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Tom Sizemore's Missing Girlfriend -- FOUND

5/14/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Megan Wren, the missing girlfriend of actor Tom Sizemore, has been found ... TMZ has learned.


Wren had been missing since March 31 -- and, as TMZ first reported, Sizemore was questioned by law enforcement as part of the investigation into her disappearance.

We're told Wren is with her father at the moment.

Sizemore tells TMZ, "I am relived and happy Megan is safe and sound. It is unfortunate that she did not come forward immediately as this has caused me a lot of concern. However, I am pleased no harm has come to Megan and I wish her and her family the best and I am putting this matter behind me."

Sizemore's manager tells TMZ the Tom and the girl were never together romantically, they were just neighbors.


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steven katona    

i take what i said back. he better get his head on straight. no more drug addicts. we all expect the worst nowadays. thank god she was found alright. peace!

1265 days ago

Big Daddy    

Who is Tom Sizemore?

1265 days ago


That's for you, Big Daddy. He was quite an impressive actor in the 90s until his drug use overtook him. Now he's been relegated to the B and C movies (which is what Lindsay probably has to look fwd to until she proves hirable again). It looks like he has about 20 different things he has been in over the last couple years but they are mostly cameo type things and crappy little movies. At least it pays the bills. I hope he makes a comeback. I miss him in the movies.

1265 days ago


@ Annie2, your right TMZ is despicable for making this out like it is a possible foul play criminal investigation and Sizemore was a "person of interest". It was a simple non-criminal missing person report by concerned family. In CA missing person inquiries aren't even a criminal investigation unless they turn up evidence of foul play. Then it becomes a criminal investigation.


Here's a True Hollywood Story that Tom Sizemore probably wishes he had no part in.

The trouble-prone actor has been questioned by Los Angeles police as part of an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a female acquaintance, 25-year-old Megan Lacey Wren.

So who is this person and is Sizemore some kind of suspect?

According to the LAPD's missing person's blog, detectives are seeking the public's help in locating Wren, who vanished on March 31 at about 3 p.m. near L.A.'s Rampart district and hasn't been seen since.

"The family is very concerned about her unexplained disappearance, especially given the fact that she has a serious medical condition, and is [in] need of medical care," states the missing person's bulletin.

Wren is listed as a white female "actress" with brown hair and brown eyes, 5-feet-1, 110 pounds and has a slim build with a light complexion.

Although TMZ reports that Megan and Sizemore had been dating and that she was last seen with the Black Hawk Down star before vanishing, his camp is vehemently denying the assertion.

"The girl is not his girlfriend, it never was his girlfriend, it's a girl he knows," his manager and publicist, Charles Lago, tells E! News. "It's a friend of his...She's just a girl he knew through someone else.

"The day she went missing on the 31st, Tom was on a movie set [beginning] four days prior to that and [lasting to] a week after that, and police confirmed that. And he stayed in a hotel and he wasn't even home."

LAPD would not confirm whether investigators believe foul play is involved or how Sizemore might be involved.

However, an adamant Lago insists to E! News that "Tom is not a suspect at all."

"Tom did speak to the police, he offered for them to come search his apartment and they declined saying it wasn't necessary," he said.

The rep added that Wren "is a known heroin user" who's been "in and out of rehab."

"[Tom] has taken her to rehab, introduced her to the Celebrity Rehab people," he said. "The girl would go in and leave...he tried to help her.

"Tom is extremely friendly with the father and Tom hasn't seen the girl for a while, for like two weeks [before she disappeared], and he's been in touch with the father ever since that day," Laga added.

Wren's family could not be reached for comment.

After becoming one of Hollywood's most recognizable character actors with roles in such high profile flicks as Natural Born Killers, Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbor, Sizemore's once flying career went off the rails following multiple arrests for drugs and most recently domestic violence. He's now perhaps equally well known as a cast member on VH1's third season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew and Sober House.

That bad-boy image is something, Lago tells E! News, that Sizemore's been working hard to change.

"Contrary to popular belief, Tom has been clean and sober for two years," said the rep. "He just finished a pilot with Ethan Hawke called Exit Strategy, and he did a great job on that."

In any case, let's hope Wren's found. Anyone with information is asked to contact LAPD's missing person's unit at 213-996-1800.


UPDATE 11:14 a.m. : Det. Carmine Sasso, the officer in charge of LAPD's Adult Missing Person's Unit, confirms to E! News that detectives have spoken to Sizemore regarding Wren's disappearance and stressed that the case is classified as a missing person's investigation, therefore there are no suspects at this time.

"We got a prelimary statement from Mr. Sizemore on a missing persons investigation involving Megan Lacey Wren," Sasso says. "He's been cooperative. I can't go into specifics other than to say there's a lot more people to talk to and we have spoken to a few more and it's not over yet."

Asked about the possibility of foul play, Sasso wouldn't comment specifically, but pointed out that only a fraction of missing persons cases turns out to be criminal.

"California law states that a missing person investigation is noncriminal," the detective says. "We proceed in the vein of a missing persons until otherwise directed or find out more information. Do these cases turn into foul play, absolutely. Is it common? No it's not."

And given the hoopla over a celebrity being questioned, Sasso says: "It's a missing person's case so there are no suspects. There's a lot of chatter in the community and that chatter combined with history kind of points in a certain direction and we want to stay away from that."

(Originally published May 12, 2011, at 9:57 a.m. PT

Read more:

1265 days ago


(Don't let denials like that stop you from still calling her his girlfriend, TMZ. Fine journalist publication that you are... :sarcasm:)

tmz is the national enquirer of accuracy!

1265 days ago


Bruno 40 minutes ago
Puckett 10 minutes ago

The police have no inherent right to know where you are, even if they are investigating a missing person report and you are aware of it. They have no right to compel you to come forward and assist them against your will. People have many good legal reasons for not wanting to be found.

Hello! It wasn't the police who were looking for her. It was her family that reported her missing. The police don't give a flying frack about where you are unless someone reports you missing.

Rolls eyes.


1) My comment was directly aimed at the morons above suggesting she should be charged with "something" for not having come forward an assisted the police in locating her.

2) It WAS the police who were looking for her because her family filed a non-criminal missing persons report with them to investigate.

3) If your and adult, family, by virtue of their flesh and blood connection to you have NO inherent right to know where you are, period. However concerned about you they may be. People have many good and legal reasons to break off contact with family for a while however worrisome it might be to them, and they have NO legal obligation to come forward to the police and confirm where they are simply because SOMEONE filed a non-criminal missing person report on them. Reality check they might be hiding from the person who filed the missing person report for damned good reasons, and even if it's something petty they have EVERY RIGHT to disappear for a while and not assist those looking for them to find them.

Get over it. The morons above that think she should be charged with SOMETHING (i'd like to know what) because she didn't come forward and assist the cops to find her, for the person(s) she might well be running from in the first place, are in fact morons.

1265 days ago


I'm glad she's alright.

1265 days ago


If they were just neighbors then why was he a person of interest? and why did it take her this long to say hey Im here just at my dads... this whole story is weird!!

1265 days ago


Tom Sizemore is a dangerous narcissist. I'll bet she was hiding from him. Check out his statement.... she should've come forward sooner because it caused HIM a lot of concern?? A missing neighbor, and all he can think about is how it effected HIM, not her family and friends. Unbelievable. He knows his history, and knows we ALL thought he'd done her in. That was his only concern!

1265 days ago


@Lorraine.. I AGREE!!! he is weird.. anyone who could have a long term relationship with Heidi Fleiss has to be slightly off their rocker.. I thought the next headline would be "body found.. Tom Sizemore arrested for murder"... kinda seems like maybe more of a STALKER issue than a missing person problem

1265 days ago


his manager is going to do his very best to remove his client, as far away from the whole situation as possible. c'mon guys, you all act like no one had ever lied to protect themselves before.

1265 days ago

mildly insane    

Bruno 5 hours ago

Puckett 10 minutes ago

The police have no inherent right to know where you are, even if they are investigating a missing person report and you are aware of it. They have no right to compel you to come forward and assist them against your will. People have many good legal reasons for not wanting to be found.
a call from a relative to the police wouldn't
require her to let anyone know where she was and
would have ended the investigation

1265 days ago


mildly insane - a call from a relative to the police wouldn't
require her to let anyone know where she was and
would have ended the investigation


Perhaps it would have, if the police are eager to close the file and believe the caller, but then again it was her family that filed the missing person report in the first place. OBVIOUSLY she didn't want to deal with them for a while so what makes you think she had ANY interest in contacting her other relatives or friends, trust them, and have them it turn try to convince the police that she isn't missing but just doesn't want to be found, which might not be as easy as you think.

A "missing person" who isn't missing but intentionality trying to disappear for whatever reason has zero responsibility to cooperate with or notify law enforcement of their situation, and they are not liable for any law enforcement costs in searching for them, or the trouble it causes for others.

If they don't want to be found that's their prerogative. It isn't a crime to disappear without telling anyone what your going to do and where your going. You have that right and you can't be charged with something for not coming forward when they start looking for you, or be held liable for the costs they choose to incur in looking for you.

Anyway it's not her fault the media jumped on this case as something nefarious that might involve Sizemore, or that Sizemore has a past that lead people to think I'll bet he did something to her... that crap is beyond her control and she doesn't have any responsibility to clear it up for Sizemore's sake.

1265 days ago


Ugh. What would any woman see in that waste of air?! Girlfriend or neighbor, run, girl, run!!

1265 days ago


"never together romantically"
That's code for Puck Buddy.

1265 days ago
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