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Ashton Kutcher: "I Can't Replace Charlie"

5/13/2011 10:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher paid a little homage to Charlie Sheen in the official, just-released "Two and a Half Men" press release, saying, "I can't replace Charlie Sheen but I'm going to work my ass off to entertain the hell out of people."

Ashton Kutcher

TMZ has now further narrowed the range of Kutcher's salary.  We've learned it's between $800,000 and $900,000 an episode -- less than the $1.25 million base salary Charlie was raking in.

The press release has lots of platitudes from all the honchos.



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I hope Lorre has something fitting for 'charlie's' demise - like, oh say, somebody gave him an STD?

1238 days ago


The last show that aired ended with Charlie and Rose going to Paris. I see a plane crash coming, Lorre had planned to get rid of Sheen for a while. That's why he didn't write any scripts when Sheen was ready to return.

1238 days ago


I know he can't replace Charlie and Chuck knows it that's why it was "hinted" Ashton would be introduced differently and it would be funny.

I'm going to wait and view the show before I make up my mind but whatever happens I don't want Charlie back.

1238 days ago


Charlie Sheen invented and made this show. No hope for the show with replacements. Sorry to say but the show is done. Loved Charlie and will miss him and wish him the best.

1238 days ago




I will watch it. I am curious how they will write Charlie out of the show? He died having sex while drunk and fell on his hooker??? You know Chuck Lorre will come up with something great!

I agree! I'm looking forward to see just exactly how they Kill Off/Replace Charlie in the storyline! I hope they do justice to the character when they do it! I'm sure Chuck Lorre will take a well deserved shot at Charlie in the process!

Maybe have him accidentally walk into an AA/NA meeting completely hammered with an Eightball of Cocaine in his pocket, a bottle of Rum in each hand, and a porn star/hooker on each arm and he tries to get them all to party with him and the group bans together and kills him...

He said that the show is based on his real life...that really doesn't sound too far off if you think about it...



1238 days ago

Jacko Whackedit    

I'm sure it's been said a lot, especially from grandma Demi, but Ashton puts the half in 2 1/2 men...

1238 days ago


Good Luck Ashton

1238 days ago


of course you can't because you have very little comedy talent. LOL
It's nice he knows that though.

1238 days ago


This show is going down! No one can replace Charlie, he WAS the show! Will not even attempt to watch it....I'll watch the old reruns with Charlie

1238 days ago


The only person that is entertained by goofy ashton is ashton. All those stupid faces he makes into the camera are annoying.

1238 days ago


no one is trying to replace Charlie on the show , this is a whole new character...but I agree that Ashton salary should be on par with Jon's...not so much more ...I guess Ashton is considered a bigger star I dont know....anyway I will give the new show a try, I like Ashton and he is certainly better looking than Charlie ever was..wait and see..but I will give it a chance...I stopped watching Charlie awhile back, he was getting so boring , and the show was edging on soft pornlike attitude ...even if it only gets one more season , at least the cast and crew will have one more season of may have been made for Charlie but it was Lorre's writing and the rest of the cast that made the show...Charlie was predictable

1238 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Ashton's just happy he's finally going to be making out with women younger than his wife.

1238 days ago


Whats going to be interesting is to see how Demi will deal with Ashton hooking up with all the young sexy ladies on the set if they make him like Charle. I hope the show is a big WINNER than they can tell Charle WINNING

1238 days ago


And now....the end is near.....I raise the final curtain. MY friends........

1238 days ago


I WILL MISS THIS SHOW .... just dont care to see this show without charlie in it !!!!!!!!

1238 days ago
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