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'Bad Girl' Issues Apology Letter -- Odd Delivery

5/14/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Bad Girls Club" star Christina Hopkins is trying to pull the email equivalent of "Some of my closest friends are black!" ... by writing a letter apologizing for the racist rant TMZ posted on Friday ... and emailing it to an African American TMZ staffer she has never met or had any contact with before.

Hopkins says in the letter that she was "egged on by anger and alcohol" but says the takes full responsibility for her "inexcusable comments."

But rather than get in touch with our publicist -- or the TMZ tipline -- she somehow obtained the email of an African American staffer and emailed it to directly her.

Although she went out of her way to contact the staffer, she ended the email by asking for all further communication to go through her publicist.

Some friend.


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ex lax    

send the drunktard to rehab

1257 days ago

Daniel Flow    

The chick hate a large portion of this country. I'm Black and I hope she NEVER gets a job in mainstream America again! Loser!

1257 days ago


LOL it says "Dear Fans..." PAUSE.. What fans? And Her having black isn't an excuse. She's painfully ignorant. I would NEVER be that ignorant say things that would in any way insult or degrade my friends [or a certain race/group of people] period. Drunk or NOT. Besides, drunk words are sober thoughts. What a lame excuse. I applaud her for "apologizing" but out of all the words you can use to insult someone, she uses the "N" word. Shows her lack of vocabulary as well. Somebody gives this dumb broad a dictionary.

1257 days ago


Has Mike Epps or whoever apologized for his raciest and derogatory comments?

If not double standard, period.

1257 days ago


I hate the term African American. Especially when white people are using it as a kiss-ass term. What should I be Anglo American or Heinz 57 American. I am white, this stupid girl doesn't like black people. It is not disrespectful to call someone 'black' or 'white' but she is just brown-nosing. Stupid addict Tatum O'Neal actually apologized on Oprah for calling someone "black....oh, I am so sorry...I mean African American"...Oh F Off. You can call me 'white' just not 'cracker'.

1257 days ago

Jafo Fubar    

Ok kiddies although I'm white, I've been married to a beautiful, wonderful black woman for 20 years. Yes, some of my hillbilly relatives disowned me over her; including my mother. We have been subjected over the years to hateful comments by ignorant Whites, Blacks, and Persians (why they have a problem I don't know); so I feel qualified to add something. Tribalism is instinctual in every human. Whether the criteria is race, religion, or hair color(gingers), we all identify the "other" as somebody else. Even I have used the n word in anger at someone. Does it automatically make you racist? Words, thoughts and feelings are protected by our constitution for a reason while actions aren't. Why? Because actions take effort and thought, and generally inflict damage. Blabbering out stupid crap takes no thought. No, I don't care how many black friends or work acquaintances you have. My mom had several. What makes you racist is what your cognitive mind tells your body to do. When you refuse to eat a food, see a movie, listen to a song, whatever, because of the persons ethnic background; that's racism. When you purposely cause harm to another over skin... that's racism. To say stupid stuff while drunk is just ignorant. I will lay money, that like most folks, she frequents only places where she feels welcomed and accepted. That's why you should at least occasionally step outside of your comfort zone and experience other paths. At least just to see if your right about them. Otherwise, your just a blind fool tripping in the dark.

1257 days ago

Jafo Fubar    

And remember, there is not a single ethnic, national, or racial group EVER that has not been on BOTH SIDES of discrimination. Check history for the jews, italians, irish, hindu, etc.; you'll find that somewhere, somewhen, all have been demonized at one point, and the oppressor at another. Even native americans did other tribes wrong just because they had different "sky fathers". No, I'm not being facetious; just couldn't think of an easier way to put it.

1257 days ago


how DARE she speak the same way everyone else does!

1257 days ago

Jay Real    

Seriously?!? Why is TMZ bothering to post anything this pathetic hoe bitch says? When did she become relevant? Bad girls club made her important? Oh PLEASE!!!! Would someone tell this drunken whore BGC gave her ugly ass her 15 minutes of fame and it's time to let it gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1257 days ago



1257 days ago


Actually whats are the minorties if you count how many whites that have african and native american ancestry. They would not be many pure race left in america. All any body need to do is read history and see how mixed America is. When ever a white person say there are whte I questioned all the time maybe if there come from Northern Europe. Then again you have to be careful about the southern europeans there have african ancestry and the russian and turks have hun asian ancestry.So who is really white anymore DNA test is the only way.

1257 days ago


In addition to the typo tired noticed I also noticed "but says the takes full responsibility." Whoever said before that on the weekend there are always mistakes is right.

1257 days ago


The most vile aspect of that video was watching this white trash girl stuff food in her mouth. How disgusting to talk with your mouth full of mexican food. I could barely get through it without vomiting. Low class, low life, low rent.

1257 days ago


F-off with an apology. An apology means nothing. She's only sorry someone put **** on tv and embarassed her. She still feels that way. So F her and people like her. Not Accepted is what i'd say.

1257 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Haha you can blame it on being drunk if you want to. But lets face it, people are more honest about what they really think when they are drunk. It's hard to lie when you are sh*tfaced.

1257 days ago
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