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Ex-MTV VJ Sued -- He USED Me For My PlayStation!

5/15/2011 2:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former MTV VJ Brian McFayden is being sued by his ex-girlfriend ... who claims the 34-year-old is a jobless deadbeat who USED her so he could play her PlayStation3 on her 72 inch TV.


According to the lawsuit, McFayden's former flame -- Kristin Lancione -- claims Brian "fraudulently represented to [her] that he planned on asking her to marry her, but could not find a job to support himself."

Kristin claims McFayden begged her to support him -- so she paid his rent, utilities, phone bills and even gave him cash whenever he asked for it ... assuming he would pay her back when he got a job.

But Kristin says Brian "had no intention of finding a job, and wanted the cash flow so he could remain unemployed, stay at home all day, and play [Kristin's] PS3 videogame system on [her] 72 inch television while [Kristin] was at work."

Kristin claims Brian owes her more than $86k ... including $1,200 for the therapy sessions she says she needed to deal with all of the BS.

Calls to McFayden have not been returned.


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Yea, this Kristin broad might want to chalk this one up to LESSON LEARNED.

Any woman who pay all of this fatties bills and WAIT for him to get a job? Speaks for itself doesn't it?.

As for getting your name out there as a soft touch and a dummy sweetie? Not a good move, all of the other leeches will be searching you on Google.

Good luck with the lawsuit...ahahahahaha.

1256 days ago


You pays your money? you takes your chances...

Old Irish/English saying...

Learn it, love it, live it :)

1256 days ago


There's no excuse for a man using a woman for a meal ticket, but then again he wouldn't have done if she didn't let him. She should never have let him live with her to begin with. Besides, why did she think he was going to get a job if he didn't have one before they lived together?

Ladies, wise up, don't let a man play you for a fool...

1256 days ago


Does this mean that guys can recover relationship money spent if the relationship does not work? This girl needs to get a life and move on.

1256 days ago


LOL!!..They are both idiots. He is just a lazy has-been mooching off her and she is stupid for shelling out cash and etc...He is just doing what most women do all the time, looking for an easy ride. To all involved,make your own money and avoid these problems,unless you think with your crotches..and that will lead you into a lot of pain..

1256 days ago


It is NEVER acceptable for a man in his 30s to take advantage of a 22 year old girl. He is extremely manipulative and good at it. He tricked her into thinking his situation was temporary and he would someday be able to pay her back, marry her and take care of her. From what i've heard he did the same thing with his X girlfriend that he got pregnant then left. He probably had the innocent kid fooled also. Brian Mcfadden is a heartless loser who hurts everyone around him to get money just so he can sit on his lazy ass all day. LOSER!

1256 days ago


She is doing this for publicity for a reality show she is going to be on. What a loser!

1256 days ago


Kristin is a dear friend of mine and she is 100% not doing a reality show nor doing this for any type of publicity at all. It disgusts me that so many women are on this comment thread bashing her. We need to stick together... Yes, she was foolish for letting him take advantage of her, but I would like to remind you, he is 10 years her senior AND a fabulous smooth talker. Kristin was shocked to see that TMZ had published this story because she had no idea that Brian would be on anyones radar as he hasnt been in the public eye for 10 years.

1256 days ago


Well played, dude. Well played... *big f'n grin*

1256 days ago


Awwww, boo hoo BS!!! What happened to all that equality BS?!?!?! Girls have doing this crap for decades to guys and not once have the guys sued to get their money back!!!! If you wanted to get married, then you should have gotten married instead of letting him move-in and play with all your "toys". He played you and you got burned!!! Live with it, skank!

1256 days ago


This chick is a dog! Fitness model my a$$. She looks like she is 5 feet tall and needs to lose the belly!

1255 days ago


Wow!! This chick is so amazingly stupid! She should be embarrassed....Any lawyer who would take this lawsuit is just plain ignorant. How pathetic - "I let him play my playstation on my 72 inch tv, supported him and slept with him...but he doesn't love me anymore" - Waaahhhhh.....Somebody call the wambulance!!! Get a life stupid girl!!!!

1255 days ago



1255 days ago


Damn B60... thanks for posting that site so we could see what this kristin girl looks like. Shes f'ing HOTTT as hell!!! When I first read this I thought she would be ugly...but now that I see how beautiful she is, i'm shocked that she would ever have to pay for anything! Brian is an idiot!

1255 days ago


Gorgeous face, Rockin body, Yum

1255 days ago
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