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Chris Brown & Rihanna

Hook Up Online

5/14/2011 7:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is following Rihanna ... and even more surprising, she's following him.

We were hunting around online when we noticed their Twitter pages reveal that both are not only following each other, they added each other very recently. We grabbed the screen shots this AM.

A Rihanna fan noticed what we noticed and asked her if it meant they were getting back together -- Rihanna tweeted back, "its fu**in twitter, not the alter! calm down."

A judge lifted the restraining order prohibiting them from having contact, so it's all on the up and up.

Still, that's a pretty big bygone.


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mjfan..I'm sorry but Harvey.. yes he is gay ( proud of him for being open ) but he is also Jewish...soooo he doesn't read the ****in bible you bigot!

And for everyone ( obviously male ) saying that Rihanna deserves to be beat again.. you guys are all idiots who obviously probably abuse women. So what if she is following him on twitter....IT'S TWITTER!!!! Not like they are hanging out.

1195 days ago


if i am chris b i wont give rihanna any chance,cus she hv cust him so many pains

1195 days ago


he should stay away from her.

she's the reason he got into trouble in the first place. she is nothing but a dumb sl*t.

he can do better...

1195 days ago


tmz and some of ya'll need to shut up! if they want to follow each other on twitter so the **** what! it's their lives and obviously they're just trying to move on from the situation and what's wrong with that? some of you guys are acting as if they're getting back together, and wishing that she gets hit again is evil and the dumbest thing I've ever read in my life, who wishes something that horrible on someone? Some of you need to get off your judgmental high horses and grow the hell up

1195 days ago


BBallgirl about an hour ago

I find it ironic that TMZ considered this news, YET when Chris did an event with special kids in Australia they were quiet as a church mouse. I guess that old adage is right....."HATERS will shout your failures, but whisper your success." TMZ, try doing like Chris and Rhi....MOVE ON!!!!!

Why didnt TMZ cover it?? Because WE DONT LIKE HIM so why should we care what good he does?

1195 days ago


Chris learn from his mistakes, his music is back on the charts, he learning has a second chance to proge himm not only us to that he truley sorry. all y'all do hate if they want to be friends let them and this coming from true fans of both of them it's not are business

1195 days ago


Okay, all of you are overreacting. Like she said, it's ****ing TWITTER! That doesn't mean that they're gonna get back together, they're probably not even over the incident. Twitter is just Twitter. Them following each other is a tiny epitome of maturity, not stupidity. They don't give a **** what you people have to say about them. They have their friends, family, & fans by their side. Rihanna said that her dropping the restraining order doesn't mean they're gonna hang out again. Chill out. I hope the best for both of them.

1195 days ago


I've been sick of her ever since she got back with him shortly after the incident and then stopped when the public heated up. I have no respect for her. She's no longer the victim. She wants it. They deserve each other.

1195 days ago


i think every one should mind there own biz because yall dont know what the hell yall talken about. she clearly said its twitter not the alter yall need to get over what happen cause i know rihanna has!!

1195 days ago


I think she has always and still loves him. She would've gone back to him if the media didn't make a big deal about Diddy trying to reconnect them. I still like them together---Love is Love. No she can't say f*ck love anymore. Love is strong.

1195 days ago

sammy Brown    

People get a life do you think they care what people think its their lifes not yours you live your life, Nobody cares people have moved on its 2011 not 2009 the past is the past it happened to her not you they have both matured and moved on!!! Please do the same im not really that much of a fan they both do good music. MOVE ON THEY HAVE id like to see them rekindle their friendship and maybe more but its not our business what they do. MOVE ON PEOPLE MOVE ON PAST IS THE PAST

1195 days ago


why isn't there a "who cares?" voting option

1195 days ago

Tina downside    

I AGREE WITH YOU LONDYNN ITS ALL BLAH BLAH BLAH WHO REALLY GIVES A ****!theres real news out there people getting dieing, people losing there jobs and homes and people find time to search the net to see what rihanna and chris are up to smh,i only commented because like you im bored of all this!! YEP EVERYONE GET THE HELL OVER IT.

1195 days ago

sick of it    

TRASH flocks together!!!!!!

1195 days ago


I agree with you SAMMY BROWN! Get a life folks and learn to forgive.

1195 days ago
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