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Chris Brown & Rihanna

Hook Up Online

5/14/2011 7:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is following Rihanna ... and even more surprising, she's following him.

We were hunting around online when we noticed their Twitter pages reveal that both are not only following each other, they added each other very recently. We grabbed the screen shots this AM.

A Rihanna fan noticed what we noticed and asked her if it meant they were getting back together -- Rihanna tweeted back, "its fu**in twitter, not the alter! calm down."

A judge lifted the restraining order prohibiting them from having contact, so it's all on the up and up.

Still, that's a pretty big bygone.


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TMZ's behavior and idea of news is exactly like that of the obsessed jealous stalking loser who can't get the time of day from anyone (other than that drunk girl who's always in trouble with the law who calls them at all times of the day and makes them feel like they're exciting and popular for knowing her and not lame).

1266 days ago


Geeesh Rihanna, way to treat your fans! That could of been a 14 yr old girl and thats what you say? WTG
and honestly who cares if they are friends on twitter, let them live their lives for crying out loud!

1266 days ago

george fudge!    

Who cares, they both suck. Since the beating, Rihanna has been dressing and acting like a whore more than as a singer.

1266 days ago

PRO US    

Obviously, she has forgiven him for beating her face to a pulp.

1266 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Two morons do not make a right.

1266 days ago

Tina downside    

It just shows that they are both Mature and are moving on with their lives. I think they both do miss their friendship and want to rebuild that, what happened two years ago is now in the past,yes it was a bad thing but they have both grown up and matured. This was going to happen anyway so why people are so shocked i dont no, i saw this on twitter about 8 hours ago. As she said its twitter not the alter. I think people get really hooked on celebrities and get in their business to much and act like they no them personally its their lives we dont no the in's and outs so we shouldnt pass judgement! Im happy for them and it would be nice to see them friends again they seemed happy and good together i wish they both all the best!Im a fan of both!

1266 days ago


If they've put it behind them, maybe you all [and the media] should to the same. GET OVER IT. Seriously... tired of hearing about this ****.

1266 days ago


What's so surprising? Rhianna was forced to break up with him by her people, she wanted to continue the relationship. Go back and look at the early reports shortly after the incident if you didn't know this.

1266 days ago


Only the two of them know what really took place. They've forgiven each other obviously. It's time other did as well. It's their lives, let them live. It's better to deal with things and move on rather than harbour anger and resentment, that becomes a pretty heavy load to carry the longer people let it weigh them down.

1266 days ago


So what if they are following each other on Twitter! Get over it losers, including TMZ!! I would like to see someone follow and judge every one of ya'll actions and let's see how ya'll hold up to the test!!You people that talk so much crap about Chris & Rhi must have a perfect damn life and never made any mistakes, bunch of Hypocrites!!!!!

1266 days ago


Kind of sad that women enable their abusers with crap like this. She's supposed to be a role model. Should have taken a stance against domestic violence.

1266 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Rihanna need to get hooked on phonics. Altar is spelled with an AR, not an ER...

1266 days ago


I so agree Vanessa!! I wouldn't want to be friends or family with all these unforgiving people on here! What a life that would be! Something you did 10 years ago would be thrown in your face daily. Pretty sad way to live.

1266 days ago


Stupider of TMZ...

The poll leaves no other option than to vote it's stupid that the restraining order has been lifted. No poll which leaves an opinion to the reader.

1266 days ago


Hope she enjoys getting punched in the face when he goes off on his anger problems.

1266 days ago
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