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Will Smith's Megatrailer -- TOWED ... On Tape!

5/12/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith's 1,150 sq. ft. trailer was unceremoniously dragged off a busy NYC street yesterday after complaints from residents -- and you gotta see the footage ... thing's UNREAL.

Smith's double-decker luxury trailer was plonked down in the middle of a tiny street in Soho while the actor shot "Men in Black III" -- but after several residents complained it was blocking traffic, giving off fumes, and screwing up local businesses ... the studio towed it to a nearby parking lot.

And to give you an idea of how absurd this thing is -- the 53-foot trailer also boasts marble floors, a massive 100-inch TV, a bedroom, and several offices.


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That right there is the epitamy of rude. That trailer is almost as obnoxious as those two smug faced brats of his.

1229 days ago


A total jerk. He's raising his kids to be the same way.

1229 days ago


The brother doesn't seem to have a clue how bad 99% of Americans have it these days. If MIB3 is as bad as MIB2, I won't waste what little money I have on a ticket, and now I won't even waste a buck on the DVD rental...

1229 days ago

jimmy d    

I have actually seen this in person and it is huge. I saw it on the street and asked a big guy standing in front of it what it was. He told me it was Will Smith's trailer. He told me it also has a hot tub in it. It is really big like two 18 wheelers on top of each other. Remember this is his trailer he doesn't sleep in it overnight and only uses it for between takes.

Excessive. Will Smith sucks anyway but people are stupid so there you go.

1229 days ago


Puckett..while I appreciate the fact that he is employing a lot of people it still doesn't negate his audacity. Movies are made in New York all of the time and this is a first I do believe. It is eccentric to say the least, to need all of that just so he can be "comfortable".
These trailers are for him, one is full of work out equipment. Is he too good to work out at a local gym or he could even go back to his apartment 5 blocks away and do that. It is so unnecessary and self-indulgent.

1229 days ago


"janet about a minute ago
This is a souped up and modified 18 wheeler tractor trailor. So what.

Why is this rig parked on a street blocking traffic, resident complaints, the rig running idol with all the exhaust fumes? Again why?"


Duh! Because the city issued a permit for it to be parked there... until the whiny bitches of SOHO started protesting a major motion picture being filming in their neighborhood.

Really it sounds to me like it's the egotistical entitled feeling as****s of SOHO who are as much to blame for this stupid uproar as Will Smith is.

1229 days ago


It isnt being towed away for blocking, he doesnt care about that, it being replaced for a even bigger one cause this one still isnt large enough for his ego and the egos of his kids.

1229 days ago


There have been worse things in New York that Will Smith's trailer...

1229 days ago


Where is the rest of the 'on location trailors and crew'? Nowhere. Just Will Smith's rig.

Again, for what and why?

1229 days ago


Lord, if he'd have pulled that big rig onto the streets in Miami, he'd come back for a break and it would be stolen anyway! Gotta be careful how much you show your ****, cuz someone just might like it a whole lot more than the guy you pay to guard it, haha.

1229 days ago


What spoiled little babies these Hollywood weirdo's are. Yeah, let's block the entire street so some dumb, overpaid, uneducated nimrod can watch his huge Plasma in the middle of the block.

These clowns can't even wipes their own azzes.

1229 days ago


He is an arrogant jerk!

1229 days ago


Calm down folks. This is why we live in America. Would you rather the government ensure that we all received the same amount of money? Damn some folks here sound like a bunch of socialists. SNAP OUT OF IT!!

1229 days ago


The whole family are arrogant *******s, he thinks this is a joke that people should bow to his needs as a hollywood movie star.

1229 days ago


If that's what the man wants, that's what the man gets. It's just the perks of being an A-lister. But unfortunately, a trailer of this size just doesn't work on the streets of NYC.

1229 days ago
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