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Pruned People -- Guess Who!

5/15/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These A-list celebs never forget their lines -- check out how they hold on to their SAG cards!



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wow tmz...very low class.VERY LOW!!!!!

1256 days ago

crazy christmas pie    

LOL @ all u old wrinkled farts bitchin'--

1256 days ago


crazy christmas pie... what goes around comes around, if you were smart and clearly your not you would know that this is a natural part of aging. Remember when you wore diapers, could barely walk or talk? That too will come around again. Think before you type.

1256 days ago


TMZ is guilty of being a internet bully here. This is a prime example of the media promoting this terrible problem in our country...everyone has flaws and differences don't tear them down with this crap.

1256 days ago


Thanks Harvey. You have finally shown me, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that your contributions to our society are not only meaningless fluff, but in many cases harmful to the zeitgeist. You are a boob...

1256 days ago

Get Real    

Sometimes TMZ sucks eggs, and sometimes it just sucks.

1256 days ago

how lame    

Wrinkles are natural. Botox is not natural. I would rather look at the wrinkled celebs than the plastic smoothed faced freaks!

1256 days ago


Wow guys. I read TMZ for the entertainment news, and usually just ignore the crap about mocking people for their appearances and the gratuitous bikini pictures you put up so men can look at women like pieces of meat, but this one is just wrong. If any one of these celebrities had plastic surgery, you would put it up as a "Good Genes vs. Good Docs" thing, or just mock them outright. But the fact that they haven't is cause for mocking, too? Really guys? This is tasteless and crass, even compared to the other things you post.
Celebrities are real people with real feelings. How would you like it if someone posted a picture of you and mocked your wrinkles? Or how about a picture of your mom? Seriously, guys. This is downright MEAN.

1256 days ago

crazy christmas pie    

being "smart" has nothing to do with frequenting this web site--it's about HOLLYWOOD culture and even the dumbest of the dumb realize that it is all about the illusion of perfection. . . .nothing to do with reality, so it's funny and ironic at the same time that these icons of the entertainment industry have betrayed the illusion of perfection. Grow up and accept yourself, who gives a hockey puck what u feel about this stupid, meaningless post--unless of course u are having a difficult time with your own declining looks. . . .LMAO @ the old farts of the world!!

1256 days ago


Yeah when you zoom in at 800% nobody looks good. It is sad if Leonardo DiCaprio is considered old.

1256 days ago


crazy christmas pie.. I am 63 and I have wrinkles and I earned everyone of them. Some by making stupid choices like spending to much time in the sun wihen I was young and ignorant like you. Sometime lifes lessons opens your eyes.

In the past I have come here for entertainment news but not for a site full of bullies... Your comments are those of a adolescent male full of testerone and definately in the minority. Trust me if your fortunate enough to live long enough to have children and WRINKLES you will understand the damage that bullying and commets like yours and TMZ cause.

1256 days ago


Wrinkles are earned! All these people look beautiful and should wear their wrinkles proudly.

1256 days ago


Crazy Christmas Pie: The people offended by this post aren't just older people. They are people of all ages who have what I like to call common decency. We don't like to see anyone bullied. I'm 22, have not started getting wrinkles, and cannot wait until I do. Wrinkles show that someone has lived. They don't show age...they show experience and life. You are a bully, just like whomever came up with this asinine post. Nhrncir mentions you living long enough to have kids...well, I hope you don't have kids. We don't need more yous running around bullying people. Grow up, and have some decency.

1256 days ago


I used to daily click on this site, watch the TV and Live shows... but when TMZ started doing things like this, I did not want any part of it... you guy's used to be much more informative and entertaining now your just low class and stupid... bye again...

1256 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

Its Harvey in HD.

1256 days ago
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