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Jon Cryer -- "Jazzed" About Future of "Men"

5/14/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer still has a job -- thanks in no small part to Ashton Kutcher -- and from the sound of things ... he's quite happy about it.

The "Two and a Half Men" star made his first comments yesterday about Ashton coming on board, joking, "Ashton is an extraordinarily talented guy, and his presence will be an asset to our show. We are old friends from our male modeling days, and we're both looking forward to being judged for our comedic artistry, as opposed to our exceptional physical beauty."

Cryer said he is "jazzed" the show is coming back -- and, despite all the recent upheaval, thanked Charlie Sheen, saying, "I'm extremely proud of the work we've done together, and I will miss him. But I'm also looking forward to this new beginning."


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Jack DaCarup    

How do you know that his castmates didn't "support" Charlie? Just because they didn't do it publically. Puhleeeze!

1256 days ago



I agree with you. Gotta be a goddess-in-waiting or somebody in his camp.

1256 days ago


You can't replace Charlie. He was the star. Lorre should end the show and start a new one because there is no Charlie replacement. The character Charlie appears to be similiar to Charlie in real life. That is why I feel that he was awesome in the show as he was paralleling own his real self. Kutcher is not a good replacement. Kutcher is younger and will be playing the older brother. Kutcher clearly looks much younger. Kutcher has played parts of being a dumb person. Charlie was not like that. I don't see the show lasting. I think Matthew Perry would have been a better choice. The show will never be the same. I don't intend to continue to watch.

1256 days ago



KSIS never went anywhere so how can SHE be BACK?


Learn to read before you answer my comment. They DID support. EXCEPT one ASSS.
On second about another approach? DON'T answer my comments. Save it for your..."lets-mock-someone-using-their-private-info" group.

1256 days ago

Made it Past 27    

LOL Funniness

1256 days ago


Good luck to John and the rest of the cast. Hope it works out for you.

I myself will not be watching. I think Ashton Krutcher is a no talent idiot. I wouldn't watch it if Charlie came back either.
Again, good luck to John and Angus.

1256 days ago



I think Jon Crier has been a good friend to Charlie Sheen. Jon Crier did not attack Charlie Sheen (although Sheen has attacked him) Jon Crier has only spoke well of Sheen.

Jon Crier has followed basic good judgment and shown himself to be an honorable man.

Romans 12:19
Don't quarrel with anyone. Be at peace with everyone, just as much as possible.

1 Thessalonians 5:11
So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.

Romans 12:17
Never pay back evil for evil to anyone. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honorable.

1256 days ago

Made it Past 27    

I never watched this show before, but with all this craziness going on, and Ashton, now I will watch it.

1256 days ago


I will miss Charlie Sheen. This part was perfect for him because it resembled his real life so closely. Ashton is cute but Charlie had the ability to be mean as well as nice. I just don't see Ashton playing the role that well. Anyway, I heard they were talking to Hugh Grant. He would have been a much better replacement.

1256 days ago


yeah, what a joke

1256 days ago


ron about an hour ago

exceptional physical beauty ? YOU & BOY WHO MARRIED HIS MOTHER ? ARE YOU ON DRUGS

Ron, he was joking

1256 days ago


The Bible quotes? GMAB. This is a discussion about a show and two actors.

And Jon didn't have to ATTACK Charlie. Sometimes being quiet hurts just as much. At least Charlie apolgized for his words. Jon didn not apologize for being a coward.

1256 days ago



Yes, Bible quotes. This is a message board open to the thoughts and opinions of everyone.

My thoughts and opinions reflect my faith and belief in the Bible.

I do not feel Jon Crier is a coward. I do not think he owes Charlie Sheen an apology for anything.

1256 days ago


I respect your beliefs, I just think that there is time and place for everything. Faith and God is something way more private for me, and I wouldn't include it in a silly discussion about two actors. But that;s just me.
And I disagree about Jon. So, we agree to disagree.

1256 days ago


I'm just curious how they will intro Ashton on the show. I'm sure it will have smash ratings at the outset because of the Curiosity Factor. The show has gotten millions in free publicity....only time will tell..Lori is right: It is the writing that propels the show.

1256 days ago
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