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Ex-MTV VJ Sued -- He USED Me For My PlayStation!

5/15/2011 2:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former MTV VJ Brian McFayden is being sued by his ex-girlfriend ... who claims the 34-year-old is a jobless deadbeat who USED her so he could play her PlayStation3 on her 72 inch TV.


According to the lawsuit, McFayden's former flame -- Kristin Lancione -- claims Brian "fraudulently represented to [her] that he planned on asking her to marry her, but could not find a job to support himself."

Kristin claims McFayden begged her to support him -- so she paid his rent, utilities, phone bills and even gave him cash whenever he asked for it ... assuming he would pay her back when he got a job.

But Kristin says Brian "had no intention of finding a job, and wanted the cash flow so he could remain unemployed, stay at home all day, and play [Kristin's] PS3 videogame system on [her] 72 inch television while [Kristin] was at work."

Kristin claims Brian owes her more than $86k ... including $1,200 for the therapy sessions she says she needed to deal with all of the BS.

Calls to McFayden have not been returned.


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I feel embarrassed for this chick to actually start a lawsuit around the fact that she's so insecure, she had to shell out $$$ and freebies to keep the guy around. If she's stupid enough to allow the guy sponge off of her, then she deserves what she gets. This lawsuit is about to get tossed!

1201 days ago

Madison Grace    

Why would she want to marry a guy like him anyway? The $86,000 was money well spent to find out before the wedding that he wasn't for her. It would be much more irritating when the kids started coming along and he still couldn't get it together. In this case, maybe he is just going through something, maybe he needed the time off to figure out what he wants to do next, I don't know anything about him. What I do know is that you can't blame others for things like this: you play an active role and have your eyes wide open.

1201 days ago


kathy- i completely agree. sure the guy is a lazy bum, it's called recognizing it right away and not dating the guy. the verdict is in, desperate. thanks for sending our gender back a thousand years, kristin lanclone. really appreciate it.

1201 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

They need punish people for filing these frivolous lawsuits. They need to punish lawyers who agree to take on lawsuits they know are frivolous.

1201 days ago


Kristin claims McFayden begged her to support him -- so she paid his rent, utilities, phone bills and even gave him cash whenever he asked for it ... assuming he would pay her back when he got a job.

Should have gotten it in writing...

1201 days ago


u need to read ur story better ] that he planned on asking her to marry her its planned on asking her to marry him idiots you know i need a job i will write for tmz since your writer is an idiot.

1201 days ago


come on people this is obvious P.R stunt!!!
today sony announce that the PSN services has been restored since it went down for almost a month so they want a good and funny news attached to their product to make people forget about the fiasco the company involve.
don`t fall for this one!

1201 days ago


Judge Judy would've said "You picked him". She's said that countless times on her show to those who have been mooched off of and have kids with. She did pick this loser and he hustled her for what he could get. Did she ever bother to write the word "loan" if she wrote a check to him or had anything in writing?

It's an 86K lesson on her part. Another Judyism is "Beauty fades, DUMB IS FOREVER!"

1201 days ago

Joe Schmoe    

This guy is a genius!

1201 days ago


This story doesn't even share the half of it. I know this girl personally and have seen after the engagement him basically take over her credit card or pretend it was his at dinners, live for free at their friend's mansion, have his car payment paid for, and more, and more... Bottom line is everyone is trying to make it in LA and most are not and lose their fame and $ and then can't get it back. Think he just couldn't keep up with the LA life. Had this happen to me - SUCKS big time. Maybe it is about time the ladies get some payback!

1201 days ago


I used to be friends with mcfayden, i never knew this girl but what i know from my friendship with him, is HE IS A SCAM ARTIST! He owes multiple friends of mine money that he promised he would pay back. He is a mooch who begs people to let him sleep on their couch. He had a kid with a model back in the day and i hear that he gave up all rights to his kid and let the girls new husband adopt him because he owed so much in child support. Now, i dont know if this is true or not because i dont know kristen, but someone told me that there VERY MUCH INDEED WAS A CONTRACT.

1201 days ago


She needs a psychiatrist alright! She waited until the bill got to $86,000?

1201 days ago


Ha ha ha. Wouldn't it be great if we could just sue other people because we are stupid! Oh wait...we can. Here is another reason for legislation against frivolous lawsuits, Ladies: rule no.1 - you can't change him...what you see is what you get.

1201 days ago


i know kristin and there IS a contract. There are witnesses. There is more evidence to this case than oj's bloody glove. You all should get a life and stop hating on kristin for being manipulated. Can I remind you all at the time she was 22 and he was 32!!! She definitely learned her lesson, she just wants to make sure he doesn't do this to any other innocent young girls. Its time for him to be a man and do what's right.

1201 days ago


its ALL in writing....

1201 days ago
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