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TMZ Live -- What's a Fair Price for Herpes?

5/13/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Why both sides in the mystery celeb herpes case may want a quick end to the lawsuit ... and, what's a fair price to make that happen ... Plus, at what point does CPR become necrophilia -- we're just askin' ... and Dan Aykroyd calls in with the upside of getting ripped off.

35 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) New developments in the A-list celebrity herpes lawsuit -- the celeb is trying to work out a deal to keep it quiet!
(3:10) 1, 2, 3, 4 ... Harvey and Jason declare a legal war! Who will emerge victorious?
(9:00) Ashton takes Charlie's place on "Two and a Half Men" -- is it gonna work?
(12:02) Dan Aykroyd is on the phone! He starts off by talking about ghosts, Canadians ... and Dax.
(15:30) Dan gives us all the details on the theft of 21,000 bottles of his Crystal Head Vodka.
(17:20) Why it's a GOOD THING Dan's vodka was stolen.
(22:35) Will Smith's RIDICULOUS trailer, gay marriage & medical marijuana legalization, and vegetarian tips.
(24:40) Webcam question -- Hannah from Michigan wants to know about the woman who gives her young daughter BOTOX injections.
(27:10) Jason ruins a story we haven't published yet ... awwwwkward.
(32:10) The creepiest question we've been asked in a while. Hint: It involves necrophilia.


No Avatar


Is Ashton even worth that much money to star in the show. is he funny at all since Thats 70's show.

1259 days ago

♫ Gina ♪    

Can you name 10 Canadian celebz in 20 sec....?

1259 days ago


Are they creating a new character for Ashton Kutcher in 'men' or are they keeping him as "Uncle Charlie"?

1259 days ago


isn't filing this anonymous lawsuit a form of other words....if you don't give me what i want, i'll name you??? or if not extortion, then certainly blackmail?

1259 days ago


Why on the last page of the celebrity herpes claim does the suit refer to the plantiff as "her"? I am confused as to why you keep saying the plantiff could be a man or woman.

1259 days ago


Dual egos . . . . boring!!!!!!

1259 days ago


There’s precedence for a herpes lawsuits in California. Here's a big one that happened recently:

California Court Upholds $6.7 Million Herpes Lawsuit Verdict

A California court has ruled that an earlier $6.7 million verdict will stand in the case of a woman who sued her ex-boyfriend after allegedly contracting herpes.ABC news reports that the court rejected an appeal by millionaire Thomas Redmond, who was 71 years old at the time when he allegedly infected Patricia Behr with the sexually transmitted disease.According to the news source, Redmond first learned that he had genital herpes in 1975, but did not disclose the condition to Behr until four months after their relationship begin in September 2003. The lawsuit claimed that Redmond told Behr that the was healthy and disease free during that time.In 2009, a Riverside County jury reportedly awarded Behr $4 million in compensatory damages and $2.75 million in punitive damages, as well as a 2004 BMW car that Redmond had given the plaintiff.Redmond had reportedly asked that the verdict be thrown out on the grounds that it was impossible to prove that he was the one who had infected Behr. Redmond also alleged that Behr had relations with him knowing that he had the uncurable disease.Redmond is the founder of Redmond Products Incorporated, the maker of the Aussie brand of hair care products.

1259 days ago


oh no no no, Ashton DOES NOT look like charlie sheen at all!!!! Charlie looks like an uncle who is a pervert molester!!!

1259 days ago

luis centeno    

wooo everyone at tmz is great

1259 days ago


Re: Ashton on Men--Do you think Demi had anything to do with him being hired?

1259 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Can Harvey ever admit he made a mistake? This Ashton looking like Charlie after he thought the vid was of Charlie is ridculous. Weak.

1259 days ago


I would love to know more about Bethenny Frankel's recent lawsuit where she is being sued over her Skinnygirl brand, what is going on???

1259 days ago


Wasn't it Renée Zellweger who used fraud as a reason to file for dissolution of marriage? What did her country star husband stand to gain other than a wife when he allegedly committed said fraud?

1259 days ago


No way will they use Kutcher as a "Uncle Charlie" I think they should make him come in as Marilyns "love child" from the 70's or something - has to be a step brother or something. I don't think the show would survive if the tried to replace Charlie but if they creat a new one it might just have a chance!

Good luck Ashton!

1259 days ago


When creating my own version and arrangement of a song in the public domain, how can I determine if my version infringes on someone else's copyrighted material without listening to every version of the song ever recorded?

1259 days ago
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