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Sheridan: Cherry Says Parker Was Gay to Marry Eva

5/14/2011 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicollette Sheridan claims "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry committed the ultimate wedding faux pas -- claiming Tony Parker must have been into boys as he said "I do" to Eva.


TMZ obtained Nicollette's declaration in the brutal legal fight she's having with Cherry over her firing on the show.

In the declaration, Nicollette claims, "I was present at Eva Longoria's wedding to Tony Parker, when Mr. Cherry commented that 'Tony must like boys, because he is marrying this -- this little, small girl with no t*ts and -- that looks like a boy.'"

For the record, he couldn't be that gay because he divorced her. Kidding.


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I can see his point, makes sense to me. No kids either, thank goodness.

1224 days ago


Huh? She is a small woman, but she is also very feminine. Doesn't make any sense. Sounds like he was just pulling something out of his butt because he felt like being mean.

1224 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

I know that guy was not talking about the looks or body of someone else?! Glass houses my friend.

1224 days ago


Well Marc Cherry, You are pushing 60yrs, so why don't you donate your manboobs AND you are the one that lives with MAMA.

1224 days ago


Having never given a thought to Marc Cherry, I'm now wondering if
he was a tad jealous, that Tony picked Eva, and not him (IF he is, indeed, gay...and IF he did say that.)

1224 days ago


Sheridan is a hasbeen and should be sucking Cherry's a@S@S for her job back....

1224 days ago


Come on, who says that at the wedding that you're invited to attend? Yeah, I guess people get drunk and say stupid stuff. But, it sounds like Nicollette is just trying to create a conflict for that show, which BTW I never watched. Why would he tell Nicollette that comment when her boobs are the same size as Eva's?!?! And what does this have to do with the lawsuit for being fired?!?!? Sounds more like a catfight.

1224 days ago


We don't know that MC did say that about TP. It's his word against NS. Maybe she made it up to make him look bad. Look at all the ranting posts against him on this site alone. For my two cents I always thought TP and EL were an odd couple. Wouldn't surprise me if both of them are gay.

1224 days ago

the Seeker    

Kari 11 hours ago

I think TMZ's "for the record" comment on this article is ridiculous. And to add "kidding" is something children do. This article seems like you are grasping for news.
I totally agree .This article,post.story,rumor ?? Just got bumped back to the top of page 1 .WHY ??
They curse constantly on the show and make explosive sexual comments Daily on the tv and interweb ..SO why are the 'thought police' putting my(so called) offensive (to who?) comments down "the memory hole" every night?
Does tmz enjoy manipulating US(the tmz viewing public) by sifting thru the comment sections of,FB,Twitter and removing(under the guise of racism and hate speech = gay slurs)any "off point" ideas, thoughts and opinions that don't fit the WB/TMZ agenda/spin for the moment.
FU(little)Big Brother !!

1224 days ago


Even if he said that, why would she bring it up? I am sure he said it in jest but Nicolette is trying to throw anything she can. Shame on her.

1224 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1224 days ago


Who is Nicollette Sheridan?? Never heard of her. Either way she must be blind or retarded. Eva is freakin HOT!!

1224 days ago


Congress needs to pass laws on workplace abuse.

This man is a bi@ch and needs to be fired.
That was mean, bullying and racist. Clearly, this is a nasty man that hates women. Women do not support this man.

Marc Cherry friends, how much are you being paid to post cause Marc did it.

Nick keep talking cause its true. Hang in their girl!

1224 days ago


I thought SHE divorced HIM, because of his philandering.

And anyway, Longoria is HOT! I have no idea whether Don Cherry REALLY said what Sheridan claimed he said, but if he DID, he's effing BLIND! Regardless, giant boobs are for overgrown Momma's boys stuck in arrested development. Whoever said that, grow up!

1224 days ago


Charming woman!! In the process of burning down her own house, she'll take the whole neighborhood with her out of spite. No class this POS.

1224 days ago
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