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Hollywood Club Attack Suspect -- ARRESTED

5/13/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man suspected of brutally coldcocking a Hollywood clubgoer Wednesday morning has been arrested ... TMZ has learned.


According to law enforcement sources, the unidentified suspect -- said to be in his 30s -- was arrested this morning in his L.A. home on suspicion of felony assault ... and is currently being held on $500,000 bail.

Shocker ... law enforcement tells us, alcohol played a key role in the incident outside the Roxbury nightclub -- when the attacker delivered a devastating punch to the head of a man who had just walked out of the club.051111_knocked_out_v2_still

As for the victim -- we're told he suffered a fractured skull, but is expected to make a full recovery.


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he shall go to jail.hes not had this been lindsay lohan.she would have gottn 10k bail and nicole would be here saying how the video was edited to look like her.

1224 days ago


Looks like Chico got some splainin' to do, better lawyer up 'cause you're gonna be doin' some time behind bars. Then, any money you ever make for the the rest of your life is going to the dude you sucker punched after he wins his millon dollar law suit against your stupid a$$>

1224 days ago


MightyMad 3 minutes ago

huh about a minute ago

This dude did the same thing i would've done... he didn't get "sucker punched"... He should've known that was comings after talking ****.. idk how ppl say he didn't see it coming.. HE WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT HIM


Wow... you're one blind muthaf*cker.

The guy is OBVIOUSLY not even looking at his attacker when he got jumped on.

Hey, I won't seeing the victim ain't a loudmouth - just watching the video, you know he's talking sh*t. What I'm saying is, the guy that sucker-punched him... that guy's a class-A p.ussy. Real men don't backstabbed or blindsided their ennemies, that's a female move.

Since you can't even admit this was a sucker-punch, I guess that makes you a class-A p.ussy too...
but there are no rules in street fighting.

1224 days ago


also that was far from a blind side.he was facing the direction the guy came from.dumb ass should have put his dukes up. he had ample time to defend himself.

1224 days ago


the attacker is just like a female; full of pride and can't manage emotions.

1224 days ago


For someone who probably sees himself as a genuine badass he sure comes off looking like a *****. There may be no rules in street fighting but you still look like a p*ssy when you take a running punch at someone who never saw you coming, then run off into the night with your girlfriend.

Really glad this was caught on video. This dude is so f&cked and and going to prison on felony charges.

1224 days ago


"WHEN YOU ARE THAT PERSON" how awful to want to injure someone like that, he has a mom, a dad, a brother... etc... sad try and be better

1224 days ago


For everyone of these stupid sucker punches caught on does make you wonder how often this happens when no cameras are around.

Typical bully behavior. He'll do well in prison, cause he'll shank someone when they're not looking.

1224 days ago


This dude did the same thing i would've done... he didn't get "sucker punched"... He should've known that was comings after talking ****.. idk how ppl say he didn't see it coming.. HE WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT HIM
You took the words right out of my mouth
everyone else- A sucker punch is not when a guy storms up to your face and hits you thats a fair punch hahah. A sucker punch is when you get blind sided from the back or side. This dude had it comming you dont run your mouth in a club if your not ready for a fight and you look like a jackass when you stay outside of a club you just got thrown out of and still are talking **** while the people that work there are doing there jobs and walking away. What a clown and how embarrassing talking all that **** and getting knocked the **** out on the web and tv.

1224 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

Harvey Keitel?

1224 days ago


Love when little babies have to resort to hitting because they are so intimidated by the words of others, love it even more when they are arrested and charged with assault. Hope the victim sues the crap out of him too... I don't care what someone 'says' to you it doesn't give you the right to commit an assault... what a tool.

1224 days ago


I have not seen the video, but wasn’t this a case of Mistaken identity? I read that the guy who got hit just walked out of the club and was not the guy talking smack. If that is the case then the arrestee is going to eat crow for years to come in the civil suit. He’ll have his wages garnished for years.

1224 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

That's why you shouldn't go around hitting people, assface. He's lucky he's not looking at a one punch manslaughter.

1224 days ago


A $500,0000 bond? He either must a lengthy record or be 'undo***ented'.

1224 days ago


Everyone on here posting that the guy should go to jail and that he's a horrible person, are probably the same type of jerk as the guy who got his ass knocked out. The bouncers haver already told the jerk he can't come in before the knockout happened. If this drunk ******* would have left this would have never happened. People like that make me sick, they constantly disrespect and run their mouths and expect no physical consequence. Well, I'm all for fattening the lip of a someone who has no respect for other people. If he had any sense at all, he would taking his beating and not follow up with the charges. If your going to talk the talk, then walk the walk or keep your mouth shut.

1224 days ago
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