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Ashton Kutcher -- So Who Are You Gonna Be?

5/15/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that the "Two and a Half Men" dust has settled, and Ashton Kutcher is on board, last night we tried to pry out of him the one remaining mystery ... exactly who will he be playing on the show?


No answer from Ashton, but our sources say Chuck Lorre and Ashton initially agreed on the character, but in the last few days it's "evolved" into something different and is likely to change again.

It will NOT be Charlie Harper.


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Charlie and Alan's MOTHER has always been a little crazy.

I'm willing to bet that Kutcher will be a long lost half-brother.

1228 days ago


Okay...I think most of us remember Kutcher as the somewhat vacant Kelso of "That 70's Show", so maybe Lorre was talking about typecasting him(i.e., "Dude, where's my brain?"), to make him a character less bright than even Jake. Think about it...

1228 days ago


Yuck, don't want Kutcher. I still say have Herb (Ryan Stiles) and Alan (Jon Cryer) would be hilarious together and steal the show with their antics. Herb would move in with Alan after Judith throws him out or divorces him and the kid moves in with them too. They could age the kid and make him a boy just like Jake. All of our friends and relatives love this idea because they think the two comedy actors are awesome along with the rest of the cast. If Chuck Lorre thinks that Kutcher is going to save his show he is mistaken because people don't care for this punked up young guy. He does not fit. Besides if he is going to be in it everyone we know will not watch the show if Kutcher stays in it.

1228 days ago


Don't care. I never watched the show and I'm not going to start watching it. As far as I'm concerned, they should have just started over with a new series. This show is just another trite joke about sex...already been done over and over and over...get something new.

1228 days ago

John dowser    

It's Charlie's show. He was great in it.

Ashton Kutcher? Please......... the guys an idiot.

1228 days ago

Dan L.    

This is an elaborate punking. First show will be a character wrapped up in bandages so we can't see him and then when they unveil it will be Sheen. Just watch.

1228 days ago


Guess it WASNT Charlie's show.

Read the newspapers and the internet, dude, he fired himself.

Life goes on. But there is a little hollywood lesson in it for ya.

Dont bank your life on one show. Because its so friggen depressing when the curtain is drawn...

1228 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

does it say something about the d'irection of quality' the show is going in, if an actor with a history of great blockbuster movies (say, 20 years or so...)is being replaced with a brown nose novice, whose greatest hit is a 'movie' called 'dude, where's my car??!'... i'm just wonderin...

1228 days ago


I think it says more about the "direction of quality" in which a show is moving when they fire an out-of-control, drugged-up, unrepentant actor - and turn around and hire one that ISN'T known for doing "7 gram rocks."

I'm looking forward to seeing where this show is headed with the addition of someone who doesn't have a reputation for bedding prostitutes and denigrating the mothers of his children in public. I think that it indicates a refreshing change.

1228 days ago


Todo Momento

" an actor with a history of great blockbuster movies (say, 20 years or so..."


Who is the actor you are referring to? Its NOT Charlie, you eliminated him with your description.

I watch blockbuster movies all the time, dont recall Charlie ever being in even ONE unless you think ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN is a blockbuster..!?!?

Honestly, his filmography library is fit for Hillbilly trailer trash yardsales.

1228 days ago


@ Nancy

Very well said. When the show first started out it was good, but as it progressed it seemed to get more vulgar and seemed to spiraling downward. I don't know if it was do art imitating life and following Charlie's life spiraling out of control. Like you I am hoping it will be a refreshing change too.

1228 days ago


Now that Andrus is older and can finally understand the dirty jokes, they need to go from straight up XXX material to softer R stuff.

1228 days ago


LOVE glad he will be a part of this show...looking forward to it!

1228 days ago


Maybe Chuckles and Lilo should get together for some Kumbaya, Crack and Jack, and stories of the good old times.

And if it works out, they can place a Craigslist ad and fight over the women who answer.

1228 days ago


Surprising that stage mom Demi hasn't been out & about talking up her lil boy Ashton's new job.

1228 days ago
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