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Mom Who

Botoxed 8-Year-Old

Under Investigation

5/13/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who went on "Good Morning America" yesterday and ADMITTED to giving regular Botox injections to her 8-year-old daughter is now being investigated by Child Protective Services.

CPS in San Francisco says their phones rang off the hook yesterday after Kerry Campbell appeared on "GMA" -- and admitted she regularly administered the anti-wrinkle injections ... to give her daughter an edge in the world of child beauty pageants.

A rep for CPS claims, “It’s pretty unusual for a mom to be injecting an 8-year-old with Botox and certainly is grounds for investigation.”

The rep adds, "We need to sit down and talk with the mom, talk with the child, and see what's going on."

Kerry Campbell faces 4.3 billion years in prison ... or at least she should.


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sbs 3 hours ago

Where did she get the botox and syringes? What doctor in his right mind, if he knew what it was to be used for gave her the Rx? You need to find the doctor in this mix.
it doesn't take much to get certified to
give botox injections you don't need any sort of medical licence
in most states there was a story on cnn or some news show
on how easy it was took less than three days in most cases

1256 days ago


This is not a mother this is a monster!

1256 days ago


Looks more like she has dimples than anything else. Obviously she is obtaining the botox illegally. She needs to lose custody of the child. I am just so disgusted.

1256 days ago


She needs to be arrested! nothing more to say about this. Child abuse bottom line

1256 days ago


Well it is apparent that her mother is trying to make up for her fat nasty appearance! If she cares so much why doesn't she make herself look a little more respectable! The stupid, fat, ugly, ignorant woman needs to be treated to a couple of rounds of liposuction performed with a hose pipe and a vacuum cleaner.

1256 days ago


this is unsat.

1256 days ago


This is one twisted and sick Mom!!! I absolutely detest these pageants as you see dysfunctional people trying to live via their kids!! This Mom should be charged with Child abuse!!

1256 days ago


This child needs to learn to value other assets, as let's face it she is not that pretty. The mother needs to be jailed.

1256 days ago


How sad! Botox is for Dynamic wrinkles which this CHILD can not possibly have yet. Generally it is not advised to weaken face muscles as it can create the appearance of a stroke. Its obvious this child needs fillers, not botox! Duh!

Seriously, I think both parent and child need a psychiatrist's help and quickly.

1256 days ago


That poor child! Her mother is an abuser! This little girl should be taken away and her mother jailed. She should also be ordered to psychiatric counselling! The child will need counselling for years. Poor baby :( I am sickened by this.

1256 days ago


Children pageants should be banned! Instead of making kids feel better and love who they are it makes them magnify their "flaws"! This is ridiculous!

1256 days ago

Latoya's Headband    

Worst mother ever! She is ****ty! Never have I ever seen a need for a swift and quicky adoption! Mom, you truly are a vile human. AND THEN YOU PUT IT ON A MORNING NEWS SHOW!!!! How proud your parents (grand parents) must be of you! Sweet girl the little one is, but mom should have been aborted!

1256 days ago


Just b/c this parent is from San Francisco, doesn't mean it is the location and that is why this parent thinks this is ok. I STRONGLY feel it is on the parenting and not LOCATION. I am a mom of 3 and a beautiful little girl. I am sicken by this act that this mom thinks she is doing the right decision and then stating that she is beauty pageants too. Please! Then don't put your child through that. I know there are parents in those pageants that goes crazy in it and their should be more strictions on what they are allow to do. This is another way for people who have low self-esteem issues to pass crap like this down to their kids. And yet people say that pageants give their kids the confidence they need to make it in this world, as a parent I have a hard time believing that. Shame on this woman for thinking this is justified in her world. I feel badly for this child and the marks it will leave her!

1256 days ago


This story should terrify anyone who loves and cares about their children. Imagine shooting a poison into a child's face? I bet more will be revealed. If Mom (if I must call her something) is willing to go to these lengths in the name of the "win," imagine all the other disorders she is flipping on this child.
Let's see ----- More than likely a eating disorder has already been established.
A standard of beauty has already been established.
Being competitive by looking the best, check !!!
A large child predator's database has been established, check, check.
Nah this kid will not need a therapists chair at all! Being exploited by Mommy Dearest!
I've watched a couple of these shows and came away with two major opinions. One is that nearly all the mother's have got to have self-esteem issues of their own because they are ugly and fat. And two that the little girls are sexualized and are put through too many beauty regimes that most adults would never do to themselves.

1256 days ago

Terra Firma    

A truly horrific and disgusting display of vanity gone amok. CPS needs to step in.

1256 days ago
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