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Oxygen Network BANS 'Bad Girls Club' Star

5/13/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Bad Girls Club" star Christina Hopkins has been BANNED from appearing on the Oxygen network EVER AGAIN following her vile, racist rant ... TMZ has confirmed.

A rep for Oxygen tells us, "Oxygen condemns those comments… she will never appear on Oxygen again."

TMZ broke the story ... Hopkins unleashed a disgusting, racist rant directed towards an African-American woman last month -- dropping the N-word 12 times in less than 90 seconds.

0513-christina-hopkins-sm-launch_v2Hopkins later apologized -- saying the rant "wasn't meant in a derogatory way."


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Good for the show in banning her. Pretty sure she couldn't spell derogatory one her own, let alone know what the word means.

1267 days ago

who dat    

How appropriate, she's been blacklisted.

1267 days ago


Stop Using hateful words. And once again, Everyone period needs to stop using that word. Really everyone get mad when a whites uses the word, Now I hear black rapper, comedians full of that word over and over. I even hear all kinds of people singing the song and the word because it in the song. Really no one should use this word at all.But we get mad when other use it. Now I do not use the word or let any one in my house use it. And pretty much none of the people I hang around use that word. Maybe everyone that need education on this word need to research it. Well I show respect for all the Slave that this word was use upon them, this is my way of giving back the respect that deserve for use of N word. Now I do think that all people of any races are not the same. I am so glad I was expose to all races and my Family treat people all the same. I been to many Counties due to Navy, and Americans are the only one compare each other by color. I do not know how people was allowed to have Slaves and treat people like that!!!!!I sometime wonder is American curse in someway.

1267 days ago


What do you expect someone from "Bad Girls Club"? These so-called reality "stars" are just a bunch of idiots, looking for 5-minute of fame, getting rich on being stupid, and stupid people watch them!

1267 days ago


why is this that reality shows only consist of complete pieces of **** like exhibit a up here. why cant we have a nice show with nice people on it?

1267 days ago

Oval Beach    

What is a powerhouse like Oprah Winfrey doing being associated with a program called "Bad Girls Club" in the first place?

1267 days ago


you know i never liked her because she was the ugliest bad girl thus far now i have a real reason not to care for her hideous ass!

1267 days ago



that was funny.

1267 days ago


If only the girl had worn black face she would been asked to appear at the White House to recite her poetry.

1267 days ago


This is what America's about. Stupid sells. First the TV show "Friends" where everyone tried to out stupid each other, then "Jersey Shore" where they're so stupid they compete with each other to utter syllables, and now this girl who will no doubt get her own spin off show on the network that use to be the WB.

1267 days ago

Mrs. Mathers    

i cant wait til she gets her a$$ beat

1267 days ago


shes clearly WASTED in the video and shes not screaming it as hatred, her friends are hysterical laughing and egging her on. she shouldnt have used this language but at least she apologized. who knew her "friends" would video tape her drunken act and then sell this tape to sleezy TMZ.

1267 days ago


I'm sure MTV will swoop her up. They've long since deteriorated into crap trash that would love and embrace a personality like this.

1267 days ago

karen darvin    

OK, here's what I think being a white person...#1 she was drunk and she was probably at a black out stage, and yes you can eat and talk and function and be in a blackout.did she mean it? somewhere in us all is the ability to know the right words to hurt someone, that happens to be one and yes, it is in danger of popping out at any moment cause it's in all of our heads.Most of us try tonot be racist, but at some point find ourselves doing or saying something hurtful to another person, maybe some who is fat or too skinny or an addict or mentally ill or has red hair and everyone thinks it's funny and do i think calling a person a ****** 20 t imes while drunk is ok? no I don't.But am I perfect? no.have i said stupid things in anger or when my feelings were hurt?yes."do I know white people can't say ****** but "black people" can? while I find all of t hese reality shows embarrasing trash they seem to proliferate weekly.Do I want friend like this girl? no.but having red hair and freckles I have bulllied my whole llife, and only now will really get back in someones face, cause it makes me mad.I have been dealing with it my w hole gt as angry as you want, i wasn't there, i'm not sure what the story is, she probably was sincere in her apology when she remembered what she did but it doesn't change her basic self.There's a beast in her, and it's in all of us.

1267 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Why am I doing this????? More black people than you can count remember who, and what we are, and move on with their lives. Others sling racists and harsh words back and make the situation stronger.

What I would like to say is, if you are not Black, what makes you think you can say ANYTHING about what we may call each other. You have no idea if the term we use means taLking jive with our dogg, or what. Don't feel you know everything about us and what we say and mean.

This board tore a new opening in the young comic that said white bitch. The comments were more concerned with him using the word white, than the word bitch, or the invitation he gave her. If she was white, she was white. If I am black, I am black.

As far as the Niqqer word goes, I know who I am so, calling me that is just a waste of your precious breath. Unless it is headed by unfair treatment or violence, why should I use my energy to hate you or try to come to an understanding?

I am concerned, however, that all this public response will cause the young lady some problems with insecure people or people who love to feel hurt and feel justified in slapping back.

For America's sake, when racial problems are made public, stick with the subject at hand and stop the crap...."black people are so phoney" crap. WE ARE INDIVIDUALS, just as you are. There is always someone who want to roll us into one big ball. I say that because we still seek equality, and special treatments tears that to hell. You would be surprised how many people do not want your specials because black slaves were treated like work animals.

The whites have ALWAYS had the upper hand in EVERTHING except slavery work, so that, "what if whites had a white would blacks feel? ............... DUH

1267 days ago
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