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Ex-MTV VJ Sued -- He USED Me For My PlayStation!

5/15/2011 2:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former MTV VJ Brian McFayden is being sued by his ex-girlfriend ... who claims the 34-year-old is a jobless deadbeat who USED her so he could play her PlayStation3 on her 72 inch TV.


According to the lawsuit, McFayden's former flame -- Kristin Lancione -- claims Brian "fraudulently represented to [her] that he planned on asking her to marry her, but could not find a job to support himself."

Kristin claims McFayden begged her to support him -- so she paid his rent, utilities, phone bills and even gave him cash whenever he asked for it ... assuming he would pay her back when he got a job.

But Kristin says Brian "had no intention of finding a job, and wanted the cash flow so he could remain unemployed, stay at home all day, and play [Kristin's] PS3 videogame system on [her] 72 inch television while [Kristin] was at work."

Kristin claims Brian owes her more than $86k ... including $1,200 for the therapy sessions she says she needed to deal with all of the BS.

Calls to McFayden have not been returned.


No Avatar


BUahahahHAHAHHAAA that's retarded. You can't sue someone because you're stupid!!!

1259 days ago


ummmm...there most definitely is a written statement.

1259 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Come on really? Not saying if he used her or not but what i am saying is how do you let it get that bad? How do you not see if he is using you or not way before throwing that much cash at him. And you wonder why he never bothered with a job?

1259 days ago


Sue for what? Sue for being stupid, and supporting his COD habit? Your lost dummy!

1259 days ago


Found her on fb--

1259 days ago


This girl is a retard. I thought 99% of the actors in Hollywood are broke and searching for the chance to get a gig. She knew exactly what she had. Sounds like she can’t move on and is bitter. Get over it baby…you look like a fool and the fact you and your friends are responding to posts make you look even more foolish.

1259 days ago


this guy rules. smoke weed.

1259 days ago


Damn, girl, get this loser out of your life and don't let these guys play with your toys so easily. Raise your standards and date men, not overgrown boys. Guys that want to play video games all day instead of working are not the best bet for a relationship, let alone a marriage. Next time one of these bums wants a free ride, tell him to sneak on a bus!!

1259 days ago


If she has an agreement, she'll get her money back. Lesson learned. Guy is a loser!

1259 days ago


and how long it took to figure the guy out? better late than ever of course but .. come on

after 3 DAYS you get a pretty accurate idea , no?

1259 days ago


LOL this is funny "im suing him for me being the idiot and giving this jobless man money not once but continuously because i wanted him around instead of putting my foot down and kicking his freeloading ass out"

1259 days ago


chresha- i'll go ahead and add you to the list of women who are sending our gender back a thousand years. you really believe that a man telling a woman he plans on marrying her holds any weight in court of law as some sort of verbal agreement? and even are as sad as this girl suing this guy that you agree that if a man told you he would marry you, you would allow him to scavenge off your life? and girls wonder why guys dont respect's because of women like you and kristin. please stop. your contributions to our sex are just the worst.

1259 days ago


I know this girl. She is a certifiable moron with major major issues. He's no prize either, but she is WACK! I'd say these 2 deserve each other.

1259 days ago


I didn't know you could sue for being stupid.

1259 days ago


I know this girl. She is a WACK JOB! He is no prize either, but she is off the handle crazy. They deserve each other. Retards.

1259 days ago
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