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'Bad Girl' Issues Apology Letter -- Odd Delivery

5/14/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Bad Girls Club" star Christina Hopkins is trying to pull the email equivalent of "Some of my closest friends are black!" ... by writing a letter apologizing for the racist rant TMZ posted on Friday ... and emailing it to an African American TMZ staffer she has never met or had any contact with before.

Hopkins says in the letter that she was "egged on by anger and alcohol" but says the takes full responsibility for her "inexcusable comments."

But rather than get in touch with our publicist -- or the TMZ tipline -- she somehow obtained the email of an African American staffer and emailed it to directly her.

Although she went out of her way to contact the staffer, she ended the email by asking for all further communication to go through her publicist.

Some friend.


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real bad girls NEVER back down - she'd get more respect sticking to her words than she will cowering down like a scared little girl :( awwwww

1169 days ago


@ yeahrightmoron, oh please get real. Her and her family have probably received about 4,000 credible death threats since this went public, and 40,000 more not so credible ones. lol

1169 days ago


The united states of political correctness.

1169 days ago


@ Seeker - that's awful, terribly politically incorrect, and hilarious...

@ whoever? "I know muppets can't speak without someones hand up there ass but please....."

That's got to be the best comeback at Muppet ever. lol

1169 days ago


Wait a minute TMZ, you say she emailed you guys but the letter you've put up is a hand signed letter in PDF format.

Something stinks and it's TMZ. It doesn't add up that a young girl would email you guys a hand signed letter as an attachment. Who does that anymore unless a signature is required? If she emailed you guys she would have just typed out the apology in the email.

1169 days ago


If she managed to email it to a black woman at TMZ she must have went way out of her way to find her email address, because from what i've seen black people are few and far between on TMZ's staff. Not that they're racist or anything like that. They just don't employee very many of those people.

Probably why TMZ is so shocked she managed to email it to a black employee.

1169 days ago


@ puckett - you need to get real if you think she was apologizing to the potential death dealers or blacks as a whole - she was apologizing to Oxygen and the countless opportunities she just lost by becoming media/marketing poison. As I said, she'd be better off riding the "bad girl" image and furthering her brand in that genre by sticking to her words & explaining more of what happened to cause that reaction.

I'm sure she WAS INDEED provoked by the kind of behavior that makes even me, a black person call some of these n*ggerish acting blowholes the same thing.

1169 days ago


F U Christina!!!

Blame it on your friends egging you on, and you stupid bitch. We all know what you said, nobody held a gun to your head when you said that crap. Screw you, and that ego of yours.

1169 days ago


is 2011, embrace everyone around you. I trully don't get racism, I am latin, and have loved my white bf and will continue to do so... I just don't get why people can see beyond skin color!?!?! so what if a person is black? white? purple? i just don't get it!

1169 days ago


So...the alcohol brought out her true feelings. Now we all know! She's not sorry for what she said. She's just sorry that she said it out loud on (somebody's) camera. And, WHY would she send it to the Black TMZ employee? What's that supposed to do? She said what she said. And, she meant it. She just didn't meant for everyone to find out. Now, she has to be a big girl and deal with it. Oh well...

1169 days ago

the Seeker    

I think It was the new lady they hired to run/monitor the tmz *Social Media* forums such as Facebook and Twitter.
She talked about the new twitter venture @harveylevin on tmzlive and the new facebook page.She is pretty tall, slender and (half white ,I'm guessing)very charismatic and SM savvy.
It would be easy to e-mail her b/c she is probably very visible online on the tmz SM.
I say:
'sticks and stones MAY break my bones but names will neva hurt me'

1169 days ago


@yeahrightmoron. OK i hear you and i don't doubt she's pandering to Oxygen, TMZ, and anyone who matters, but i don't doubt she's had a crap load of credible and not so credible threats come her way since it when viral too. lol

I don't think she's bad girl enough to own this in the way a really bad girl would...

1169 days ago


Do people actually think she wrote that apology ?????????? This is a person that has an IQ of a house plant !!!!!!!!!!

1169 days ago


Sorry only AFTER you're busted. True feelings were expressed, alcohol had nothing to do with it. Think next time or better yet, don't harbor such hatred for a group of people!

1169 days ago


I'm pretty sure i've heard worse from black people and they weren't even drunk. Just loud and obnoxious as usual.

1169 days ago
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