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Pruned People -- Guess Who!

5/15/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These A-list celebs never forget their lines -- check out how they hold on to their SAG cards!



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They all look like Paris Hilton to me.

1260 days ago


this is not fair, you people are disgusting

1260 days ago


So you ran out of any interesting news and decided to just put people down. Oh hang on, you do that if they get anything done as well. So no one can win. Seriously, Dame Judy Dench, what do you expect for her age, her face makes her career, she is beautiful, yet you choose to do this. Very POOR FORM.

1260 days ago


Some of these pictures look nasty, like from wrinkled "PRIVATE PARTS"

1260 days ago


You laugh at them with wrinkles, and yet, if they were to get plastic surgery, botox and everything else, you'd laugh again.
Ever wonder why people are so obsessed with trying to look perfect?

1260 days ago


But oh – look, they are all bits and parts of Harvey Levin!

Guess you all had a blast at TMZ when he stripped naked and had those photos taken, didn't you? Should have brought his partner though, so some of the more private wrinkles could have been, hm, less prominent...

1260 days ago


At least they look like real live human beings, whose faces show character, not plastic freakoids like the rest of Hollywood.

Stories like these are the reason people dont want to age "gracefully" , so instead plastic surgery is growing at a ridiculously alarming rate, like a fungus, and it began with Hollywood!!.

1260 days ago


Very low TMZ!!!

1260 days ago


This is cruel. Everyone ages. Even you closet homosexuals at TMZ.

1260 days ago


Is this the kind of petty, mean bs we can expect from TMZ now that L.Lohan is not making much news? Really? Don't forget what happened to Perez Hilton when he started hitting below the belt. I'll bet your wrinkled, unbotoxed parents would be proud. Stupidest thing I've seen on the b team and just take the weekend off.

1260 days ago


Dear oh Dear oh Dear...Goldie Hawn's wrinkled elbows? Harvey, you've hit a new all-time low. Must have been a slow news week.

Your disapproving fan in Ottawa, Ontario.

1260 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

You really disappoint me, TMZ.

1260 days ago

tony gee    

This is plain disgusting! Look at your face in the mirror, Harvey, and tell us what you see! Little do you know you have aged a lot, too.

So, what purpose does it serve the readers for? To make fun of aging people is not funny ha-ha at all.

You people come up with the lamest ideas! "The stretched face", The "____name____ is ____name?" and the corniest phrase of all, All Growed Up!

Now, you just have been the lowest of the lows with these facial wrinkles! You people are up to no good like you will never get wrinkled. Time flies so fast and you would not even know it that the years are mounting on you. Harvey is already there, so, this must be from some of your younger staff.

1260 days ago


This is beyond shallow and ridiculous. You put pictures of middle age+ people up here and laugh at their wrinkles. Sorry HARVEY but we're not all willing to look like our faces and bodies are made of Barbie plastic.

1260 days ago


you people are pathetic! it's called aging...a part of living and life...we ALL get wrinkles. TMZ, you're pathetic! Take a look at Levin upclose sometime.

You lame AZZ lowlife highschool drop outs, who can hardly compose a sentence sometimes..are pathetic! Half of your TMZ clan looks like they haven't bathed in years..take care of your own pathetic looks and all have TONS of work to do yourselves! F@CK OFF, TMZ!

1260 days ago
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