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Hollywood Club Attack Suspect -- ARRESTED

5/13/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man suspected of brutally coldcocking a Hollywood clubgoer Wednesday morning has been arrested ... TMZ has learned.


According to law enforcement sources, the unidentified suspect -- said to be in his 30s -- was arrested this morning in his L.A. home on suspicion of felony assault ... and is currently being held on $500,000 bail.

Shocker ... law enforcement tells us, alcohol played a key role in the incident outside the Roxbury nightclub -- when the attacker delivered a devastating punch to the head of a man who had just walked out of the club.051111_knocked_out_v2_still

As for the victim -- we're told he suffered a fractured skull, but is expected to make a full recovery.


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The guy who punched him didnt work there I dont think. Most bouncers wont punch a person know matter how drunk and dumb the person is because they are so use to it and have to throw people out all the time plus they are usually sober and think clearly. Plus that eddie guys gf was right there I doubt he worked there.

1204 days ago


Most definitely NOT a sucker punch. Dude's in here saying they would have talked it out or some peaceful **** are straight up pink ***** coward ass bitches who's wives and girlfriends cheat on them. Dude grabbing your wife and you're gonna try to talk it out? gtfoh!

1204 days ago


Well put ELLAYALLSAY! Graduated from The Univirsity Douchebaggery I see. "Dude,coward ass bitches", so eloquently put. Any one with out the brains to simply notify security is a flacid penised tally whacker! Dude Dude Dude

1204 days ago


Whatever tough guys. Eddies still a dumbass who's going to prison. Say Hello to him for me when you end up there too. lol

1204 days ago


The guy asked for it!! Like **** off! This world is getting waay to weird.

1204 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Now let's let the family of the poor guy, giant fan that got injured by the same freakin' macho S--T-types that currently make up the worst of L.A. (and I live here!), pummel this idiot before he goes to jail. Granted, the family members are not violence-oriented, but as an L.A. resident (S.F. Valley} for the great majority of my life, I am embarrassed by the way people define this city. I am disgusted by the attitudes of mainly, the violent people. Show biz people, that act up, are easy to ignore. It's the violent, gang mentality, where people do exactly what they want no matter who they hurt that P---es me off the most! You say this is your city. No, I have lived here much longer than you as have a lot of other people and it's ours as well. You may think we're P-----s, but you would be surprised at our tenacity, also of the people that WE know if we truly had to resort to violence to protect our friends & families. The very thing I & others deplore the most, you B------s have brought to our city. I don't blame anyone, who feels that way about L.A. I just want you guys to know that there are pockets of people here that try our best to let you know we're still out here! Sorry the rant took so long, but this happened to my friend's husband all because he accidentally bumped into someone and sincerely said excuse me and I'm sorry about that, it was an accident. This man is buried over at Forest Lawn/Hollywood Hills.

1204 days ago


I keep telling my teen nephew you better watch what you say, as you never know what type person you are mouthing off to. I hope this guy does time.

1204 days ago


What a stupid, chickensh*t thing to do. People get uglier, nastier and more stupidly primal every day. He could have killed this guy. I hope he gets a good long time in jail, gets his ass sued, and gets dumped by his girlfriend.

1204 days ago


that's a really nice msg to the people. this is an achievement.

1204 days ago


I've got to disagree with this guy who after knocking Mr. drunken-ass-grabber out mutters "I'm not a clown", sorry ******* but you just proved the drunken ass grabbers point by acting out like one.

1204 days ago

Victor Grandos    

**** all you *****s behind the computer screen saying that he should be locked up, that dude was talking mad **** and thought that security would back him up... NOPE HE GOT KNOCKED THE **** OUT LIKE HE WAS ASKING FOR

1204 days ago


Eddie, you're screwed. If your bail is that high, they're thinking about hittin you with an attempted murder charge. Did the guy deserve a fractured skull? No. When you go to a club or bar, you have to regulate yourself. You can't go around mouthin off and not expect something to happen. That's the reality like it or not. You get kicked out of a club in LA, you did more than mouth off. Dude was at fault and should have walked away, you can't sugar coat it. He can try to sue the club, but nothing will happen, he was in the wrong. Don't drink if you can't handle your alcohol.

1204 days ago


Ok here is the thing if the assaulter is being verbally assaulted. There has to be a reason for it. Most likely the "victim" tried to hit on this guy's wife/girlfriend and he told him to go **** himself. Then when "the victim" started his verbal assault the couple decided to leave the premise.
THis seems like both of the guys are drunk. At the beginning of the video "the victim" is verbally assaulting the couple. However, later after saying "I could hit that guy" he is pushed back by the securities. WHo he starts verbally assaulting. Then it seems that "Mr. Eddie" is also drunk because he mistook the insults and thought they were addressed to himself or couple.
To which he violently reacted as if defending the line others should not cross because people need to respect.
I can speculate that if two guys are drunk they should have friends to keep them out of trouble.
"Eddie" was trying to have a good night out with couple and this other individual ruined it.
This does not justify the physical assault but seeing as these people are under the influence these factors should be taken into consideration when accusing someone.
Please don't be ignorant posting things that defy logic its a nightclub they both walked out of the nightclub and both of them were drunk. Unfortunately "eddie" to have fled from the scene which is a crime I don't know why it is not like he hit "private property".lol

1204 days ago


Um Yose really, fleeing the scene wasn't the crime Eddie committed. Let's just say that's the least of his problems. lol


Victor Grandos 22 minutes ago
**** all you *****s behind the computer screen saying that he should be locked up, that dude was talking mad **** and thought that security would back him up... NOPE HE GOT KNOCKED THE **** OUT LIKE HE WAS ASKING FOR


And now Eddies gonna get locked up like he was asking for by pulling that crap. Get over it. Everyone knows you go to jail if you get caught beating on someone. Eddie let his emotions get the best of him and f*cked himself over. That's OK if thats the best he can do when it comes to self control prison is where he was gonna end up at some point anyway.

Doesn't matter if the douche was asking for it. You give him what he's asking for on video your going to prison.

1204 days ago


Right, the dude defending his wife's honor is the douche? you dudes are pink. He didn't shoot him, jump him, or use a weapon...just a beautiful punch to that pus ssys skull. He deserved it, and so do you wimps talking smack on the internet. I hope next time that coward starts getting drunk and acting hard, he get's brain damage from a blow to the head. 187 ON COWARD **** TALKERS.

1204 days ago
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