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Charlie Sheen:

Ashton's Going Down

With the Ship

5/13/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen delivered the ultimate back-handed compliment to Ashton Kutcher, telling TMZ he's talented but the show will tank.


Charlie tells TMZ, "Kutcher is a sweetheart and a brilliant comedic performer ... Oh wait, so am I!!"

Charlie continues, taking a shot at the show, saying, "Enjoy the show America.  Enjoy seeing a 2.0 in the demo every Monday, WB."  Essentially, Charlie is saying the age group that supported him is going to tune out.

Charlie adds, "Enjoy planet Chuck, Ashton.  There is no air, laughter, loyalty, or love there."  Of course, Charlie is referring to his nemesis, "Men" creator and Executive Producer Chuck Lorre.


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Come on - admit it. Charlie is/was and always will be Two and a Half Men. His life style was the show....

Bring him back or shut the show down....

1235 days ago

Jack DaCarup    

Shouldn't be too much of a wait until one of those little boxes to the right says "Memba Them?" with a picture of Charlie Sheen.

1235 days ago

Jack DaCarup    

Frank 3 minutes ago Come on - admit it. Charlie is/was and always will be Two and a Half Men. His life style was the show....



1235 days ago


A$$ton is a douche too but at least he's not a dumba$$ like Charlie, walking away from a millions a week paycheck for sleepwalking through a crappy sitcom. What an ultra maroon. To paraphrase Dr. Phil - "How are all the drugs and alcohol working out for you Charlie Boy?". I guess it's back to crappy B-movies for you Charles E but first you should create a few more kids to support. LMAO - LOSER.

1235 days ago



he he

I thought though, Chuckles is an "Uber Maroon"...

1235 days ago


I guess Chuckles 100 gazzillion dollar lawsuit planted him firmly in LOSERVILLE...

1235 days ago



Thanks. Much appreciated. And, you are welcome.


angeleyes 7 hours ago
SIM - you didn't address me but enjoy your evening - you always have good things to add to the discussion - and you are appreciated for those. Thx!

1235 days ago


Doesn't this guy ever stop whining?? Damn, Chuckles, you know you'll be plastered to the screen watching the show and sweating bullets. LOL It doesn't matter either way, bud, you're already sunk, courtesy of your own stupidity. All that money down the drain...glub glub.

1235 days ago



Don't you see it's not about the opinions we have about Charlie this time? You have the same opinions as them and I respect you and those opinions. There is a reason I don't respect THEM and never will and I posted that reason. I guess you find mocking my personal tragedies as no big deal.

One last message to all of them. Don't expect to be left alone when you were openly and publically "discussing" my personal life and making fun of it. YOU are "sick of it"?? Well, welcome to the club. Next time, be more careful and make sure that what you say is actually PRIVATE.
If you can't keep the battles about the topic which is Charlie Sheen, then YOU are the ones with the problem, not me. And believe me, if only one person sees that, I am a happy camper.

1235 days ago



How is he whining? He keeps paying thta pretty boy the compliments for no reason and wishing him good luck. He also gives his opinion about the future of the show. Is not allowed to do that?

1235 days ago


"One last message to all of them. Don't expect to be left alone when you were openly and publically "discussing" my personal life and making fun of it. YOU are "sick of it"?? Well, welcome to the club. Next time, be more careful and make sure that what you say is actually PRIVATE."


Making fun of WHAT, exactly? Unless you've completely re-written the things you took from that website, there isn't a damn thing there that pokes fun.

YOU were the aggressor, and now YOU want everyone to see you as the victim. You want to gloss over YOUR aggression, you want me to forget that you took it to me FIRST, you want me to just walk away from this so you can be the poor innocent wronged one?

Forget it, sweetums. YOU have flung more crap on this site than ANYTHING that's been done to you. You have irritated, mocked, belittled and gone off on FAR more people than anyone here even knows at this point.

And now you want to play victim?

You snooped around and saw things you didn't like... too bad. You left things out in the open on public sites. Grow up. You attacked me first, AND KEPT AT IT until I bit back.

Can't stand the heat? Don't like being on the receiving end? Then STFU, to use one of your own phrases right back at you.

1235 days ago


You take it to me all over this site yet, when I express empathy for your situation, you try to make me out to be some evil b it ch? Nope, that's not flying here, sweetie pie. As I said, unless you're going to rewrite what I said on that site, there was nothing I wrote that wasn't the god's honest truth.

So, let's see it again. What HORRIBLE, MOCKING things did I say? And how does that even compare to you ripping me without justification for the sole purpose of making yourself sound so smug and superior?

You know I'm right, and you know I can dig out all your nasty, smarmy, mocking, belittling posts. So let's see what I wrote that was so terrible on that website. Or, should *I* post what I wrote, just so you don't take creative license with my words?

1235 days ago


Who do YOU think YOU are to tell me how *I* did or did not feel at the time I wrote that?

Who are YOU to tell me whether or not my words were truthful?

Frankly, just who the HELL do YOU think you are?

You aren't a moderator here. You aren't anything more or less than anyone else, but you certainly love to tell all of us what to do and how to do it.

For your treatment of me, what I wrote above was probably the KINDEST thing you're going to find from almost anyone else treated in a similar fashion. Treat me like crap, play the victim, and then DARE tell me that I OWE you anything?

I have some advice for you... why don't YOU leave other people alone and stick to posting YOUR OPINION ONLY ON THE STORIES. Don't attack other commenters, don't even reference them, just post your Charlie drivel and wander on your way.

1235 days ago


ksis - this site and topic is not about you - I don't know how these things get off topic but obviously they do - Yes I think everyone recognizes your proclivity to defend Sheen no matter what he has done and perhaps there is a curiosity factor that says "Why???" Whatever your reasons they are yours and that's okay by me - I disagree but that's my choice -
I haven't read anything that anyone including you that was posted that was shocking or revealing to me - perhaps you felt it intruded into your privacy but whatever you posted here as an indication of what was posted elsewhere wasn't particularly revealing to me at all - I too cared for my ill father when my mother got ill and died - it was hard - my father being european born and 92 was not the most easy person to get along with - but
I loved him - and it was my duty - you are a school teacher - well that's a wonderful profession - you get to teach young minds - open them up to possibilities - the lady who was my school teacher was my biggest hero - and when I turned 16 and could drive I drove back to my home town to visit her - she inspired me to greatness which no one else had ever done - so from what I've read here about your private life I can see no harm or foul -
Please get past this event that you feel is an intrusion - we are people of all ages, sharing our feelings and thoughts around the world - surely petty problems can be put aside - Remember people who think in similar ways will always band together to be friends - we do that world wide with girlfriends - in fact I think its how we connect with each other.
You have chosen to defend Sheen at all costs - well that's your opinion and your right to do so - I choose to defend his employers and that's my right to do so - Perhaps as you are in your 20's and I am in my 60's I have 40 more years of seeing just how the world of business works - Just as an overview for you - Sheen was an employee of Lorre and Warner Bros. they pay Sheen but they answer to CBS who pays them for the show - and CBS answers to their investors and advertisers - So where you see grumbles from Lorre on Vanity cards against CBS or their lawyers - it's because someone else higher on the food chain has said I don't like this - That someone could be me who has invested in shares or stock of their company and has enough shares or stock that when I grumble they listen - or it could be a bank who has invested their depositors money at a certain percentage point that requires a guaranteed return - We all answer to someone - but the rule of thumb is "He who has the gold rules"

1235 days ago



Wasn't revealing? Four strangers, who have repeatedly showed their contempt towards me, discussing my illness, the cir***stances of my mother's death, my looks and my father is ok in your opinion?? I know you agree with them regarding Charlie, but two people who ALSO agree with them in that matter, were able to see how disgusting that was.
You didn't have a whole diuscussion group created to discuss you and mock you so you have no idea how it feels. I will gladly get over it, when those people stop referring to my posts, and leave me alone. THEN and ONLY THEN I will forget about them. THAT has always been my goal and I asked for the opportunity to post in peace about Charlie numerous times. With no luck.
Please, do not insult me by suggesting that they have done nothing wrong, and I am the one who is a bad guy here.

1235 days ago
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