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'Idol' Finalist Gets $61,000 Homecoming Bash

5/14/2011 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" top three finalist Scotty McCreery is so beloved in his small hometown of Garner, NC -- the locals have dropped more than $61 THOUSAND to throw him a homecoming bash today!!!


We're told the town has already raised $45 thousand in CASH for the event ... and local companies have donated roughly 8 grand in services.

The event will include a traditional pork barbeque, local entertainment, crafts, a parade and a concert by the country crooner himself!

As a thank you for all the local love, Scotty is expected to take his acoustic guitar and sing a whopping SIX songs -- compared to the usual two or three he belts out on Idol.

Fun Fact: Census records show the total population of Garner is less than 30 thousand people -- and we're guessing every last one will be at the big party to support their hometown superstar.


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Special K    

Scotty seems like a humble, decent sort of kid who has got talent, now if he wins let's just hope he doesn't fall into the trap of IAJAF. You know Instant ******* Just Add Fame!

1196 days ago

Big Daddy    

James is gone. I don't care who wins now. My opinion. I'm done with this show compltetely now. I'll bet the judges wish they hadn't wated there save. This man is going to go farther then any winner on this season, and possibly the rest of them. Just watch.

1196 days ago


I was shocked when I saw the rediculous, hatefilled comments and then I realized that this was a TMZ site. Go Figure, a bunch of pathetic losers you all are. You just dont know how to appreciate a nice young man.

1196 days ago


I don't like Country music, but I LOVE hearing Scotty sing it. I don't know, there's just something really beautiful about his voice!! Really, I don't know what it is with all the hate. What has he done to any of you? Are all the haters Country fans who don't think he's the real deal, or are they people who don't like the genre? He appears to be an upstanding, God-fearing young man who loves his grandma. Really, what's the problem?

1196 days ago


you can't please all the people all the time. It's a matter
of what type of music you like. If you like screamers that's fine. If you like country that's ok too.

1196 days ago



1196 days ago


If this as**** wins, I'll kill myself.

1196 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

In this day and age it kinda sickens me when people throw away money like this. That money the town donated could be used to invest in the future of its population or help out people who need it. Just my personal view but if i was in his shoes i would thank everyone and donate that money to help somewhere. You can have just as much fun throwing a bash in the park where everyone is invited. Do you really need a $61,000 bash to feel important? Or is it more than enough to know people brought that amount of money together in your honor and take that chance to do something that matters. Maybe its just me but i think that to the people you help you will more than just be someone they are proud of, you can be their hero.

1196 days ago


It just amazes me that this one-note johnny got this far. Oh well, most of the contestants this year suck. I stopped watching after the first show. The judges are weak. Simon was the true judge.

1196 days ago


damn, what a bunch of mean-spirited, hate-filled people so many here are, all sitting behind the safety of their little computer screens saying nasty mean things about a 17 yr old kid who obviously loves to sing and is pretty good at it. would you all be spewing your hateful garbage in person to his face? what power and courage virtual anonymity gives some people.
All of the kids on AI want one thing...a career in music. I believe none of them are inherently evil nasty people looking to rig votes to screw the competition.
I wish whomever wins a fantastically successful future and the same for all the rest of them too for having the courage to make an attempt at reaching their dreams...more than a whole lot of the rest of us ever do. JMO

1196 days ago


This kid is the biggest frickin dork I've seen on TV in a long time. Even bigger than Clark Howard. I can't believe anyone would actually vote for him.

1196 days ago


Scotty is the best. He will go far in his young age and career. He has what it takes to succeed. You people are so hard on him. He is young and new. He performance will improve over time. He has the voice and that is what matters. Those who complain he only sings country-Does the father of country, George Strait sing anything other than country? James Durbin DID deserve to go. He had a huge ego, was a heavy metal rocker cry baby, thought he was God, and was real ****y. His singing was not consistent as proven by his meltdown a few weeks ago. Scotty's singing has been consistent. Country music goes on and on. Heavy metal is living a slow death. I don't believe that the results are fixed. Just believe it that Durbin was the worst. Next week will be Haley going. I predict the final two will be Scotty and Lauren. Their duet singing is awesome. They should pair up and do an album. They are both young and vibrant. As far as those who complain about Scotty's dressing-have you seen Kenny Chesney dress any better? I would like to see Scotty sing some Kenny Chesney music that is modern, popular and energetic. I think there would be no question in anybody's mind that he is number 1 if he does that. Scotty WILL have a long career and will have a large following of fans.

1196 days ago

Diane D.    

Scotty is fabulous!! Love this kid.

Hope he wins!

1196 days ago


Yes. I live near Garner and it is a pit. Gee welcome home Scotty.

1196 days ago

tom jones    

Scotty McCreery is a perfect example of the ideal American Idol candidate. He has a wonderful voice, is a very good student in school, is an athletic baseball player, and is very humble for all of his talents. Garner NC is very proud that he grew up in our community. We love our Scotty.

1196 days ago
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