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Charlie Sheen:

Ashton's Going Down

With the Ship

5/13/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen delivered the ultimate back-handed compliment to Ashton Kutcher, telling TMZ he's talented but the show will tank.


Charlie tells TMZ, "Kutcher is a sweetheart and a brilliant comedic performer ... Oh wait, so am I!!"

Charlie continues, taking a shot at the show, saying, "Enjoy the show America.  Enjoy seeing a 2.0 in the demo every Monday, WB."  Essentially, Charlie is saying the age group that supported him is going to tune out.

Charlie adds, "Enjoy planet Chuck, Ashton.  There is no air, laughter, loyalty, or love there."  Of course, Charlie is referring to his nemesis, "Men" creator and Executive Producer Chuck Lorre.


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Charlie Sheen's Watch    


" so? You mean by FIRING the worthless, toothless crack head Chuckles the Clown? I would say that was SPOT ON!."

Clearly you've never watched the show. You are supporting this tween looking Bruce Willis step-child because: 1. You think he is cute 2. You dislike Charlie.

Well, I don't mean to burst your bubble but that IS precisely why this show will fail. Charlie was 2 1/2 Men. People like you watch shows for the wrong reasons, see above. Hence, this show will fail.

1238 days ago


Puckett about a minute ago

Wow Lori hates Charlie so much she would explode with sexual tension if she were ever in the same room with him. She must want him BAD. :snicker: :smirk:
Actually Puckett...was thinking the same thing about your apparent infatuation with all things Chuckles!.

The man is a filthy, toothless, no talent script reader.
After this whole thing dies down (including Chuckles?) he'll end up a foot note about a great T.V. career that was flushed down the toilet by a drug addict.
Chuckles is a cautionary tell to ALL T.V. actors right it was a wake up call to a few over sized ego's.

Anyone remember ROSEANNE? Yea, thought so, she now lives in Hawaii with a bunch of Goats!

1238 days ago


CBS doesn't care WHY people watch shows... they only care that you WATCH.

Right reason? Wrong reason? Makes no difference to their bottom line, which is the only thing that matters.

1238 days ago

moe l.    

I'd become a loyal viewer even if I hated the show just to spite Sheen. LOSER - DUH.

1238 days ago


This show is all Charlie--He WAS THE SHOW. Charlie is right, he cannot be replaced. The new show will start to cater to a younger, more stupid audience--Ashton's specialty.

1238 days ago


They should have given the leading role to the maid, sorry don't her name. She's got way more talent then Ashton. Poor replacement for Charlie.
Still, Charlie AND Chuck need to learn HUMILITY. It appears the teen, Angus, has the most common sense of all involved on that show.

1238 days ago


I do have to admit...I'm LOVING this.

I was hoping for Rob Lowe, but Ashton will do just GREAT.

This could not have happened to a nicer guy. Ashton has a HUGE fan base, can't deny this will be a ratings bonanza...everyone will tune in to see what happens :)


1238 days ago


Yeah didn't Charlie replace MJF's character on Spin City? Rather hypocritical of him. His ego is big he couldn't stand someone else successfully taking his place. He doesn't seem to comprehend that there were many more cast members on the show than him -- he was not the star in some fan's eyes. Will people not watch the show for John Cryer, Angus T. Jones, and the hilarious Conchata Ferrell?? And of course to see what Ashton has in store, who knows...could be a refreshing change up for the show and it could either tank or be a success. Either way, Charlie is just sour grapes.

1238 days ago


Ashton Kutcher really? Please..Just bring Charlie back or just cancel the show. Hey I know hire LL Cool J..

1238 days ago


Really, even rats are smart enough to jump of sinking ships. I think Ashton is one big anchor leading to a sudden death. RIP.

1238 days ago


The show may fail, or then again it may not. Either way the producers have come out winners. I certainly hope it succeeds.

However one thing for sure is the first episode 'sans Chucky' should set some historically high records. If for nothing else it will be entertaining to see how they offload Chucky. Could it be heroin, whores, crack, drinking???? This has the hallmarks of being the best episode in the series history!!!!!!

1238 days ago


"Charlie Sheen's Watch 3 minutes ago
If you are a fan of this show, you know Charlie cannot be replaced. That is the bottom line.

2 1/2 men is...well, a man's show. This is not some tween show. Thrusting this tween looking Bruce Willis step-child into the show will help the show none.

No self-respecting fan of 2 1/2 Men will give this show the ratings it deserves with Charlie."


No, no, no! you don't get it! According to Lori the show doesn't need to hold onto the audience that made the show a blockbuster 8 year running mulitbillion dollar break out success story above and beyond every other sitcom of it's era.

With Charlie, who she hates so much out of the picture, and Ashton who makes her panties so wet in... the show is going to be a mad success!

It will have a whole NEW audience of her, "tea" and a couple of other TMZ losers who hate Charlie's guts and will only now start watching the show now that he is gone. ;)

Yes i'm mocking you Lori. :snark:

1238 days ago


Ashton Kutcher's success or failure depends entirely on the quality of the writing. I think there are numerous ways Kutcher can be written in, and numerous ways Charlie Sheen can be written out. That's what Charlie Sheen overlooks: That even if Chuck Lorre was inspired by Charlie Sheen, without a talented sitcom writer committing it to a script, rewriting it (many times), condensing it, removing non-sequiturs, removing unrealistic dialogue, ensuring continuity and those other myriad tedious things, his experiences don't make for good TV. Chuck Lorrie is successful because he's one of those rare but often tedious breed of people called successful writers, who are often very anally retentive about what they write. I imagine it is very hard work. Essentially Charlie Sheen needs people that tedious.

1238 days ago


I agree with Charlie and hope the show tanks because of Lorre who threw Charlie under the bus. Kutcher's silly grin and young age might be great for the teeny-bobbers, but gone will be the older audience looking for sophistication which he totally, completely lacks. Kutcher is a goof-ball; this isn't the show for him.

1238 days ago


I only watched a few episodes with Charlie. But can't wait to see how this one goes. A person has to be stupid if they think they are irreplaceable, making as much money as he was and he acted like he was God with all his demands,he don't deserve a job like that.I hope it is a success for all the actors involved.

1238 days ago
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