men in Black III" -- but after several residents complained it was blocking traffic, giving off fumes, and screwing up local businesses ... the studio towed it to a nearby parking lot.

And to give you an idea of how absurd this thing is -- the 53-foot trailer also boasts marble floors, a massive 100-inch TV, a bedroom, and several offices.


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troy, Will is being extremely selfish here. The neighbors are complaining and I don't blame them. I wouldn't want two huge trailers like that in front of my house or in my neighborhood. He is being egotistical, he thinks he can do whatever he wants and he can't. Is this really necessary when he has an apartment just blocks away? I don't think so.

1268 days ago


Playa Haters

1268 days ago


I saw his son on Letterman once, and he was a little smart-a$$. He acted like an arrogant disrespectful jerk toward Dave, and he's just a kid. Apparently the ego does not fall far from the tree.

1268 days ago

Cool Papa    

For better or worse, we're heading into a new period of austerity in America and this kind of sickening, selfish attitude will no longer be tolerated. Nor will famous people shoving their talentless kids down our collective throat.

It's all bad for Big Willie Stupid.

1268 days ago

who dat    

You get an inside glimpse of just what a smug azzhole will smith is. Those who go to his movies and support him, only have themselves to blame. Proud to say, i'm not one of them.

1268 days ago


It's because Willow needs room to whip her hair back and forth.

Oh, and, I whipped my hair back and forth so many times I severly injured my neck and hair folicles and am planning on contacting my attorney. I want that trailer and I will invite you all to join me for a party inside of it (right in front of Will's house) once the case is settled.

1268 days ago


I wish Will and Willow, Jada and Jaden are some serious sick tickets. And butt ugly too. Those poor kids. All the money in the world can't buy pretty, talent or class.

1268 days ago

butter face    

Actually Will Smith owns the company who makes those trailers. So he probably gets those things for free.....just a fun fact.

1268 days ago


The real story should be....
They're making Men In Black III??????

1268 days ago


I have to laugh @ all the haters. I'm pretty certain he said let's find a street that I can park this big trailer in and piss off the maximum amount of people. Whatever...the studio prob provided it. Not to mention all the additional revenue it brings to the city of NY. Most cities would be grateful to have the economic boost a movie brings and are willing to deal with a little short term inconvenience. As far as the comment about people struggling....that is if it's Will Smith's fault people are struggling. I'm so sick of people complaining about why people shouldn't do things because there are people in this world that are struggling. He has worked hard, earned his money, and he can spend it however he choses and it isn't anyones business. Is he supposed to give his money to people like you because he has more...ridiculous. It's just jealousy and if you don't like your situation do something to make it better, but for the love of God quit complaining!

1268 days ago


With the bedbug problems going on I don't blame him for wanting to sleep in his own bed no matter how big or small.On the other hand he needs to have respect for the people in the area.(Campers moved problem solved).

1268 days ago


closeted Scientologists...

1268 days ago


This is a souped up and modified 18 wheeler tractor trailor. So what.

Why is this rig parked on a street blocking traffic, resident complaints, the rig running idol with all the exhaust fumes? Again why?

1268 days ago


"Tinalouise 20 minutes ago
IS he EFFING SERIOUS??? People are struggling trying to pay their mortgages, buy groceries, put gas in their car and he comes strolling along in 2 huge trailers!! One was full of work out equipment...what a load of crap. He also has an apartment blocks away, go there and eat, **** shower and shave you *******!! No wonder the kids are annoying too...."


Yeah how dare Will Smith and an entire cast and crew from a major motion picture studio show up in NY city, pull permits, and start spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a day filming a blockbuster movie, greatly enriching local businesses and putting people to work in the process. That egotistical bastard! how dare he! OMFG he's blocking your view of the ditry sh*tty streets of SOHO for a week! How friggin' outrageous!!! :sarcasm:

1268 days ago


what a jerk,
and totally not worth it

1268 days ago
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