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Charlie vs. Ashton

Who'd You Rather?

5/13/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's fired "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen and newly hired "Two and a Half Men" star Ashton Kutcher.


Question is ...


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Ashton, of course. That was really a no brainer. lol

1261 days ago


The warlock is the pap's photo dream for rage.
In nearly every shot he's intense and ready to blow.
There's no need to even wonder how abusive and violent
he is. No wonder he has to hire hookers to be with him.

1261 days ago


I will be anxious to see the reason they write in the story to explain "where's Charlie?" Hope they put an honest twist to it and say he's hospitalized for alcoholism and drug addiction!

1261 days ago


There was a faint possibility with Hugh Grant, But no way with Kutcher. Don't like him, never did. For the people who say Charlie doesn't deserve the roll because of how he is acting now--If you knew how most of the actors you like were off the screen you probably wouldn't want them in the roll either, Charlie just made his public. It's called acting--The roll isn't the person. Some of your favorite people could be pedophiles, rapists or wife beaters or cheating on their husbands--who knows? they just haven't been caught yet....

1261 days ago


Or have a death wish.

CelebJustice 16 hours ago
LMAO!!! Charlie is a geriatric STD infested nut. No one in their right mind would "rather" him.
Unless of course youre in it for the money and attention

1261 days ago


I think they need to work out things with Charlie and put him back in or end the show. If the show continues without Charlie, it will not be the same and will lose ratings. Any show that has run as long as this one will not be the same with someone new assumming a leading role.

1260 days ago


Your kidding right! ok there both way different but
do the math the show was built around charlie no matter how jacked he is, now you try and throw in Ashton how does anyone fill those shoes(good luck)the only way to make it work to survive is killing his part off and let cryer and angus find something new but Ashton not the way. ( will see )

love the show but Charlie with the cast in play is the way.
They should all suck it up and go back to work.

1260 days ago


I really don't believe... Charlie's old Ashton is young ...Like you even have to ask!
are you serious???That's the kind of choices .............
I would vote Charlie.

1260 days ago


You really have to ask?

1259 days ago

orange valentine    

Charlie Sheen is a warning to people about
how using crack speeds up the aging process
and destroys your brain! THIS GUY THOUGH
Charlie Sheen appears to be in his 80's
(and as sharp as butter!)

1259 days ago

Debbie Ashton    

I think Charlie should focus on Major Leaque and stop concentrating on what the past held for him. (Chris) Ashton Kutcher was very funny as Kelso, but this is an entire different cast he will be working with. Either thier will be chemistry to pull it all off, or not...We'll have to wait and see.

1259 days ago


TO: Charlie Sheen

Dear Charlie,

You look old beyond your years. Your career and personal life are a wreck.

You keep trying to fill the empty space in your heart with drugs and sex,

but you are still empty, bitter and hate filled.

The Lord says, "I have loved you with an everlasting love." Jeremiah 31:3

God says Nothing you can ever do Can ever change My love for you. For I am God. God is Love. My character cannot change.

God forgives everyone.

Start a new life!

God loves you!!

I am still praying for you

1258 days ago

Victor Nunez    

Ashton is a clean and talented person and charlie is the opponent in life...Good Job Chuck Lorre and CBS.

1255 days ago


No 'Men' without Charlie!!! :(

1254 days ago

t bone    

I do not think the show will be as good without Charlie. He has alot of haters out there right now brcause of his recent actions, but the truth is he is the main reason the show has lasted this long. Ashton is talented and funny but it just won't be the same.

1250 days ago
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