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Willow Palin Busted for Speeding ... In an ESCALADE

5/14/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin's 16-year-old daughter Willow pulled a fast one last week -- because TMZ has learned she got a speeding ticket in Alaska ... for driving nearly 20 mph over the speed limit.

According to docs filed in Alaska -- Willow was pulled over last Thursday for driving 84 in a 65 ... in the Palin family's black Escalade.

According to the docs, she was issued a "minor offense" citation for $162 and let go without further incident.

Better luck next time.


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Sorry Willow: You can surf the T.V. all night and you won't find your unattractive mug. Nobody likes you or your family as you are a spoiled little snot, with below average looks and talent, just like mummy and sissy. No Alaskan likes a would be snob, and who in the hell would compare the PALINS to the Kennedys. Palins are wannabees soon to be shamed for life and hated by all. Kennedys had substance, be it good or not so good. Bristol and your piss poor mother will be has beens before it is your turn to be a "princess" so dream on you little tart.

1224 days ago


Looks like Willow suffers from the same jaw misalignment that Bristol had. Otherwise known as fat, until it is liposuctioned.

1224 days ago

PRO US    


It is one thing to disagree with someone's politics or behaviors but what kind of human beings go around making fun of the looks of a 16 year old girl?


Utter degenerates like "fritz", "Edward", "hopee", "always", "Dann", "HarvRulz" and so many other morons on this website who don't understand that it is despicable to publicly insult other people's children (who are less than 18 years old) based on their physical appearance, calling them ugly or fat or pigs, etc.

You are people who have no decency, no integrity, no dignity. no humanity and big black holes where your hearts and souls should be.

You are pitiful, just pitiful.

1224 days ago


Nice. What a responsible family.

1223 days ago


Pro Us: Please don't weep for the Palin's, they could care less about you. Boo Hoo. They're done hun. No sobbing or whining will ever get them near the White House. They will never be respected in AK again, period. I know, I stood in the rain with a "Vote For Palin" sign on Nothern Lights. O.M.Gosh, the woman is a lying, stupid, uneducated flake, and her daughters are just as pathetic. "Hot"?? only in valley standards. Knowing first hand about being wealthy, it don't mean squat to living a life of shame and ridicule. A vote for Palin is a wasted vote, that's for sure. I challenge you to name one thing real and positive about Sarah's record and I will burn you down! Tissues?

1223 days ago

linda seamans    

HMMMM !!! Here in New York State if a 16 yr. old got pulled over for speeding they would have lost their license. First off, they would only have a junior operators license and that offense would mean that they would lose their driving privilege. Must be Alaska has different laws ???????????

1223 days ago


These Palin girls have uncommonly good-looking parents. Why are the daughters so UNATTRACTIVE!??

1223 days ago


She has got into much worse trouble in Wasilla, Vandalizing houses and drugs,

1223 days ago


I am so tired of these liberals eaking the high road. yeah its ok to cover up a murder, oh wait thats a Kennedy so thats ok. but a speeding ticket.....worst family ever

1223 days ago


Next is a DUI. She's such a little bitch, I wonder when she'll have corrective jaw surgery to fix her double chins?

1223 days ago


A few months ago most TMZ readers crucified a 17 year old boy who has never been in any trouble, has graduated high school early with top honors, never went on a bully rant on FB or anywhere else and spends his down time doing charity work.

Why was he terribly bashed? He had parked by what looked liked an 50 year old fire hydrant not even painted according to code.Many called him a criminal and suggested serious punishment.

Who was this boy? Angus T. Jones. A kid with more off stage class and manners in his pinky finger than the entire Palin clan has combined.

1223 days ago


Must be a slow news day

1223 days ago


Gee, what a family of role models. Teen pregnancy and speeding tickets, not to mention their mother, the poster child for Brainlessness. How long before these idiots GO AWAY already?

1223 days ago


PRO US sure seems to be taking a lot of these comments personally. Could she possibly be....Sarah Palin?

1223 days ago


PRO US: I take my last comment back. Your spelling and grammar have been pretty accurate. You can't be Sarah Palin. of your speech writers is typing for you.

1223 days ago
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